Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Don't Panic!

"Please don't be a panic person!"

That's the phrase that I often heard from some people to me. My mom, my brother, my man, my friend, and last, I heard from my cousin. They said, I'm an easy person to panic. I'm so panic eventhough in little things. Actually, they said, without panic I could take other way easily. I don't feel I'm a panic person, or--I don't ever feel. Whatever. But after I passed the night at my cousin, finally I realized, yes, I'm easy to panic, even in the situation that I could go through with a clear mind, actually. 

Yesterday I spent the night at cousin's house. Foolishly, I took the wrong busway. Okaay.. it began my panic. My cousin phone me and said: "Wait there. Do not go anywhere! Lemme pick you there."

And I wanted to cry when he came. Quietly, he regaled me with flat jokes: "It definitely yes, you fall asleep during the trip, uh?". Nope. It was not like that. I denied it. But inside I was thought "I'm not fall asleep. I'm just not concentrating". And in fact, it was true, I did not FOCUS, indeed. Bleh! How many times I took the wrong transportation. From pedicab, own motorcycle, bus, train, (fortunately, THANK God that I've never had the wrong plane) -__-

I'm type person with a short memory. Indeed, it was one my weaknesses. So far I just haddle by notebook. I wrote down the details before traveling, or when I made an appointment with someone. What should I bring, what should I do, which route that should I passed, etc. These all coped my nerves when considering something. But, when all happened beyond expectations of what I wrote, that was another story. My panic came immediately. When I felt no one can count on, I just stuck. I tried to calm down. However, so far, what happened was excessive panic. Then I began to call people who can count on. Really a shame! :'(

When I reached cousin's house​​, either because of my fatigue along the way, or because it was already sleepy, I fell asleep on the floor mattress. The funny thing, in middle of slept, I woke up because my cousin covers me with blanket (like mother to her child), he even pair pillow for my head. The morning, when I woke up, I felt shame considering my silliness. He said: "See, If I didn't come, you might have fainted because your panic, uh? Till you fell asleep on the floor overnight. I did not have the heart to wake you up, sorry. You looked so tired". OMG, it seems, I need shopping bag to cover my embarrassment.

Quote Of The Day: 310713

Stalking. Sometimes can be annoying, sometimes can be so fun. In my word, it depends on how we control the emotions anyway. Just how do we take the positive impact and the negative impact, besides. I love stalking friend's account, and there is that I found:

You can break other people, even if you are broken. 
So don't be sad because you're too faithfully for love.

The most important thing is faithful to love itself. Because if you are faithful to "human", you can be skeptical when it hurt badly.

Met Nenot

Happy, after occupied with some work and dealings, finally I can update this blog again :)
Some time ago I made ​​an appointment with one of my friends. I called her Nenot. She's one of my closest friends, since we were both studying in college at Jogja. She lived in Palembang, after graduation, I rarely met her. Until finally we set up a meeting in jogja. The meeting was very meaningful for us, just chatting, shopping, enjoy culinary, and enjoy the atmosphere jogja that we missed.

Nenot, she's one of my besta

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Boutique Owner: Koko Charmy as Korean Actor Wannabe

There is funny story a week before Idul Fitri. Me and my sister go shopping at a mall in Solo. Actually, our purpose is shopping batik for our housemaid. But then what happened was, we curious about one of batik boutique owner in the mall. He was Chinese, and look so charmy! :D We got around 3 times to see him. The thing that make us courius is....he looks like Korean Actor bwahahaha :))

We stopped  in Masjid Agung to Ashar prayer

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Display Menus: Eat Eat and Eat

See ya again! :)

What Things Keep You Cool in The Summer Heat

Yes! The answer is.....................GO ON VACATION to mountain. Like what I did, relieve fatigue of all routine activities. Holiday with family was a choice. Our destination, of course, a place that had cool air. 

Wif ma sister, Rahma

Brothers, sisters.. we enjoyed Sate Landak and Sate Kelinci here

Ma big sister bought fresh orange to make lemonade

We also bought fresh plant

Enjoyed the cool air, enjoyed the mist that down suddenly... 

Enjoyed culinary (Sate Landak = Sate that made from Hedgehog meat ; Sate Kelinci = Sate that made from Rabbit meat)... *I suggested you should try Sate Landak first if you have not eat the meat yet!*

Bought for fresh fruits, bought fresh vegetables, and bought fresh plants...

