Monday, June 24, 2013

Forbidden Spots on Campus: Raifa and SKK (Part 3)

Once again, as I promised before, I'd tell you one story from my besties, Raifa. Still remember? In a previous post, I have mentioned her name. Still in the same location, but in different areas. That time, after we had class of evening english course and dinner, we did the same activities: surfing internet (and the place we choose is Balairung again. Balairung, still remember?). That time, because the table in front Hall was full, we preffered to sit "lesehan" (again) in east Hall. We sat on the end of east Hall, near the stairs (to the 2nd floor). It was 10 p.m., on the 2nd floor, there are still some employees who work overtime, but then, they walked across to us, they went home. Some asked us, "Why didn't you guys go home? It was 10 p.m. already" And our classic answer was: "We were still working on assignments, Sir/Ma'am".

Thus, the atmosphere of that night was not quiet actually, nothing else, but I thought the wind just bit strong to me. At that time we only brought one netbook, so we had to use it alternately. Raifa was the first, while I just sat enjoying the cool wind which blew that night. Suddenly, there was a cat that crossed us, and all its feathers looked up. Didn't know why, the cat looked at us quite a while. I just hummed, "What happened to the cat?" Ah, whatever....then the cat ran leaving us. A few minutes later, came a SKK toward us. I was already feel, for sure, we would be warn. And it was true.  

The SKK asked, "Goodnight, Miss? What did you do here guys?"
As usually, we took a classic answer, "We were still working the task, Sir..".
"Did you ride motorcycles?" | "Yes. Sir.." | "Where you guys parked the motorcycle?" | "In sidewalk of Jakal (Jalan Kaliurang), Sir." | "Oh.. so that, be careful ya .. it was too late, when your assignments was over, you better should go home" | "Oh, ok Sir...we would more quickly" | "If you guys accessed internet here, your motorcycle should be entrusted on SKK post near from here. For more secure. Because here was quite dangerous, you know.." | "Oh, awrait Sir....thank you."

Then the SKK leave us, he was on duty around the Hall areas. 

Later on, it was my turn took the netbook, while Raifa just sat beside me. It was 11.40 p.m. A while, Raifa hummed softly (but I still could hear clearly). "Over there...were still people stayed? On the third floor?"

Then, she said.. "Why the SKK looked toward us Ning?" | Me: "Hah? Because we're still here, maybe ... didn't home yet....Hehe.." |

For a moment did not happen any conversation. I was still busy with my netbook. I still heard she hummed again: "What was over there....?" | Me: "Eh? What?"... (but I still focused on the monitor).

Subsequently, Raifa asked me: "What did the color of SKK's uniform, uh?" (at this time she looked at me seriously, and I looked her back....) | Me: ", didn't it?" | (She looked at third floor again).....Approximately 2 minutes later, she asked me again (in this time without looked at me) "Did SKK Rectorate wore the different colors uh? White uniform?" | Me: "All SKK UGM in blue uniforms....which I knew...." (I didn't look she back).

Suddenly, she beat my hand, her face slightly turned pale.... She said with a high tone slightly....
"Ning, let's get home!! Hurry!!" | "Ah?.....but, I still......." | "Hurry up!!!" | "Why, Fa?" | "Ask for later! We shutdown the laptop as we get along here. C'on!!"

I went along, we went from there immediately. In front Hall there are still some people. When we were on the road, she did not answer. When we got to the flat, she told me.......................what did she saw there....

"Ning, seriously, this made me creeps. You should believe me. I really seen a shadow on 3rd floor." | (I still dunno understand what she said actually)... "What do you mean?" | "I mean, I saw a shadow there, on 3rd floor, and... she dressed in white, who knows, what it was. But, she saw sharply toward us, ah, I mean, tome. And, I thought it was SKK ... and..." (Raifa said rush) | "And.... what??" | "Ning! She was not SKK. I was quite sure, very sure. And she was not human!" | "Wait...wait...did you mean...?" | "Yes! The bottom did not seems clear to me. And her face did not clear, I mean a bit pale."

Okaaay Raifa... 
Now we're impasse. First you doubt my vision, now it's your turn to see what I've ever seen ... God is fair. 


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Quote of The Day: 23 June 2013

"Warriors of light know that no one is stupid and that life teaches everyone - including their enemies..." 


What Music Color Me Today: 23June2013

Kalo suasana hati lagi gak jelas, samar-samar terdengar lirik lagu om Katon feat bude Ute ini...

Gw selalu kagum sama om Katon, dari jaman SMP pas Kla-Project masih jaya-jayanya dulu. Bahkan gw sama si kakak berburu albumnya dengan senang hati, nyisihkan uang saku yang cuman gak seberapa, untuk beli album-albumnya. Entah kenapa, gw sukaaa banget sama musiknya yang syahdu. Bukan musik galau menurut gw. Sorry to say, jaman dulu belum kenal 'galau' like what people say lot nowadays. Musik Kla-Project itu berkualitas, terbukti sampai sekarang lagu-lagunya masih banyak disukai dan dirindukan pecinta musik Indonesia.

So touchable!!

Wound? Tears? Just Thankful to God :)

Hello world!  
I wanna share lil story, from my own. Hope it can be wisdom for readers. