Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Indonesia National Basketball Team for SEA Games 2013 in Myanmar

Before joining SEA Games in December 2013 at Myanmar, Indonesia National Basketball Team doing training camp to build strategy and reinforcement of physical players. The rooster:

Number    Position          Name                Birth Date                         Height                           Club
1.            Guard      Andakara Prastawa       16 Agustus 1992              177 cm              Dell Aspac
2.            Guard      Kelly Purwanto               3 Agustus 1983               176 cm              Pelita Jaya Esia
3.            Guard      Xaverius Prawiro           30 Desember 1986           181 cm              Dell Aspac
4.            Guard      Vamiga Michel               20 Oktober 1992             192 cm            Satria Muda Britama
5.            Guard      Respati Ragil                     3 April 1991                  180 cm           Satya Wacana
6.            Guard      Arki Dikania                     15 Maret 1988               188 cm          Satria Muda Britama
7.            Guard      Bonanza Siregar              8 Desember 1987            192 cm           Satria Muda Britama
8.            Guard      Rachmad Febri                8 Februari 1985               180 cm                CLS Knights
9.            Forward        Kaleb Ramot              30 Mei 1991                   183 cm               Metro Bandung
10.          Forwad          Tony Agus                 2 Januari 1986                 191 cm                CLS Knights
11.          Forward         Yanuar Dwi               11 Januari 1989               190 cm            Bima Sakti Malang
12.          Forward         Galank Gunawan       13 Juni 1987                     194 cm         Satria Muda Britama
13.          Froward          Pringgo Wibowo        27 Juni 1987                    190 cm                Dell Aspac
14.          Forward          Cristian Ronaldo Sitepu    27 Oktober 1986       200 cm          Indonesia Warrios
15.          Center             Adhi Pratama Prasetyo      31 Maret 1993          197 cm       Hangtuah Sumsel
16.          Center             Ferdinand Damanik          15 April 1988             196 cm            Pelita Jaya Esia

Manager Team                  : Irawan Haryono
Head Coach                       : Tjetjep Firmansyah
Coach Assistant 1            : Octaviarro Romely Tamtelahitu
Coach Assistant 2            : Ricky Gunawan

Just after trial match from Philippines, the head coach, Tjetjep cross out four name of the players. (Look above). Then, the head coach will cross out one more player again, so the total number of players is 12

The main thing that so exciting here is, Ayah Febri #10 CLS Knights appointment as national team captain. Yay!! Congratulations ayah! Do your best!

Trade and Transactions from NBL Indonesia Season 2013-2014

Okay, after quite busy with some post about myself, this blog finally back on the right track :p And this post, back to BBall thing. It been a while enough to write about basketball, passing seasons change, lot of changes that occur in each club and as well as in NBL overall. Including trade and transactions the players and the coaches. Here's the new change of NBL season 2013-2014:

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Soekarno, Interviewed by Cindy Adams

Who don't know about Soekarno? You, the reader from Indonesia nor from the other countries? Yes, Soekarno is so well known in international relations in his time served as the first president of Indonesia. He was so respected by the world leaders. He is the only precident who dared to declare his state out of the United Nations during World War II. He mastered 7 languages​​, which makes him easier to get along with so many Heads of State around the world. Besides an authoritative, he also very strict. And so does the charm of Soekarno in our country, Indonesia. He's very charismatic. Everybody know, that his rhetoric is so incredible, able to burn the spirit of Indonesian people. But, the thing I remember when I studied Historical Science in high school is .. the opposite of that history. Very miserable. You know, history books that I loved, turned out a set of fictitious. That's all.  

Guess, what subjects I liked most current high school? Yea, Historical Science. I'm always excited by learning about history of my country. And the incredible things that I record when I was sitting on class 2 in high school, is several books and "narrative history that I heard from my teacher" about Soekarno. Then, some books that I read, tells all about the "dictatorship" of Soekarno in recent years, until he deposted by politics when his rhetoric "Nawaksara" rejected by the panel. It feels like, what makes me excited to learn about Indonesia History, suddenly became "grim" because of  that "the black dots" of history I learned at that time. (Note: Learned by the books and my teacher). And, historical stories that I held over the years, all become fade. Until when I was in college, I got a book from my uncle, the book that changed everything paradigm about Soekarno and history of the nation. That's all. This book made me realize that there are so many hidden historical facts and they recycled into "new history" by the powerful elements.  

And yesterday, in the afternoon, I was watching one of television channels, I accidentally found review of Soekarno. And you know what I found??? Truly incredible!! They play interview recorded of Soekarno by cindy adams, author of the book! I found remarkable historical fact that "deviated" from what I received in high school years ago. See???

He's so charmy

When he made speech in front of the crowd, all people silently listening. Amazing! Look, how many people in front of him. He is very perfect on rhetoric.

Soekarno and JF Kennedy,

So astonishingly when Soekarno speaking in front of world leaders.

But he's also a humorous figure.

His speech "Indonesia Menggugat", such pledoi of Soekarno in front of International Court, over what he stood for independence of Indonesia

Monday, August 26, 2013

Run The Day

Tired. It was the right word to describe my day on yesterday. I did estafet in four different locations in one day. Really busy day! Two events were my two best friends wedding. The next event was gathering with my boo friend, and another event was relative's funeral. Fiuuuhhh!

First, one of ma besties, Nana. She married to soldier

Left-Right: Nonik, Nana and Me.

