Thursday, October 16, 2014

Romanticism of Venus and Mars (How Much Longer?)

Venus and Mars painting by Sandro Botticelli

One day, you told me about the invader from Venus and Mars to the Earth. Elegantly, you told me the story of the invader to survive within the Earth. Don't you know, start from that day on, you're like 'The-man-who-fell-to-the-earth' for me. Many meaningful things I've come across with you. You shared the dreams, which sometimes abstruse to be told or imagined or even to understood. You explained to me lot of difficult things I don't even understand. Despite the hurtful words from you that made me hurt, I still kept admiration for you personally. Don't you know how painful it was to hear bitter words that come out from your mouth? But I listened to you, still. No? It was not a frustrated protagonist which generally reinforced by the emotions being evoked or also prized the more tender sentiments of affection, sorrow, and romantic longing within limits. It was not clear that we have gained so much by prizing in our modern attitudes of cynicism, detachment, and ruthlessness. You know, even florists would seek out sympathetic people to a pay them for their works and creativity. They could now afford to pursue their individual tastes in a way not possible even in the modern era. Yes, it was totally true. Then people roused in the importance of individualism. Either we celebrated individual striving and freedom at the expense of responsibility and aristocratic tradition patrons, or it became examples of romantic individualism taken to extremes. I surely did not know. We created new styles, tastes, and even laws in which one 'finds oneself'. Whatever. But, please... Please take a look the definition of what it means to be 'human'--to be 'human' as what you told me; as what you taught me; whilst I never turn the lights off between us.


Bening Rahardjo