We did not need to turn on the AC all the way, because if you open car window, you can enjoyed the fresh air and it was free. Breath of cool and fresh air on our faces. What a healthy therapy.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Decision To Wear Hijab


Here I share story about hijab. I take in general point of view, not just for Muslim / Muslimah, it's to be understood by all people.
Hijab. Jilbab. Kerudung. Tudung. Whatsoever it called. These the meaning of Hijab that I put from Wikipedia source: 
Hijab (Arabic: حجاب hijab) is the Arabic word meaning barrier. In some Arabic-speaking countries and Western countries, the word "hijab" is more often used to refer to the veil by Muslim women. But in Islam, hijab refers to appropriate procedures of dress-up in religious beliefs. Dress-up, it means not only by the look but also the things that hide by look. I mean, about religious.

I was a little hurt by one of my friend who told me like that: "It signifies the character your hijab. today more and more women Muslim wear hijab, but their behavior is same as those people who do not wear hijab. Seen, the artists, they rushed to wear hijab, for them, the meaning of hijab was no more than a FASHION".

HEY, her opinion very very very conservative. The matter of wearing hijab is the duty of Muslimah. The matter "behavior" of those who wear hijab, it is NOT a part of the hijab CHARACTER. NOTE it!

Because I didn't want to extend our debate, I only wrote these in my twitter:

"Sorry. My hijab was not like a character. My hijab was religious beliefs."

and these too: 

"Covering is simple. But believing is the main thing. Selamat berbuka."


Hijab Tutorial: Formal Elegant

Goede middag allemaal!

So excited to meet you again. It been sooooo long we didn't meet on this blog. Really. I'm so sorry for that. I was kinda busy with ma jobs. Also a days ago, we just held an event--you named it "yasinan", or something--for ma deceased father

Because the moment coincides with Ramadan, so I write about fashion. Tips. And ofcourse tutorial hijab. I could say that this tutorial I took from 

This tutorial actually a bit similar to the tutorial that I've posted before in: Tutorial Hijab for Wedding Party
Just a little touch and simple. Try it :)


  • You should wear at least 2 headband (different motifs), better wear different materials too (for example, brocade headband).
  • Pastel colors are now become trend color of Muslim fashion I guess (in Indonesia, pastel colors currently being on top of Muslim fashion trend color, it beat caftan colors--which tends flashy and became trend years ago--BUT NOW ladies prefer like muted colors, symbol of soft, cheer, and maturity. So you should try to mix and match what is in your closet.


  • This tutorial a bit complicated, especially for beginners. Needed more steps and more pins. In this video, the model took chiffon pashmina and glitter pashmina. But, if you don't have glitter pashmina, you can choose chiffon of both. (the purpose to make "fall" hijab look)

  • Scalloped style can make your look more elegant. If this tutorial seemed difficult to apply, you could try scalloped style with your pashmina. Just a touch and simple, believe me! :)

Ok ladies.. good luck to try! :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Missed A Thing

My best table dinner from: Jakarta, East Java, Jogja, West Sumatera, North Sumatera

My best standing from: Batak, East Java, Papua, Jakarta, South Borneo and Jogja

Friday, July 12, 2013

How Old Are You?

Dear the readers,

Hopefully when ya all reading this post, there is no one felt this is a funny thing. That's all. Thank you. (-____-)

The story begin, I met two of my cousins ago (one of them Najla, remember? And the other one just call her, Ven).
We very rarely met. Shortly, I met Ven in a family gathering. FYI, she's 16 years old. She's a little fussy, she asking me this and that (by what we came up, etc), whatever. And I'm not interested anyway. This young girl told me about her school exams that blah-blah-blah... Then, and this is the most important convo between us, and I think very NOT INTERESTING:

Ven : "I have not slept all night here." (and I think this girl needs empathy from others)
Me : "Oh, why? Is in your room lot of mosquitoes?" (I try to please her, give her of my fake empathy, bssssshhh :3 )
Ven : "Actually, nope..." 
Me : "So, is there no air conditioning?"
Ven : "Isn't so.. I play laptop 'til morning. Fairly, free WIFI access here." (She give me her BIG smile). 

