Saturday, May 31, 2014

End of May

Mom, today is 31 May, today is your birthday...

Mom, let me pray and express these sentences for you.

My dear Mom....You guided me and gave me your boundless love. You never tired to struggle for my future. You never complain when you have to prepare all daily needs at home every day. You never give up fighting as a single parent.

Not only today, but everyday I wish you much peace and joy. May your day and year be filled with blessings, and be as wonderful as you. 

Mom, I would like to say you are loved. You are loved much more than words can tell. Not just on special day like this, but on every single day. Thank you, thank you for being everything a child could ever want. 

Happy Birthday....

Boundless love,

Your daughter

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Overcoming The Doubt

"If you are serious, then please talk..." 

All right, I’ve confessed that I am going to overcome my doubt. I've tried to believe one minute and next minute which people would not believe. But, I could have lied. I mean, it could be wrong too, as long as I tried to answer many questions on my head. Well, I could say that...that "I am fearful of getting into some-not-assured-thing". Yes, I just need signs, a few sign, just like "Okay, I can or can not get it that way".

Signs (?)
Okay, the signs may be like these:
  • First, I believe in my desire, when I pray, I shall receive it...whatsoever. Because My Lord Alloh has NO limit.
  • Second, I believe if I do my will, it decide what I am going to accept. No matter what.
  • And third, make it CLEAR on your mind. Without a faith, you will not receive the answer. 
*Buuuuuttt, God...that's the matter....HOW TO? Just like, HOW TO make all of it really really clear on my mind??? Fiuuuuhh*

After so much pain, after so much doubt (again), it feels like walk over thousands egg. Therefore, I constantly dig detailed information over everything before. You know, there are things that must be erased from memory, but there are things that should be kept in mind as an alarm for us too. It's not like foster negative-thinking in your head, because you can believe in your heart as the filter too. That's why, God created human with brain and sense.

So, just walk without doubt...



Monday, May 12, 2014

If We Don't Stop This, Who Will???

It's sad to read latest news both print and electronic about Indonesia emergency status over child protection from sexual harassment which established by KPAI (Indonesia Commission on Child Protection). It seems like this country isn't safe place for children to play and learn freely. Sexual predators threatening children and it could happen anywhere, anytime. Even Aisyiah chairman said that government (in this case was Indonesia President) should doing some concrete action to wipe out sexual harassment to children, which getting more and more acute in Indonesia nowadays. 

Of course I think so! It is very embarrassing to hear morning news today, another case occured in Pagaralam, South Sumatera, where Religious ministry official named sodomy suspect to 5 students at a boarding school (pesantren). Just these words from me: It's disgustingly!
"Separately, in a violent case involving children, which claimed the life of a 10-year-old girl named Jihan Salsabila, the director of the HM Rabain Regional Hospital in South Sumatra’s Muara Enim regency, Suwandi Safitra, said Jihan had been diagnosed as suffering from an infection to her brain membrane when she was admitted to the hospital. Jihan was suffering from a high fever and spasms when her family brought her to the hospital. Based on analysis, the spasms were caused by an infection to the brain membrane" (
"From the research conducted, each year, 400 children in Indonesia became sexual abuse victims by an adult" - Erlinda, Secretary of KPAI

Political and legal aspects are very necessary to reduce this number. If there is no authoritative national political step from government, another cases might be occur future. In otherwise, prevention also needs to be cultivated in our society, whether it's parental involvement (parents should be more 'care' of their children social environment, as well as 'care' to both psychological and physical changes of their children) or public awarness about anomalies issueThere are compelling reason that recently trevealed by investigators, due to motive that underlying motive of sexual violence perpetrators. They said that the perpetators have been victims of sexual violence (too) in their childhood whereupon the main reason why that criminal act happen. Such a motive, but that's not excuse at all!

You know, I believe that correlation doesn't (always) imply causation for some act. If all correlation does imply causation for what people do in this world, there are  possibilities, later (either in what years to come), our law would be too weak to enforce another cases like what happen now. Why? Because there would be excuse to lighten punishment for all perpetrators who had same motive. If they had been victim of sexual abuse in their past, of course they COULD choose to NOT do the same thing to others, because what? Because SENSE OF TRAUMA. Quite all pain in their past that were supposed to be AN OPTION to prevent the same actions to others. If the reason was because they have been victims of sexual abuse in their past, (which could be considered into an excuse to lighten the punishment for them) I REALLY REALLY DISAGREE. It's not an excuse.

