Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day 9 Blog Challange: The Meaning Behind My Blog Name

Hello October! Hi everybody!
May God bless us in every step we make. Amiin. 

Now, I wanna tell you the meaning behind my blog name "OmahNdalemJengWening". Many questions aimed to me. Perhaps, for foreign people, it is too hard to spell, too hard to written too. I am so sorry. For Javanese people, maybe it could be familiar enough. Yep, that's right. That name I took from Javanese language. 

It consists of 4 words. To make it easy, I will divide its beheading to be: Omah-Ndalem-Jeng-Wening. Now, let's parse the meaning of word to word.

1. Omah. 
'Omah' in Javanese language means 'HOME'. A place to settle. A place to stay. A place to live. 

2. Ndalem
'Ndalem' in Javanese language means 'INSIDE' or 'WITHIN'. Ndalem is a place inside of home.

3. Jeng
'Jeng' in Javanese language means 'A TERM TO CALL JAVANESE WOMAN'. 'Jeng' often used by art performers who working in Javanese culture field as a 'special term' to label Javanese lady with good dignity.

4. Wening
'Wening', however, its meaning as same as my real name 'Bening'. In Javanese language it means 'CLEARLY'. That's my pseudonym when I had few months of practice in a community radio broadcasting in Yogyakarta when I was on college. Anyway, that's a community radio broadcasting whereas held by merchant community. I didn't paid by them, they just give some 'fee', which is not really lot but it has so lot meaning for me and another announcers there. I used to be a broadcaster in a Javanese music program, 'Langgam Jowo'. I was with my friend, she named Arini. Our listeners always phoned us to request some kind of Langgam music. Haha. Well. I have good knowledge about Javanese music from this too. And the important thing, I really missed people there who called me 'Jeng Wening' :) 

our production studio

as Jeng Wening

So,  OmahNdalemJengWening means 'A place inside of Jeng Wening's house'. A place inside of home that significant to intimacy, closeness with the landlord. That's all.

See you soon,