Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"Aku Rapopo" Phenomenon

Have you ever heard "AKU RAPOPO" words? Have you ever found that words became trending topic Twitter? People usually used hashtag Aku Rapopo (#AkuRapopo) to express their sad feeling. 

Then the question is, "what's the meaning of Aku Rapopo?"

Aku Rapopo consist of two words: "aku" (means: me/I) and "rapopo" (means: it's okay/nothing happen). It absorbed from Java language.  

Haven't known yet how this words could be so booming in cyber world. The use of this words by Javanese people has been existed since ancient times. It describes that Javanese people are good at hiding their feelings in front of other with words "Aku Rapopo". It's like apofasis or antithesis words for Javanese people. Sometimes, Javanese hide their feeling to respect others, they keep their feeling so that others can not read the true feeling. This is actually a contradiction, I mean like a pleasantries cultural by Javanese style. Whereas you have to hide your feeling because if your feelings read by someone else, then you are considered as a whiner.

From the pictures below, you can understand what's Aku Rapopo means :d

Hahaha, this one make me laugh lot. Look that guy :))

Aku Rapopo by Kamen Rider style

Kancamu wes wisuda means "Look, your friend has been graduated", then that guy said "Aku Rapopo" with crying :))

Haha, maybe CR more attractive than Messi in this case, then Messi said "Aku Rapopo" lol :))