Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sneak Peek: Communication Department Gadjah Mada University

Today I got sneak peek from a friend about "something new" from our department at my late college, yes, Communication Department of Gadjah Mada University or as known as Jurusan Ilmu Komunikasi UGM.
I really missed my "blue" campus... :'(

This new interior project presented by HONFabLab Yogyakarta. I give 4 thumbs up! :)

After painting

After painting

Installing name sign

Wall deco and engraving quotes made with shopbot cnc router

Cutting letter pieces with shopbot cnc router

Lecturer name sign, anyway he is my major lecturer :p

Faculty name sign made with laser cutter

Wall deco production using shopbot cnc router

Department sign

Engraving quotes with shopbot cnc router

Wall deco and lamp made with shopbot cnc router

Cutting letter pieces with shopbot cnc router

Reception chair made with shopbot cnc router

Installation process

Painting process

Wall deco production using shopbot cnc router

Quote engraving on wall deco

Installing letters

Quote engraving on wall deco

Gadjah Mada University's Logo

Quote on wall deco

Engraving and cutting name sign on acrylic with laser cutter

Engraving on wall deco with shopbot cnc router

Installing name sign

Sanding letters

Installing letters

Finishing process

Bachelor and Master Degree


Department sign


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Bahasa Kalbu" Dictionary

X: Will you write something for me?
Y: No. I wont.
X: Why?
Y: Don't u remember, last day when I wrote something for you, and then we have fought til night.
X: Ha? Hahahaha. Yes, I do.
Y: Yes, so I wont do it again.
X: Hahahaha
Y: Don't laugh.
X: Hahahaha. I am not laugh. Sorry. But it's funny. Haha.
Y: No laugh please. You know I am bad at romance.
X: Hahahaha, yes. Really bad. Ok, how if you make something for me?
Y: What?
X: I dunno. You good at techno nah. Not like me. So I wont order you something that I dont understand at all. Haha.
Y: But I am not designer
X: I know, but you know about software much, that's why.
Y: Ok, wait few minutes.
X: You want to go?
Y: No. I will show you.
X: Oh.. haha, okay.

That's a silly conversation. There are people who good at romance, there are also people who really bad at romance. Wise people says: "The distance doesn't matter for sure as long as the communication works properly". Okaaay, but wait! How if because that words during communication itself makes everything goes wrong? Less knowledge about "words" and "language". Powerless at speaking, powerless at writing, and all.
It looks like you need to buy a Bahasa Kalbu dictionary just to translate the meaning of "un-known-words", so you both will understand what are you talking about. You know what "Bahasa Kalbu" means? It looks a kind of "heart-to-heart-talk", haha. Just sitting and looking each other. Let heart talks lot. :p


a "Hi" To a "Something"

Dear something...
Finally, this wordsmith no longer able to reveal that mesh.. because it leads me to a perfection that will always be unread and unexplained.
Finally, the shape lost its visual, because there appear a sense that lighter my days with a whisper.

Dear something... 
Maybe you forgot, even the wind could give coolness, although we never expected its direction.
Maybe you forgot, that spark light can turned on the fire, although we had to wait a little longer.

Now, we are stepping the phase, a bit more closer to the real fusion of becoming one, through the chronicle. And slowly we realize that the chronicle was going undisputed by anything, although it's only luminescence of line story. Though the red color no longer be favorites, but I will be bravery for your shield. Just says to the things that you afraid of, that here wordsmith which become your breath.

-as clear as you call my name-

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Smash That Attack Me Down

A friend come to me. He asking everything about me. Like usual, I answer him back.