And OMG... WHY SHOULD I CARE YOUR LIFE, LADY??! The matter you can sleep or not, eat it yourself! She is a sweet girl actually, but she's too over confident... act like her close to me. Omg. Omg. Our conversation is pretty sickening, from the first. Then, she asked me again:

Ven : "Oh yeah, and by the way...what class are you by now, uh?"
Me : (Try not to shock) "Oh.. I've graduated." (I said calmly).
Ven : "Oh, so, where you go to college now?" (She asked me again, with her sucks face).
OH...MAAIGAAWDD!! Okay, now I try to smile. I give her my BEST smile.
Me : "Ven, do you know, at our family, just you that rarely gathered with our cousins?"
Ven"Yeah I do. I'm very busy ya know.. and if our family gathering every year, I chose to sleep at home. I did not go anywhere. hehehe.."
Me : "Oh..that's GOOD." (FLAT smile)

So, you better fix yourself first, young girl... I mean, only you, the only cousin who ask stupid things like that to me. I'm not interested in convo again. Then I leave her. But, before I leave, I give her smash:

Me : "By the way, Ven... I'm 25 years old. And you should call me "Mbak", because I'm older than you. I've graduated from college too. And I've worked."
You, EAT that!


And second story, come from my cousin, Najla. (She had mentioned in previous post). She's 11 years old. She's in elementary school. But her body is too big. So I look so small nearby. But Najla is not my close cousin, she is outside-cousin. So, if she does not know much about me, it is reasonable.

Shortly, we went to a place, where I had to leave the goods at daycare. And I had to leave my identity card at the daycare.

The steward : "Okay Miss, leave your identity card please, and I will exchange with your locker card."
Me : "Yes.. Can I give you any identity card?" (I'm looking for identity cards in my bag, and Najla just looked me).
The steward : "You should leave the KTP (Indonesia Citizen ID Card), Miss." 
Me : "Ok, here you go..." (I handed my ID card to the steward)

Aaaannnddd.... Here we go, the silly convo by Najla and the steward...

Najla : "HAH? YOU HAVE ID CARD, SIST???" (She shouted to me with Sundanese accent)
Me : "Hah??" *gawk*
Najla : "DO YOU ALREADY 17 YEARS OLD, SIST?" (She shouted to me with her innocent face)
Me : "Ah??" *I'm confused about how and what to answer* 

FYI, in Indonesia, people who already 17 years-to over, should have a Indonesia Citizen Identity Card, it called KTP. And, what does Najla think about me?..............  I'm doubt if.........

Najla : "Why do you already have KTP, sist?"
The steward : "Because your sister already old, dear" (^__^) *sweetface*
Najla : "Really? How old are you, sist?? How old?? Are you 19 years old??" *enthusiastic*
Me : *stay calm and thinking: is like that I look young? Or look like kids? O.H.M.Y.B.I.G.N.O.*
The steward : "You're right, dear. Your sister is in college, so she have an ID Card." (^__^)
Me: *gawk* *WHAT? Oh, Mrs, look at my ID Card. Please. Look at that. There is written my status and my job.*

So, What Najla thinking during this time? Poor me...............  (-_____-'')


"More Half Century of Ndalem Martanan That Shape Me and My Principles, as Bening Rahardjo". [PART 1]

This post is English translation of my post Ndalem Martanan and Me {PART 1} 
I aimed this to the readers outside Indonesia. Enjoy! :)

Bening Rahardjo, so that's how I call myself. My pretty first name (Bening) given by my uncle (mom's brother) when he was sailing. While my last name (Rahardjo) is the last name of my biological father. I use it after he died early 2009, I try to keep honor him as the biological father. Although since born, I was not with him, and just enjoyed a short meeting before he died. However, the blood relationship between father and daughter remained there even I get married. I declare myself as a woman who found independence in her life. I grow up healthy, Alhamdulillah, something worth and I'm thankful for that. Although in 2006, there was little disruption in my health. The disruption was so greatly influenced to my daily activities, which requires me 'must tolerate' my physical condition. However, I still thankful for all, as a form of personal affection from Allah Subhanahuwata'ala. A specialist who handle me always comforting with his jokes, though I think himself was too old, and more worthy of being entertained than me. First, before entering the operating room in mid-2008, with that condition, I was very submissive, even I dunno have the heart to say something to my mom. I was so worried for "life" because I really love my family. In fact, it seems I had turn my anxiety to God.

Before entering the operating room, I asked the doctor of anesthesia:  
"Doctor, if God was Great Creator in this life, why HE did not create a reset button to his servant uh?".

The doctor who actually had made ​​an agreement with mom, (because my condition is not stable) he was not sure that the operation will be run easily, then he answer my stupid questions with his wise, and this is what makes me always thankful for my health condition which until now unstable sometimes:
"My young lady, God has created a tremendous reset button in our lives, it's called the pain. Because without feeling pain, we will never change.."
I thought, what he said could be drawn generally, not merely in health issues, but also our lives. Yes, pain or pleasure in our life, all should be grateful. I'm really grateful to dr. Purwanto, Sp.An. which had given me the wise sentence, which very useful to form myself become a person who always grateful, optimistic and stay motivated.

