Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Convo With Andrew: After So Many Days

Me: "Sometimes......I wonder......if you lied to me."
Andrew: "I know how a person will explain this..."
Me: "No, no. I wonder hide many things from me."
Andrew: "Like what?"
Me: "I dunno what I wonder of......"
Andrew: "Okay."
Me: "What?"
Andrew: "Good people don't want applause Bening. There are very few people left who help people, but never come in picture front many people. Perhaps I am one of them, I don't want publicity"
Me: "But..."
Andrew: "I don't want money, car, or house. I never wanted them. I only want to see happiness in others. Other people, like you."
Me:  "I don't need your money car or house."
Andrew: "I am not saying about you. I am saying about me."
Me: "I know, but...."
Andrew: "Bening, there are only few human left in this world, who really are HUMAN. You know that?"
Me: "I dunno what."
Me: "Yes, tho I always said you're gorilla...but you are such a special gorilla for me, haha..."
Andrew: "Haha I know, gorilla knows a lot. Educated talking gorilla."
Me: "Ya, from wild jungle in Africa."
Andrew: "Hahaha....."
Me: "But, can I ask you for one thing, Ndrew?"
Andrew: "Sure you can ask me millions things."
Me: "Why do you help me? Why you didn't want me to share your profile or your picture?"
Andrew: "Because I don't want to."
Me: "Ya, but why? You know, you're such a great person. Everyone should know there are an angel from African jungle named Andrew!"
Andrew: "Bening, I told you, some people don't want to come in front. EVEN IT'S ONLY A PICTURE OR NARRATIVE PROFILE. Now tell me what do you eat for lunch today?"
Me: "Don't ask me. I am asking you."
Andrew: "Something is better to be hidden Bening. Everything happens in right time."
Me: "I know."
Andrew: "Now, tell me how old are you? Again, I forgot."
Me: "Twenty something. Don't ask me. Explain your answer."
Andrew:  "Loneliness sometime kills Bening."
Me: "Means?"
Andrew: "Yes. I am simple guy and was brought up in a discipline. My dad showed me what is discipline. I am not flirting type. I am different guy away from this world, modern yet so much detached. I don't like nightclubs. I hate alcohol. I hate smoke. I hate party. I hate wasting money in some bullshit things."
Me: "I am listening to you, tell me more...."
Andrew: "I will surely donate money for poor, even 1 Dollars or 1 Rupiah in yours."
Me: "I want to know more. You know, everyone do something with reason behind. Like me, I love to help women and children assaulted around the world with advocacy, because I have big reason to do it."
Andrew: "Yes you are."
Me: "So, what about yours? Please, tell me more......"
Andrew: "You know Bening, life comes and life goes. Loneliness sometime gripping me up since childhood. But I shrug off. Thinking the pain of poor all around me, I feel lucky to get a roof on my head. Food in my mouth. And cared by my dad. And his blessing."
Me: "Got it............"
Andrew: "Remember this always Bening: "The days gone never come back". We try desperately to hold the good days. But they never come back. I was brought up under home teacher. What you call it?"
Me: "Homeschooling."
Andrew: "Right."
Me: "I don't understand still..."
Andrew: "Since my childhood, my dad gone to office, so who will take care of me? A helpless kid."
Me: "She?"
Andrew: "Yes, so she was there for me. She was hired by my dad to take care all of me."
Me: "Oh ya, I can see."
Andrew: "But a mother missing is always missing.......No one can take place of mother. Just no one."
Me: "I am sorry for asking you like this...."
Andrew: "Dad gave the best to me. I am lucky I have seen GOD. A hand of GOD, in a person. In my dad. He loves me so much. And nobody can explain love. I'm crying and smiling at the same time now."
Me: "I am sorry, Ndrew..."
Andrew: "Sorry for what?"
Me: "I can't help you, whereas you always make me grow stronger with your words."
Me: "I just....."
Andrew: "Look. I am like a prince wondering like alien in this world. And you're like Alice in the wonderland. Only very few people can understand me."
Me: "I understand you Ndrew, because I faced hard story behind too. Nobody lives without problem or sadness."
Andrew: "I know that's why I am here with you. I only talk with them who understand me."
Me: "That's why we're become friend."
Andrew: "Even you are not with me, but you are more than with me. Thank you. Thanks for your kindness my Alice angel."
Me: "No, no. What is that? You are an angel!"
Andrew: "Your fate is written already and me also. But future we never know. Let's know our destiny in our lifetime in this world. Whether you want to be humanitarian or not. Pray and work good. That's all."
Me: "Ya, I understand now."
Andrew: "Maybe I am a guy without greed. What I want is power to erase pain in others. In your eyes, in their eyes, how little it might be. I know that GOD KNOWS how much I am about to get. So I am happy in my circle. People asked me: why you don't want more and more and more money from your work salary. You have high salary for your work. So stupid of you to donate it for others. And bla bla bla. I just smile."
Me: "I know who you are. They don't. That's why."
Andrew: "They don't even know we are just like dolls puppets in this world. All in hand of GOD."
Me: "Yes we are."
Andrew: "May I say one thing?"
Me: "Yes please."
Andrew: "Let me tell the world, how beautiful and wonderful girl is my Alice, I am and I will be always proud of you Bening. You are such a good girl. You are strong woman."
Me: "Andrew... don't make me sad..."
Andrew: "Why you have to sad? You know how much I am inspired by you. My shoulders is proud and honored for you Bening. Don't cry. Wipe your tears from now."
Me: "Thank you Ndrew..."
Andrew: "Keep faith sweet. You can do it! Keep the blood boiling in your soul. Never off your flame in your soul. Go ahead in your life. Never sit down. NEVER GIVE UP. LIFE IS A TOUGH GAME. AND SWEET ANGEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO WIN."
Me: "I never give up. Just crying sometimes."
Andrew: "YOU ARE MY BRAVE SOLDIER PRINCESS, so wipe your tears. Go on fighting. Never think that you are a weak female. NEVER."
Me: "Yes, I will......"
Andrew: "Think yourself as a human with a purpose. Keep that thing in your mind as always, okay?"
Me: "Okay..."
Me: "Yes Ndrew, I will..."
Andrew: "I hope someday you find the good man to complete your story. I wish you that."
Me: "Thank you. Thank you so much Andrew.... You too...."