Monday, November 3, 2014

Blunted Affect

"Sepertinya kita ada perubahan jadwal nih..."
"Berubah gimana?"
"Iya, nggak jadi tanggal 16..."
"Lah trus?"
"Tapi dimajuin, lebih cepat seminggu."
"HAH? Minggu ini??"
Well... honestly, I don't know whether I should be happy, sad, frustrated or what. If you are going to met something that you want in your life, of course you should be happy. But how if at the same time you have to share it with else things you want to do? Or other feelings that much more complex and can not explain within. Finally, you just have to go with the flow, yes correct, but it's still missing something? Like people who repress their feelings view themselves as "thinkers". Everything works so flat. Yea, and I feel that strange feeling: dari yang sebelumnya deg-degan minta ampun *omaigad* and it goes so flat today. Semoga bukan anti klimaks seperti yang dibilang dan ditakutkan. Ya. This is not same as same as what Ema feels. Iya, saya nggak di level diare dan mual-mual karena stress. This is the common feeling, low mood, after running on something then we feel tired. I think I just need a natural-mood-booster now.

With double face palm,

-Bening Rahardjo-