Friday, January 22, 2016

Turkish Hijab Style

Hi, assalamu'alaikum, ladies!

Today I want to share about hijab style that I used to wear. For me personally, you can see me as a simply woman from my hijab style. Really, I am not a person who wear too much, means I prefer to wear hijab and outfit that suit in me and comfy to wear. Just it is.

Recently, I often wear simple style for my hijab, you can see on my pictures that I've posted before. There was no special tips I could give you, but now, I can share you what style I used to wear. Yup, it's named Turkish style!

I prefer to wear Turkish style beside its comfy, it also simply to apply. Here's I give you some examples so you can think over if you are interest to apply it.

But please, just please read this before you judge or whatever:
"If you do not get along and uncomfortable to wear or you feel it doesn't fit with your style/your principle, better you should not adopt it."

Because I like to wear skirts, so I often combine my simply look just like this.

If you have four square scarf/hijab made from silk/nylon, you can wear it like this style. Just pin it or strap in the middle.

If you have paris drapery four square hijab, you can apply this style too.

I love this look!

Okay, how is it?
If you feel it is not syar'i, then I recommend: DO NOT WEAR.

Now, just for you who feel compelled to try this Turkish style, here's following that you can practice at home. Check this out!

Hope it can help you guys!


Bening Rahardjo