Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What To Wear: White Hijab & White Top

Some days ago, I went to a fashion outlet and  found a goody white top. I decided to buy it and I did not know why I fell in love with white color recent days.

Anyway I think white color is elegant and always look glamorous. You always can play white with other colors. And if you choose to wear white hijab in formal event (such like wedding party, or what), I give you advice for using glamorous make up too. So, if you have dark skin, it would not look so darksome. Then, you can choose some accessories that suit to complete your look, just bit enough. And you can choose pastel maxi skirt or whatever color to make your overall look more fabulous. 

As a woman, else we should good at dressing, we should also good at make up our face too, right? And here I tried to apply glamorous make up for white hijab, I chose to apply glamorous red lipstick and fake eyelashes to make my eyes look more 'alive'. Anyway, woman not only about dressing and make up. It's all about our packaging, there are elements as basic we have to keep: knowledge, manner, look and appearance. Be smart, be beauty, be wise!
For foundation I used Revlon Photoready and white eyeliner on bottom line for dramatic look

Have a try, girls! ^^

Bening Rahardjo