A: Will you want to gamble with me? But the only one bet is your heart.
Me: Ha? Joking!
A: Am I look like rambling? Nope.
Me: Why should my heart?
A: I dunno, whether the spider had built its nest in your heart or not.
Me: Means?
A: If I answer it in my heart, will you hear that?
Me: You think I am a psychic?
A: More that that. Because you can complete my sentence as always. It looks like you could read my mind.
Me: Impossible. Dont watch cinema too much!
A: Look, your face!
Me: What's wrong with my face?
A: Sometimes when I saw at your face, I'm afraid I was not professional enough to be your friend.
Me: Ha? That's the kind of expression, prayer, or hope?
A: Hahaha, I dunno, there's kind of hope in expression.
Me: I don't understand. What it looks like?
A: Exactly, it's kind of feeling. Something makes us think irrationaly sometimes.
Me: That's why I told you, don't watch cinema too much!
A: I'm not passionate enough for that thing.
Me: Impossible, look that fact, you are good at arranging words now.
A: Say that you're interested in me.
Me: Hahahaha. Joking! Nope!
A: You are given the right weakness by The God, which makes me always want to curious you more. Really.
Me: If that so, stop talking to me with your heart. Just talk to me with your rational mind. Please.
A: I've tried, but I just choose not to be a loser. That's why...

Then I turned to him. I see there are misleading twinkle on his eyes.  
Then I looked again. Now I see there are great wall, of camouflage.
I can't understand whether he talk to me as a friend or another...

For You

Hi, you! You know why I still can't sleep even it's too late? I'm just a little confused, why we are less to understand each other sometimes. Moreover, I don't know why I prefer love to talk with my heart than with my brain. Because usually, I will get hurt in the end when too much talking with heart. While I am always forget that the brain is more realistic.

Hi, you! You know, it's not hard to find me, because I am the sunlight in every morning, and I am representative of every color of the rainbow in your sky. It's depends on your prayer, even then if you spell my name in every paragraph.

Hi, you! Don't keep asking "who" when you really know that the answer will always be "me". Why you should run away? I am always standing by just to see you.

Hi, you! Don't you know actually what is bound by the ring is not finger but heart? You know, I like to peek your life story, because I want to slip my name in the middle of your life, so you will never forget about me.

Hi, you! I still have thousands stock of missed-signs for you, just picking one-by-one like you want, because when it die one, it will grow thousand again. And you know, I still have thousands stock of "forgiveness" for you, but used it well, okay?

Hi, you! I'm a wordsmith, so every letter that I write turn into a puddle of tears. And don't you know when a wordsmith is angry, she’s gonna stab your heart with her sharp rusty words. Remember that. It’s my words against yours.

Hi, you! I hate the fact that I love even all your flaws, but I still love the fact that I still have tears that aint dry just yet. And I love the fact that in every mistakes, as long as we’re still breathing there’s still a chance to fix things up.

Hi, you! I hate the fact that staying constantly strong is harder than just being strong. I honestly hate how ego always fights conscious and logic fights heart.

But you, yes, only you who makes rainy day looks wonderful because you’re around. Only you who makes me smile in the middle of my hectic day, just because I remember your crispy jokes. Only you who makes me sleepless in every night you’re faraway. Only you who makes me blushing in every word "fatty" and "stupid" that you spell for me. Only you who turns all of our favorite songs into memories of you and me.

And yes, I will say it loud and clear, that love is YOU...


-as clear as you call my name-

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Body Care Product

This maybe sounds insignificant, but I am sure, many of the readers who don't know the difference between body butter and body lotion. Or maybe you do not know how to use body mist? To select the type of skin treatment, you should pay attention to the circumstance and what skin needed to reach maximum results for your skin. Okay, let's talk about it.

1. Body Lotion
This moisturizer is the most dilute because it contains water. So the formula is lighter than other moisturizer. Choose a lotion that absorbs quickly and not too greasy. Use on the whole body after bathing and at any time when the skin feels dry. Body lotion is good to use for those who have normal to dry skin and isn't too problematic. The equation of body lotion with body mist is directly protect your skin from environmental conditions that cause changes in your skin. The difference is body lotion has humidity level higher than the body mist. If you use body lotion regulary, it can protect your skin when you on activities.

2. Body Scrub
It has benefits and efficacy to help us rejuvenate and care for us skins from dull skin, unlock skin pores at the same time so your skin can breathe and absorb nutrients from beauty products. It also makes skin become white and can nourish the skin. Body scrub also help us to remove the remains of pile dead skin cells and nourishes skin. Not only that, body scrub also makes our skin becomes smooth.

