Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Convo: He and Me (1)

One day when you are feeling sad because he haven't text you yet... (You have national holiday but your partner keep on his work)

Then... *ting tong* you get a new chat message.

H: Hi, good evening.
M: Hi! I am waiting you chat me 😢
H: I am waiting from you also. Where are you?
M: Home.
H: Ok. What did you do?
M: Sorry, i am waiting coz afraid to disturb you. Are you home?
H: No. No sorry. Yes i am at home now, just came back from office.
M: Have bathing?
H: No. Not now. I will take after some rest. What about your day?
M: Ok. Clean yourself first. I went to saloon and petshop.
H: Yes, i'll do it after chatting with you. For what?
M: For what, what? 😀 Went saloon?
H: Yes.
M: Drove sister. I just cutting my bang.
H: Ok.
M: Are you tired?
H: No. No.
M: Have you drink tea or something?
H: I am not an old man. I am young 😰
M: What? Mr.Young Man? 😜
H: I hate tea.
M: Why hate tea? Have tea did something bad to you? 😂
H: Ok, correct me. I mean i don't like tea. I only drink juice and soft drink like Cola and Pepsi.
M: No. Cola isn't good. Don't drink too much 😣 I like to drink tea everyday 😃
H: You drink tea regulary just look like old lady. 😛
M: Lol. It's common here you know. Like Japan.
H: But you don't need to take it more and more. Your skin get wrinkled 😂
M: O Gawd. Seriously? Me looks younger than you. Everybody knows it honeeey.. 😝
H: Not every 😁
M: How could. You are younger months than me but look like an old man 😆😆
H: Really? You say it OMG 😱
M: Sorry not sorry. That's the fact 😂
H: 😂😂 O pleaseee..
M: No way. You are sarcastic and me more 😜
H: Can I call you now? 😁
M: Ikr. You are missing me after this chat 😜 But no. My bat is about to die.
H: Please connect yours in charging.
M: You can't phone when i am charging. Lol.
H: You don't have powerbank? 😀
M: It's just the same. No call while charging honeeey 😒
H: I see. Powerbank is also down 😂
M: You are straaaaange 😓
H: So I like to talk, how i can talk to you? 😂
M: Talk to the wall. Lol. 😂
H: 😂😂😂
M: Clean yourself stinky... 😣
H: But my wall don't want to talk to me 😜
M: Then you have to drawing a face on your wall. But no. Not my face 😂
H: Good ideas! I'll drawing your face in my wall and i'll talk to her everyday 😂😂
M: Funny 😂😂😂 Clean yourself Mr.Sleepy head 😠
H: I will after talking 😝
M: Stubborn 😣 What did you eat today at office?
H: I had my lunch at KFC 😋
M: Cola again. Hmmm 😒 You should change your menu.
H: No. No. With vanilla blue. 😨
M: No lieeee... 😒😒
H: I dont have extra money to waste at KFC everyday honey 😰
M: Smart answer. 😂😂
H: Don't worry. I'll save my money til we plan a date. Lol. We will eat as your wish.
M: I dont have wish list for food. I eat everything. Lol.
H: Then i'll order for us. Like your fav, chocolate, ice cream, sea food, shrimp. You can not avoid. Ikr 😁
M: And i know you will trap me with the bill 😂🔫
H: No. Never 😝 Just in case i forget to bring my card 😂
M: Look. Why are you so happy today?
H: Why what?
M: No. I mean. I am curious. You are too much happy today.
H: When your bae is talking to you, you will feel happy. 😍
M: What is that? 😜 But your chat is not like usual. So i think you are in the best mood now.
H: Absolutely. You make me happy.
M: I don't believe it. 😶
H: So, do you mean I should not be happy? 😕
M: But..
H: No but. I am happy coz i am talking to you
M: 😛
H: If you have time for me, then i will be happy honey.
M: Hmmm...really? Did you meet beautiful woman today? 😏
H: No. No. I don't want to break your trust baby. Just some friends at office. Why are you asking me like this?
M: No. Leave it 😂
H: Ok boss. Woman is always be the boss 😂
M: I am not the boss. I am just Mrs.Always Right 😂😂
H: Ok, Maam 😁 You can take any decissions.
M: Sure? 😁
H: If i want to do something then you tell me like 'Okay, honey let me think then i will let you know' 😂
M: Heey, i am not that evil 😂😂😂 I never do that. Just occasionally 😝
H: I understand you honey 😂
M: Noooo...come on... 😁
H: You tell me, but i can not trust in this case 😂😂😂
M: Noo waaay... You got me wrong 😂
H: No. But really it doesn't matter honey, it prove me how sweet you are taking care about me. Thank you for being my everytime partner 😊
M:.... 😁😅😊 *suddenly i feel butterfly flies in my stomach*