Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How To Use The Contact Lenses?

Hi everyone!
How often you wear the contact lenses? Indeed, contact lenses or known as soft-lens can support our appearance, but if you cannot treat soft-lens regularly as well as what expert's advice, it can interfere our eyes health. Contact lenses that never cleaned can also cause irritation to the eyes. And the important thing too, don't use raw water to keep the contact lenses. If you don't know how to use the contact lenses, look at the picture below:

Here the steps:
1.Wash your hands first with antiseptic soap before handling the contact lens.
2. Take the contact lens from its holder, place it on the tip of our finger. Use tip of right forefinger to put contact lenses.
3. Slightly lift the upper eyelid, look upward. Then gently place contact lens right at the bottom of eye.
4. Gently rub the eyelid, then close your eyes.
5. Blink eye 5 times (so that the contact lens is not shifted)
6. Do same to the other eye. 
7. Finish. 

Here I use Newlook Wonder in brown color with natural glowing makeup:

You can look at the details of product:
Product name : Newlook Wonder Contact Lenses
Color: Brown
Material: PolyHEMA 57% and water 43%
Manufactured by: Gelfllex Australia
Diameter: 14.2 mm
B.C: 8.6 mm
Price: about 80.000 IDR (about +/- 7 USD)
Lifespan: 3 months
You can buy it at many Optic Store in your town.

Not recommended to use at night, because it may not be seen in less light place.