3. Body Mist
Body Mist has liquid form. The use of body mist is more flexible because it's form as liquid in a spray bottle. Body mist contains oil that can bind water to the skin or moisture condition that needed so skin is not easy dehydrated. Body mist is perfect for use when you have activity in the air-conditioned room which usually causes skin to dry faster.

4. Body Cream
Body cream has more viscous form and contains more oil than body lotion. Body Cream suit to use on our body part that tends drier than the other, like arms and legs. This product also good to use in tropical and cold weather, if you go to the dry area or have activity in the air-conditioned room. Let the skin remains moist, use body cream right after bathing. 

5. Body Butter
Body butter has a moisture content. The highest fat content makes its shape like butter. It's good to used by the people who often has activities on air-conditioned room, because it can moisturize and smooth skin. It's deeply moisturize and provide nutrients for dry skin. Have the basic ingredients that contain fat such as nuts and fruits. Body butter should be used at night before bed.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Forget about your big dream. Forget about your hope. Forget about letter. Forget about the sickness and pain. Forget about what you keep believe. Forget about your struggle. Forget about ALL UN-SURE REALITY, Bening!!!

Sleep and dream else. Dream else that worth to you!!!

A Gift

How happy I was yesterday.. without I realized, my old brother gave me a beautiful gift. Initially, I was curious when he wear a silver beautiful necklace and he save it on his room. Tho, I seem like close to my brother, but actually, I was afraid of him inside. Since I was child, I close to all of my old brothers. They taugh me everything that boys did. The thing that made me afraid was they protected me so much. But I knew, it's better for me. And I knew they also love me lots. Back to story. Yesterday morning, my brother gave a gift for me, without package. He gave me a necklace. Beautiful simple necklace. Oh my God. Haha, I want to cried then. He told me, he want to gave it to his GF, but he gave to me first. He will give his gf the new one. The necklace as same as my brother wear also. It made from silver. It has a clearly pendant, like a tear pouch, so clearly. I love it. Really. Haha, I want to hugged him but he was embrassed.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Freelancer Prototype

Maybe all newbie freelancer and young entrepreneur in the world had to face these same problems. To be an entrepreneur and freelance worker you should know all the things that needed first like: your own market preparation, thorough plans preparation, know how to take care of the taxes, maintain good relations with your partners and bla-bla-bla. There are times when you have to incur huge expenses for specific occasions. And this causes you to have to cover all costs that have come out in next time. It's not easy. It takes great mental to be whether an entrepreneur or freelancer.

Dare to start different?

There are big rules you should know, such:

Dealing with The Clients:

1. Look, in fact, not all of clients were fun to work with. There are clients that you hope never to deal with it. There are also clients who makes you feel stressed, make your emotions ready to explode, and even there are clients who not satisfied with your work. You have to learn quickly about this kind of person and learn how to handle it. Because, you can not choose what type of clients like what you want.

2. Precious and pleasant clients. You always feel happy to meet this type of clients and you can talk much without any formal limits with them. On the flip side, an amazing client is something you won’t ever want to loose.

3. Is it okay to refuse or hire the clients? Why not? You also have the right if you feel that jobdesc is beyond initial agreement and many absurd demand that finally make you ​​difficult to finish it. And you also have the right to give stern warning to clients that disrupt other clients comfort.

Dealing with Equipment and Software:

You should know the equipment and software that you used. At least, if you don't understand anything, it's important to keep good relation with your partners. They will help you when you find trouble with your equipment anmd software. Besides, good relation will increase credibility between you both. Remember, don't rush into thing that can make your relation going worse.

Dealing with Management:

Do a daily and weekly review. Look back on your day and see if you were successful in using the habits you want to develop. A daily review let you quickly course correct, and having a weekly review on Sunday evening puts things into perspective and let you plan ahead for the next week.

