Monday, July 14, 2014


Dear Mrs. R

If you asked me why I did not stand for the truth, thence I would like to asking you: "So, what truth you stand for?" I was not born as muslim, christian, hindu or jew. I was born as HUMAN. If I belong to religion, that's because I chose to. Yes, I believe it to be and if you said believing is not knowledge. Is it means you have knowledge about everything? No, you know nothing. If it is like what you told that religion is always involved in the suffering of the majority of people. To lead blind and obedient idiots. Well, it was because negative influences your statement about religion and that statement would not change. I AM SURELY KNOW. You could mention thousands fact like you wanted, but this fact would never change, HUMAN just a blood. And you, don't you have blood after all? Like what I've ever told, blood is blood. Blood has no name. Blood has no religion. Blood has no country. Blood has no language and ethnic. Proof? You would not asking people such "What is your religion?" when someone help you in a catastrophe. Yes? No. You would just say "Thank you" to that people, that's all. You mixed religion issue when we were talk about humanity, that's why we would never be connect each other. If you said I have no free will for my surroundings, my family, the environment-education-social status of my family, I said "Well, you are fvcking-smart to know all the world by that-what-you-called-KNOWLEDGE". I would like to tell you that I am happy for that thing and it is not "man-made delusion". If you said the name of humanity is GOD, thence you must have been well-aware about morality, no? So, I give you this question, for our own morality, can you distinguish between negligently killing civilians and deliberately targeting civilians to be killed? If you have the answer, may my God bless you.