Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy Mother's Day: 22 December 2014

Hello everybody!

This morning, me and my siblings celebrates Mother's Day for our Mom. After had morning activities as usual, I hugged mom and said to her:

"Mommy, happy mother's day for you. I love you lots. I know this is just an ordinary day for us, but today I want you to know how much I love you in this world. We ever past the sad and hurt thing together. You are such a hero for us. Such a hard stone in the strong current, which sometimes can be fragile as well. But thank you, Mom. Thank you for taught me everything so I could be strong woman like you too. You have provided me with science and religion that always remind me in every step I make. Thank you. I love you, may Allah bless you and your life toward."

Though somewhat surprised, she could not hide the emotion from her eyes and Mom answered like this: "What date is it now? Oh, 22 December? I almost forgot. Thank you my daughter... I love you too. Thank you for your wishes too."

Today is a special day for every mom in Indonesia. Indonesia people celebrates Mother's Day in 22 December like today. That's why if western has Father's Day in every June, Indonesia also has Mother's Day every 22 December. There are some people said that Mother's Day means nothing for them, because they think that 'love' isn't just 'a gift' that we should give to Mom in every 22 December. Only in one day. They think that love can we share in everyday, every time, every single second in their life. Yap, that's really really TRUE. Buuuttt, have you ever said "I LOVE YOU, MOM" at least one day in one year? Or hugging your Mom one time in one month? Or kissing your Mom one time in one year? I don't think so.

The history of celebration of Mother's Day in Indonesian itself actually began in the reign of Indonesia first president, Mr.Soekarno. In Indonesia, feminist organizations have existed since 1912, inspired by Indonesian heroines of the 19th century, e.g., Kartini, Martha Christina Tiahahu, Cut Nyak Meutia, Maria Walanda Maramis, Dewi Sartika, Nyai Ahmad Dahlan, Rasuna Said, etc. The date of 22 December was made an official holiday by President Soekarno under Presidential Decree as Mother's Day. 

The day originally sought to celebrate the spirit of Indonesian women and to improve condition of the nation. But now, the meaning of Mother's Day has changed, and it is celebrated by expressing love and gratitude to mothers. People present gifts to mothers (such as flowers or etc). Now, Mother's Day is a symbol of women's empowerment in Indonesia, but in a more dignified and respectable. That every women, especially mothers, are formidable fighters who deserve to be rewarded. At least if you can't give them much money and expensive gift, you still can say "I LOVE YOU MOM" in the Mother's Day. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. The positive conclusion is: give love to your mother, tell her that you love her very much (while you still have opportunity to say and show it). Although, one day in a year, Mother's Day has lot meaning to every mom if they hear their son and daughter say to them "I Love You, Mom", believe me. Mother's Day isn't just a celebration without meaning. In taught as that every woman has the right to get a greeting and appreciation for their dedication and great love for the family. For the children and her husband. Although this is only a symbol. That does not mean negating the sense of a mother's love all day all the time for their children. Indeed, we will never be able to repay a mother who was pregnant for 9 months, gave birth to her children with batting her own life, cared for and loved us with sincerity, taught us how to face the harshness world. Such a WOW!

That's why, though you like or dislike the celebration of mother's day, according IDEOLOGY or POINT OF VIEW by your own, please, keep respect today just for your mom. Not for else reason. Thank you. 

Ah! And here a song from Melly Goeslaw that usually play in Mother's Day, tittle 'Bunda':



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