Sunday, November 2, 2014

Nina's Wedding

Hi, everybody!

Sorry for belated post, I just want to share my late pictures when I attended Nina's wedding.

Anyway, in Javanese custom, there are a wedding system called 'Gugur Gunung', which is means 'corporation'. Gugur gunung is an idiom that used by Javanese people in several social activities as same as the meaning of social sense. Social wedding system worked by people in society itself. Javanese society often do many activities together, I mean activities which related with many people, such like wedding party, funeral, a moment of baby birth date, etc.

It's a characteristic of Javanese society system. And I think it's fair enough, like you can saving money for catering and saving money for paying Wedding Organizer, or whatsoever. Javanese traditional wedding especially in traditional society always helped by people surrounding. An example, the wedding committee, it also filled by people around. They work for humanity, social sense (I mean like a sense of mutual cooperation) without charge. So, if you want your event went smoothly and assisted by many people, then you also need to help others when they hold an event. That's such rules in Javanese society system. This rules is still running well in rural areas. But if you take a look into urban community, they has not put this system again, maybe it due to their high self-centered-system and more modern thinking. I don't know sure. But if I have to tell you like what the 'Gugur Gunung' system works, you can see in these photos, we were also become wedding committee for Nina's wedding.

Here my late post...