Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Soekarno, Interviewed by Cindy Adams

Who don't know about Soekarno? You, the reader from Indonesia nor from the other countries? Yes, Soekarno is so well known in international relations in his time served as the first president of Indonesia. He was so respected by the world leaders. He is the only precident who dared to declare his state out of the United Nations during World War II. He mastered 7 languages​​, which makes him easier to get along with so many Heads of State around the world. Besides an authoritative, he also very strict. And so does the charm of Soekarno in our country, Indonesia. He's very charismatic. Everybody know, that his rhetoric is so incredible, able to burn the spirit of Indonesian people. But, the thing I remember when I studied Historical Science in high school is .. the opposite of that history. Very miserable. You know, history books that I loved, turned out a set of fictitious. That's all.  

Guess, what subjects I liked most current high school? Yea, Historical Science. I'm always excited by learning about history of my country. And the incredible things that I record when I was sitting on class 2 in high school, is several books and "narrative history that I heard from my teacher" about Soekarno. Then, some books that I read, tells all about the "dictatorship" of Soekarno in recent years, until he deposted by politics when his rhetoric "Nawaksara" rejected by the panel. It feels like, what makes me excited to learn about Indonesia History, suddenly became "grim" because of  that "the black dots" of history I learned at that time. (Note: Learned by the books and my teacher). And, historical stories that I held over the years, all become fade. Until when I was in college, I got a book from my uncle, the book that changed everything paradigm about Soekarno and history of the nation. That's all. This book made me realize that there are so many hidden historical facts and they recycled into "new history" by the powerful elements.  

And yesterday, in the afternoon, I was watching one of television channels, I accidentally found review of Soekarno. And you know what I found??? Truly incredible!! They play interview recorded of Soekarno by cindy adams, author of the book! I found remarkable historical fact that "deviated" from what I received in high school years ago. See???

He's so charmy

When he made speech in front of the crowd, all people silently listening. Amazing! Look, how many people in front of him. He is very perfect on rhetoric.

Soekarno and JF Kennedy,

So astonishingly when Soekarno speaking in front of world leaders.

But he's also a humorous figure.

His speech "Indonesia Menggugat", such pledoi of Soekarno in front of International Court, over what he stood for independence of Indonesia