I hope punishment sexual violenceperpetrators can be maximized, as well as psychological pressure that suffered by all victims of his/her life towards.

All Regards,

-Bening Rahardjo-

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 Tanya Apa Lagi?

Do you have any strange phobias?
Yep, panic. TOO MUCH PANIC. I prefer to say that I have phobias to tight circumstances, maybe...
Who do you talk to on the phone most often?
First of all, microphone handphone gw aja rusak gimana mau telpon-telponan. And the second, belum ada orang yang diajak telpon-telponan sesering mungkin :|
What is the most important thing you need to do today?
Nge-email-in kerjaan Pak Yan which is it could have been done by him alone. Why should via my email :3
What noise do you hear right now?
Who was the last person you said thank you to?
My latest client (and coincidentally he is Kholiiiissss :3)

What helps you to make the right decision?
My Lord Alloh, I ask God by praying (shalat) 

What is your idea of a great holiday or vacation?
Escape ke Melbourne... 

How much money do you really need?
Banyak boss.. hutang aja gak kelar-kelar :d 

What would you like to see mankind achieve within your lifetime?
Travelling around the world, go umrah with Mom and my family, and have good man beside me :) 

What are you wearing right now?
Long skirt, wool-cloths and necklace 

What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer?
Lagunya govinda-mantan terindah..haha *well to the NOOOOOO* :3

Who would you like to be?
Me, better me, the best of me 

Who do you trust more, your friends or your parents?

What is your usual breakfast?
Nasi as always, due to my stomach acid 

What is your favorite pet’s name?
Tora tora ninja 

What is the traditional meal in your country?
Meal? Apa yaa...sego tumpang :/ 

What is the quality you most like in a woman?

Are cats or dogs smarter?

What's your favorite things to do in the summer?
Going to the beach!! Oh yeaaah \m/ 

What do you think is the most difficult sport?
Berenang alias swimming :3 *yakelees gw kelelep setiap berenang* 

Do you prefer to answer questions or ask them?

What created our World?
Of course our Lord Alloh Subhanawata'ala.. 

If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive who would it be?
Grandpa, grandma, aunte Yun, dad, and biological-father 

What are the things you always take with you?
Dompet and handphone 

What was the last thing you got for free?
Dikasih makanan dari mamahnya Gatan :D 

What is your lucky number?
21392 *entah nomor sonji apaan ini* 

Do you play any online games?
Yes. Viva Mahjong :3 

If you could learn a new skill today, what would it be? 
Have good speech with Dutch 

What was the last concert you went to?
Trio Lestari at Auditorium UNS 

What song best describes your day today?
Apaan, gw seharian ini muter lagunya Anang muluk... "Aku Lelakimu" haiisss :d 

What makes you lose your temper?
Someone with LOW-MANNER when she/he faces me. 

Till what age would you like to live and why?
Like my grandpa's age, I love to see my children and my grandchildren grown :') 

When you dance, you look like…?
Look like squidward when he dances with his head on the floor /(.--.)\ 

When you looked at yourself in the mirror today, what was the first thing you thought? 
What I really thought was..."Apakah rambut gw masih keren?" :/ 

What time do you usually wake up in the morning?
Gak mesti. Sometimes at adzan Subuh, or rest 5 am. 

What does your last text message say?
Last text received from Rahma who told me that Opa Ji'in had his second blood dialysis. Get well soon. 

Which websites do you visit daily?
My personal website and popular sites like and 

Is there anything you see that no one else notices?
Yes! Kegantengannya Kholis yang meningkat subhanalloh ketika ngasih lirikan maut :3 

What do you value the most in your life?
Lost people around me one by one... 

