Friday, October 24, 2014

How To Contour And Highlight Your Face?

Hi gals, I am sure you guys ever heard about this makeup techniques, yep, contour and highlight for glamorous makeup. Perhaps, many of you are already an expert on this technique, however maybe there are many people who are still in learning phase too, just like me :p

Highlight become one of makeup tricks that can give different look to accentuate or affirm makeup. The goal depending on its need. Is it to highlight the cheekbones, nose, or eyes that feel less than perfect, up to you.

While the contouring aims to improve certain areas of face so it looks more beautiful and balanced. Put simply, contouring is used to shade or shadow certain areas who want to set up or hidden. So our face looks more perfectthe common areas of face that need contouring trick such like T-area: eyes, nose, and cheeks.

For more details, let's look at picture below: 

So, how to apply this techniques?

There are two main techniques that used for basic contouring: Low-lighting and high-lighting. Low-lighting refers to use at darker colors in certain areas of face, the suppression is because you want to cover it. While high-lighting it highlight the area you want to 'lift' or highlight.

With my simply makeup stuff, I tried to apply this techniques. I tried to apply the evening/night makeup for formal event. Here I use highlight on my nose and cheekbones for looking more sharp. I use highlight under my eyes, a bit on forehead and chin too for glow looking (depend on its need, evening/night makeup).

I used makeup lamp to make my makeup looks glowing and I took picture. Just.... Tralalaaaaa.... Here the result:

Not too bad, uh? :D You may think that 'sculpt' the face is complicated thing to do. But the result is just opposite from what we think, you don't believe it? Basically, contouring is to highlight the natural features of your face. Because of that, there is no applicable rule. This approach will look different in each person. For make it better, just practice, practice and more practice!


Bening Rahardjo