Entrepreneurs or freelancers are some of the most multiverse, multi-talented and diverse people out there. A successful entrepreneur puts on many different hats at the same time – They are a project manager, a risk-taker, an accountant, a marketer, a salesman… and in many cases, they are also a human-resource manager, a supply-chain manager, a customer-service and PR manager, and much more! That's all. What sometimes makes you ups and downs while working? How to cope? Try to maneuver for a moment and do that can make you proud. :)


Monday, January 20, 2014

NBL Indonesia Season 2013-2014: BSC Bandung Utama

Hi NBL Indonesia lovers! Now, I want to talk about one new basketball club from Bandung who got  into NBL Indonesia competition on this season. Yes, BSC Bandung Utama is one of some new clubs that get into NBL competition. 

Actually, BSC Bandung Utama is a merger of two basketball club named BSC Jakarta and Bandung Utama. BSC Jakarta has started into the highest Indonesia Basketball League (In 2000, it called KOBATAMA or Kompetisi Bola Basket Utama) since 2000 with their name Citra Satria club and turned into BSC since 2013. While Bandung Utama is a basketball club in Bandung, which competed in First Division league at  PERBASI Bandung. Then these two club officially merged as one, BSC Bandung Utama, on July 2012. Then they prepared to NBL Indonesia competition on season 2013-2014.

Initially, I thought this club is a minority club, like new club as always. And I did not really keep about the track of this club in the last pre-season 2013-2014. But as soon as I watched live streaming between my favorite club, CLS Knights versus BSC Bandung Utama, last night. Suddenly, I fell in love with this club, haha. Omg. I couldn't say anymore. They played so well last night. As well as they made Knights getting throe from first to last quarter. Initially, the players of BSC Bandung Utama who I really knew  was only Surliyadin #52 (because he has good face and make me melting since first haha) and Khalif Akbar #14 (because he played for Aspac Jakarta ago). And suddenly I know, that BSC Bandung Utama has another good players, like Jekky Sagala #9, Haritsa Herlusdityo #17, Luke Martinus #32, Andre Tiara #16, Andri Hermawan (15) and the big man Hendrik Agustinus #7.
From L-R: Surliyadin #52, dityo #17, hendrik #7, khalif #14, and Jekky #9

Surliyadin's dunk
Last night, Dityo #17 and Andri #15 made me more fell in love with this club. They tried to fight back through some three-point shot. And also very nicely acrobatic-passing between the players. As new club, I thought they were able to show their quality in this highest Indonesian basketball league. Good effort!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Medical Check Up

I actually kind of person who afraid of needles, and another medical-check-up tools. Besides, I was paranoid with the doctor since last few years. Not because of my illness, but because of people closest me (family), died in the hospital. And for some time, I had face to face with the doctor (with a very serious face). When I look at the hospital's tools, it's making me paranoid. A bit. I dunno why. And again, for a particular business, it asks me to deal with medical check-up (again). Good. Blood-sampling, urine-tests, and other medical tests. Help. Help :(

Waiting for med-check up result
But it was ok, after done all of my med-check up, I ate my delicious super late lunch. Tasty porridge and dim sum. At least, it been my mood-booster :p


Friday, January 17, 2014

Dear My Techno-Geek

Dear my techno-geek, who miles far far far away from me now.. 

I have been thinking about you in these minutes. Day by day, month turned into months, and my fear grew bigger. It reminds me about that: I am just Alice who live at the teapot, and you are a techno-geek at the techno land. Far far away. We're not in the same land. Then I am just going crazy thinking you madly. Besides, my heart still blooming from last night when you asked me: "So will you prepare for Aussie? I am trying lot, and God with us". 

I am sorry, I am really sorry to making you hard on this all. I knew, you had hard effort on that. Sometimes, its going hard too for me. You see my flaws, my weaknesses, my errors. You see all details at me, even for a small mark on my forehead. You know I am not smart, and yes, I am your stupid little old women. I am blind about techno. But I am happy to watch your blog, tho I cant read and understand what you write on it at all. I have great mind, with big clumsiness too. I have dream about being argumentarian for your pillow talk.