15 facts about me!  Rahma Dewi Ayuningrum
What about five? Smart, nice-manner, friendly, taff, grumpy :D
What scares you?
Serangga scares me the most :/ 

List Cast of Mahabharat TV Series

Hello Mahabharata series lovers (from Indonesia especially).. how? Are you  still  faithful to follow this series? Haha, ya, though it is really annoying-somewhat, moreover the television station only provides 20 minutes for one episode (and even then it still not reduced with  advertisement slots). But, this movie series is worth to watch. In my last post, I've discussed about message of this movie series, and now I want to share some info about the cast who frequently appears in that movie. You curious too, isn't it? Please read information below, and click on its links for further details. Salam! :)

Mohammed Iqbal Khan as (young) Yudhistira

Look his face omatodegawd! *melted*
Rohit Bharadwaj as (old) Yudhisthira
okay, no comment :d
 Miraj Joshi as young Bhima
He is funny here
Saurav Gurjav as old Bhima


Soumya Singh as (young) Arjun 
Try to be Shri Krisna?

  Shaheer Sheikh as (old) Arjun
Ohhh...gaawwwd *melted*
Devesh Ahuja as (young) Nakula
Nakula with Duryodhana
Vin Rana as (old) Nakula

:s :s *no comment again*
Rudraksh Jaiswal as young Sahadeva

With Shakuni
Lavanya Bhardwaj as (old) Sahadeva

Alam Khan as (young) Duryodhana

Arpit Ranka as (old) Duryodhana

Raj Shah as (young) Dushashana 

Nirbhay Wadhwa as (old) Dushasana

Vidyut Xavier as (young) Karna 

Aham Sharma as (old) Karna

No comment...:F

Aayush Shah as (young) Ashwathama

Ankit Mohan as Ashwatthama

Okay, skip, no comment :s

Arav Chowdharry as Bhisma

I was very impressed with his charisma

Sayantani Ghosh as Satyavati

Nissar Khan as Dronacharya

Match his cast

Arun Rana as Pandu
No comeeeeent.. :s
Praneet Bhatt as Shakuni

Praneet looks sooooo hot here :s
Saurabh Raj Jain as Shri Krishna

No comment......aaakkkk

Anoop Singh Thakur as King Dhritarashtra
Duo father-son

Pooja Sharma as Draupadi
Nah, drupadi described as very pretty princess in Javanese pupet, but why drupadi face in Indian version here is a bit more ... umm "pugnacious" and "fierce" I think :/

So, that's all cast of Mahabharat 2013 TV series Indian version, there are many ambiguous story among Java puppet version with India version. Those who are not too familiar with Javanese puppet story, it's not problem, but perhaps for viewers who are familiar with story of Mahabharata puppet version, would be slightly confused with Mahabharata movie series version. What are its differences? Wait 'til my next post, I will discuss with my limited knowledge later, see ya! :) 



Delightful Dinner with Amateur Chef Bening :d

Horaaay, finally last night I successfully cooked fried rice aka nasi goreng with great plating haha.. though still an amateur, at least the flavor of my fried rice was no salinity (this was first time I cooked and it tasted fit, lol :D). I used half-ripe apples to enrich the taste and I gave it a little touch with sauce that I made by ​​myself, as complement, that sauce was blend of sesame sauce, salted sauce and tomato sauce (maybe it felt bit strange, but tasty). Probably it due to 'one-serving-enough' so it tasted better than usual, or maybe because there was more effort for beautiful plating therefore affected to flavor, whatever. But one thing for sure, I was happy succeeded in cook this beautiful fried rice :s


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sightseeing Ended With Terrible Flu :(

At saturday night, Ut texted to me, she asked me to join her and Eleeya to go to recitation (Majlis Taklim) on Sunday morning. Okay, even though I was menstruating, I went with Ut and Eleeya because it took place not in a mosque anyway. For some reason, the more day three of us often together, the more things brought us getting closer to religious, thank God Alhamdulillah, it means we supported each other in terms of goodness and human values :)

Me and Ut have been friend for long time since we were both still in elementary school, until now. While Eleeya is friend from same recitation (Majlis Taklim) with us. Perhaps one thing that brought three of us getting closer was because each of us are still single, even though Eleeya's age difference 4 years older than us, but we still could share everything. I could say that Eleeya been very mature in her life experiences, as well as her financial. But she still considered that me and Ut are her friend, without feeling herself was over everything from us