I'm thankful with my life and all those who have accompanied me--I call them, family. Mom, a major woman who will always be honored in my life, which her limitations in providing the best education for me. The Grandpa and Grandma who prepared myself to face all the changes and face the hard life. All the wisdom will never fade during my life adventure to reach the goal, adversity and achievement. All of there which are in a simple and comfortable place, which we call Ndalem Martanan---is that all---were so fabulous inspiring. Without abandoning the past, they are still working hard to carve out the future. Their goal is to provide a place that serves every person to live in dignity with himself, there is no room for parochialism, or to act irresponsible and incorrect.

If a lot of people ask me, why it was like I forget my hometown. Why am I so arrogant to be able to socialize again there, like most people who are back home from overseas. Usually there is a reason why people do or do not something. For me, to live in the town, evoking painful memories of the past. Something bitter in the past, which will never be understood by anyone. At night I often could not sleep because of extreme depression hide away in overseas. It happens every time I remember my hometown, a small village with a lot of bitter stories in it. I do not forget anything, nope. Because Ndalem Martanan, where I grew up and raised until 18 years, I still love the whole. Although Ndalem Martanan located on side of the road that connecting district area, the building is still standing strong and being part of village. I also feel, while I  staying there, then I will not thrive. With all the character of parochialism in the past, I had deeply hurt, so for me personally it is natural that I become arrogant because of my pain. That's all the reason. For me, the residence of each person is in their future, not in the past. Various challenges are productive, fulfilling life and exciting. Then, why should they travel to the past that will only arouse bitter-sore of old memories?

I'm trying to forget the bitterness. Initially I failed. For example, this happened a while ago after I suffered a long period of depression. I feel cheated outright by a friend, just because of text sentence yes / no. Such angry, I threw up a very harsh sentence, as hard as my principles---do not be "dumeh" people (feel you are the most). And he feel very offended by me, and our relationship was not so good. Although I have tell him a genuine apology, even I explained the main reasons why that sentence was to be thrown away from me. But, no response. Never mind. I quite understand and tolerate it. I hope that will go better as before Obviously, this also makes a lesson for me, to be able to be elegant, realistic and no talk nonsense. Because people who educated and respectable, would not hurt their pride just for stupid words.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Party The Weeks

Hallo there! ... in this post, I wanna share my photos holiday with my siblings, enjoy! :)

Lunch traditional food, Pecel Madiun.
My siblings In Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), West Sumatra pavilion

On Skylift, TMII

Birds park, TMII (Left: my cousin, Najla. She's in elementary school. Can you believe? :O)

Pose in front of PP-IPTEK (Science and Technology Museum), TMII
Aww, help me!

Hoaa.. with Tyrex

Schmutzer, Ragunan (Anyway, I look so small compared them ~,,~ )

We ride "Odong-Odong" to surround Ragunan Zoo, just 3500 rupiah per each, cheap :)

Seeing Kimi, the old gorilla in Schmutzer

Do you know which one is Gorilla? :D

Whether I as smart as Orangutan ? :D

The lovely siblings!

Enjoy traditional food, Kupat Tahu Magelang
Monas (Monumen Nasional) (There, noone believe I'm the oldest :/ )

In front of Monas, but the gold on the top clipped :(

Enjoy Kerak telor (egg crust), Betawi (Jakarta traditional) food

Ashar in Istiqlal Mosque, subhanallah.. beautiful.

Eat and eat. At Hokben, Gambir Station,
With my cousin, Ajeng, in Ancol (She's bigger than me :'( omg, I look so tiny )

The three musketeers :p
We queued for Hysteria over 2 hours! OMG! :O (Hysteria--the thrower, Dufan, Ancol)

Aiih, pretty sakura :)
I'm scareeed :|
Duo Chubby :p
Front of Tornado
Pose on Motorcycle, Jakarta Fair
With duo Jakarta Leader, Jokowi-Ahok
In Puncak, Bogor (There's very cold, I think like in Cemoro Sewu or Cemoro Kandang in Tawangmangu, Lawu Mountain, near my house)
Back to home by night-train, Argo Lawu from Gambir station. Huuff looks like I gonna sleep tigh :D

That's some of our photos. We enjoy everything. Hot air, pollution, traffic jam (which we rarely meet in Solo of course, hehe :p ). See ya again in my next post! :)