I could not say any else when you assured me that you will live your life with me, through my joys and miseries, through all my laughs and tears. You love me back as what and who I really I am. I love you before, and it was not like that now. It's going lots and lots. As lots as my fears to lose you. When you said you wanted me to be your strength, my heart beated so fast and fast. Because I was also didn't know how to be strong. We are together faith and hope, like you told as always. You know I love you too much, until I am afraid to transcends these difference between us. I choose to be blind to love you. To be blind  towards of those un-sure reality. We choose to be blind, together. And you also don't know about the way right now. Is it a madness to believe this to go forever? If it is so, the hell freeze over and we walk on the crumbly ice. I wont promise. And I don't want a promise too. Not a word. Just drive your heart into taking such extreme measure. No need further explanation, meanwhile, if you miss me, just look at the east, sun rise, and I am smiling and praying for you there. If you miss me whole night, just look at the night skies, there's my dreams and hopes upon billion stars for us.

Live well, eat well, sleep well. Take care. Love you lots.


Small Forward PJE, Francisco Yogi Da Silva

Francisco Yogi Da Silva #17 is small forward from Pelita Jaya Energi (PJE) Jakarta. He started his debut career at Pelita Jaya since 2011, at that time he was not a contract player, but just as sparring player. Yogi had followed some Pelita Jaya scrimmage games before NBL Indonesia season 2011-2012  held, but the roster team made ​​dense, so Yogi must wait for another chance in the future. Yogi-was finally getting more opportunities for practice ahead at 2012-2013 season, and Coach Nathaniel Canson-was finally given this opportunity to Yogi at NBL Pre-Season. 

At 2013-2014 season, Yogi still extended his contract as Small Forward Pelita Jaya. He suddenly played as starter position on this season because of Andi Batam's absence from injury. I think Yogi is very well developed as rookie at last season and his now position as small forward at this season. That's why, he is believed to play more than 30 minutes on court by Coach Nath. Funnily enough, Yogi idolized his senior partner on team, Kelly Purwanto #3. And I think, they are suit as siblings, lol. With all of their appearance bad-boy styles and tattoos on their body, making them look sexy and charming both :D

Kelly and Yogi, anyway Yogi looks like Neymar here omg :*

Francisco Yogi Da Silva | #17 | SF
Born: Kediri, 17 April 1991
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 71 kg
Current Club:  • Pelita Jaya Energi-MP Jakarta (2012)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Face Care: Analyze Your Skin Type

Facial Skin Care:

Before starting the treatment, it is better for us, to identify the type of skin first and know the problems that often arise.
Now, from the picture bellow, which one is your skin color? White, medium, brown, black?

Maybe I am one of few people who disagree with advertisements of beauty products that says: healthy skin is white skin. It's totally wrong. Bad judgement at all. That's why may people wants to have white skin, then they buy so many whitening products than cause damage, irritation and even cause serious problems on their skin. Mom always told me like this: healthy skin is glowing skin, it's no matter with what colors of your skin.
I am not people with white skin too. I have normally skin color like Indonesian people almost. Brown, tan brown. Tho, I have skin color mixed by mother line (Indonesia/Malayan Mongoloid race) and father line (Netherlands/Kaukasoid race), but I think its prefer to mother line. It's not have to be white to look beautiful. 

I think Prisia Nasution represent Indonesian women skin color generally.
Look picture bellow to know about your skin color type:

Now, let's analyze about your skin type:

Which one is yours?

1. Oily Skin   

Characteristics:  - large pores
                         - oil glands are very active so the skin looks shiny
                         - troubled with acne and comedo, 
                         - skin texture is a bit rough.  
2. Dry Skin

Characteristics:  - no visible pores and smooth
                         - low levels of oil and water so the skin looks dehydrated
                         -  the skin easy to peel
                         - easy arising spots
                         - face tone is rather dull

3. Normal Skin

Characteristics: - small pores,  
                        - smooth skin texture
                        - face look fresh, 
                        - moisture and oil balance
                        - rarely have skin problems

4. Combination Skin

Characteristics:  - the T areas is generally often oily,  
                         - while the U areas are generally dry 

5. Sensitive skin

Characteristics: - skin easily reacts to environmental factors, such as air and sunlight
                        - irritation persists,  
                        - skin looks dry and scaly
                        - acne scars difficult to remove,
                        - reddening skin 

Now, if you already know about your skin, you can determine what products are suitable for your skin! :)