Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Convo: A Sinner?

"Don't say I am good person, Pedro."
"You know what?"
"You tell me."
"Because a trully good person, never find themselves as a good one... Just say, I am learning."
"Come on! I am the one who isn't good here."
"No. People don't have the right to judge someone is good or bad."
"I just concern about me, Bening, and when I have a litle problem, to me it's like super huge. Without realising how stupid my problem is compared to others."
"That's humanely."
"I am sorry, Bening. I feel like super selfish now. Da*n!"
"That's normal happen. Because human is about him/herself."
"I just created problem to others."
"For me, no. Each person is created as mercy for other."
"See? You are like super good."
"No. I am not. I just don't judge other."
"Glad to talk to you today. My pleasure."
"Yeah. You are mercy for other too. For people around you. For me."
"For you? But I only said stupidities to you."
"Yeah, for me. At least,  I can laugh even for some stupid jokes too."