After then, I hanging out with my buddies. Seriously, I'm very happy, finally we get along like this again. The five of us, named "red ants friendship". One of us, Dita get married. So, four of us are still single and I was the only woman in the group. They are my very-berry-best friend since we were in high school. We grew up together, sharing sense of affection together. And soooo many things I cannot mention one by one.

Left to right: Ari Bas a.k.a "Crongoh", Me, Beny a.k.a bendot, and Fuad a.k.a "DJ" (minus Dita)

We called our friendship as "The Red Ants"

However, they were the closest men who grew up with me. I love them all, and vice versa.

Then, this is the most poignant event. Dita weddings. There, I met Nur, one of my closest friend again, we lived together in Jogja for about 5 years. Happy and sad experiences we had together. And next 2 months, she will marry. I feel lonely :'(

Left-Right: Nur, Me, Dita. The besties.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Quality Time

Pople said:

"Just be grateful for what you have now, before you totally lose it."

Including thankful for the warmth family that you have today.. enjoy quality time with younger sisters brother, is one that I am grateful for. Because, so much time has been wasted, without my presence in the middle of my family.. and because of that, I don't want to waste my time again without them.

Although I can't take them at expensive restaurants, though I can't buy them anything luxurious, but the warmth of the family will always be wonderful moment ..

That's why it's called a family.

Red Hot Shoes

Finally, I got this red hot shoes! Even though this is not the real shoes I want :( 
I'm actually looking for Beverly shoes with its bright red color like this. Well, so far, I'm quite happy to have this one :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Day + 2 : After Idul Fitri 1434 H

Tradition we used to do in Idul Fitri Day + 2  is gathering with the family from grandpa lineage. Our great-grandfather came from farmers, but he is not ordinary farmer. He was a Empu (master) of wheelwright carriage to Keraton (The Royal) in his era. He is also high-wisdom person. But no specific story and obvious resources to the Trah, because grandpa was a quiet person. He almost never mentions about his family, it's different from story of grandma's family, which almost everyone in our district knows that they came from aristocratic family. My grandpa was never disputed royal-blood or not, for him, he lived and served for the citizens. We, his children and grandchildren, are also taught to get along living in community with modesty, courtesy and wisdom. And grandpa taught us everything about local wisdom, not about something that too high-class. He said, "Something that too-high will kill you slowly. So, keep humble!"

Lintang, my lovely lil sist

My sis, Rahma, lot people says that we have similiar face and smile :)

Her name Titis, my cousin. She was 25 old too, and FYI, we both still single *noted* :p

Lovely mom, me and my lil sist.

Left: My cousin named Hanum, she is Titis's big sist. She will marry soon :)

The Day + 1 : After Idul Fitri 1434 H

Usually, the tradition in Idul Fitri Day +1 that we do is gathering with our Trah Family (Trah in Java language, interpreted in English as clan, breeds, or dynasty). In that day, we gathering with our big family from grandma. Incidentally, from our great-grandma lineage, we still have blood-descendant of Mangkunegaran, it's called Trah Kadilangu. From this Trah, lot of ancestors who became district leader in their era. For examples, Wedhana position (now refers to Bupati, or The Mayor City), Kepala Desa  position (now refers to Lurah or The Mayor Village. Including eyang kakung (grandpa) who built Ndalem Martanan, he served as Kepala Desa for 29 years. He was so loved and respected by the citizens. Therefore, he taught me so disciplined in that era. Total whole great family from our grandparents there are 50 more people. So, could you imagine if we get together in Ndalem Martanan in the day of Eid? So crowded. Especially when we gathering with Trah Kadilangu. We barely not know one by one personally, Omg! ~~

with my siters, our outfit code: Candy Tone, hijab style by: me.

Smile! :)
The color of outfit: Candy-Tone-Gradation

Me. Lintang. Mommy!

Rahma. Me.

Hijab style creative by me.

Right: She's my lil cousin named Canthas. She's so cute :)

The Day: Idul Fitri 1434 H

Usually after the Eid prayer, we went home. Then began the tradition of "sungkeman" (a tradition of apologizing and blessing) from first uncle to the last grandson. Followed by family photos, and eat together. Of course, the main menu were Lontong Opor, Sambal Goreng Krecek, Sayur Nangka Kering, Bubuk Kedelai, and Kerupuk Udang. Next, open-house event.

Our whole family felt the atmosphere was very different from last year, of course without my father's presence in our family. :')

Rahma and Lintang

Center: My new cousin-in-law, named Cindi

Me and my lovely sisters

A Day Before Eid

Hi! Assalamu'alaikum, see ya again!

Right now, a week after Idul Fitri 1434 H passed, I wanna say "minnal aidin walfaidzin" to ya all :)
Below, I'll post moment before Idul Fitri that I spent with my cousins. Unfortunately, there's only some of cousins who gathered in Ndalem Martanan. Last fasting day, we were morning walks on dam, near the house. The air was quite cool, with green landscapes. And we began to pose silly there. Check this out ya!

Enjoy the Sun Rise at the dam :)

It's called "First-Font-of-My-Name" Pose

It's called "TOO-MUCH-FUN" pose

FYI, this dam was built during my grandfather served as leader in our district, and he served for 29 years :)

It's called "NERD" pose -__-

Look behind us, there's river that flows for irrigated rice fields in the surrounding areas.

We set off from home after Subuh prayer, the air is still very cold.

The dam was build during my grandfather served as leader in our district, when Indonesia still occupied by Dutch and Japanese.

The dam age is quite old. Look the view front of us.