Afterwards, me and Ut went release our tired during a week with shopping and sightseeing. When we were at shopping center, we were fight over same stuff that we both like haha (I do not know, maybe due we are close friends, so the matter of stuff taste are same too). In the afternoon, we ate at lesehan food (sitting on the floor) while enjoying atmosphere around. I could not draw what my body felt. But yes, i felt super duper tirrrrrrreeeeeeeed omaitodegawwwwdddd!!! One day before, I told you that I also went to an event with two male friends. Then at saturday night I went to an event due my organization, and that day was compounded by during all day we were hangout together until night. After Isya', I reached home with the body super duper tired though I felt fun inside too :d

Hence, today I got flu badly because body condition which does not fit and for two days were traveling with bad air on the street. Supeeerrrrr!! :(

Me and Ut

How was your weekend everybody? :/


Monday, May 5, 2014

A Support For Sexual Harassment Victims At JIS

Hi readers from Indonesia, do you still remember with sexual harassment case that happen to one kindergarten student in one elite international school at Jakarta? Any of you following that case? I wont go into detail about that case, but maybe you can read it here or here also for english version. Another case was the shocking sexual crimes that occurred in West Java by Emon, he did immoral actions against dozens children. Last note, there are 73 children became his victims. Sexual crimes can happen to everyone, everytime, everywhere. At home or living environment, at school, at work, even on public transportation. What would I write here is purely my opinion as form of my concerns for sexual harassment case that may occur to everyone, as well as my support for the victims (and their families). However, support from family is the most important thing. May The Lord Alloh SWT bestow protection and strength to all victims of sexual harassment--everywhere you are--going forward. Amiin.

Somehow, I was too disgusted and angry with "sexual harassment" words. However, it is the most contemptible of human beings (which is supposed to be more moral than the animals). Funny thing, the motive of one actor was because he had also been a victim of sexual harassment in his past. IT'S NOT MOTIVE and IT'S NOT JUSTIFIED AT ALL. An educational institution, which should give sense of security and comfort for students to learn, it becomes hell for students. Then, where the responsibility of school and the Ministry of Education in this case? Related with psychological development that will most likely suffered by victim through all his life (tragically, victim age was 5 years old at this time). Indeed, The Ministry of Education has done their investigation to this international school due that case, and there are four key findings from investigation, you can read here. Of course, Indonesia has become international spotlight due this case.

The weakness of Indonesian law against actors of sexual harassment are also very poor. Can you imagine, if people closest to you becomes sexual harassment victim at her/his young age, while the abuser punished only with 3 or 4 years? Is that PROPORTIONAL with all trauma that will maybe faced by the victim during all her/his life later?? The government SHOULD be ABLE to build rehabilitation center for sexual harassment victims so they can get psychological therapy. And people should be educated about "SOCIAL JUSTIFICATION" against the victims too, so that they will not make the victim feels inferior to seize  opportunity and achievement, because the victims also has the same rights as everyone. Don't judge them, don't judge their family, they need our help and support. 

May the government and public becomes more educated, learn together from these cases, so there will be no more cases which can hurts Indonesian education. Amiin.

With full love and respect for sexual harassment victims--everywhere...
God with us...

-Bening Rahardjo-

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Indonesia Labour Day aka ^Holidaaay^

Alhamdulillah it's Thursday. Today, precisely 1 May 2014, it's a May Day and become national holiday. There are lot demonstrations on the streets of my town, that's why I don't choose to travel during the day. I enjoy my holiday with all family at home. Coincidentally, my future sister-in-law comes also. I prefer to tidy up and redecorating my room to make it more comfortable for sleep :s (yet I know without any redecorate stuff, I easily fall asleep wherever I am :d). The decorations of my room filled with wall-photos, motivation-wall, floral ornaments and trinkets by woman typical.

And here there are new decoration for my room..

I love this book, by Ustadz Yusuf Mansur "Kun Fayakuun" (it taught us that there are always ways and hopes for all problems of life)
Emergency inhaler for emergency breathless
The motivation wall

Then how's your day? :)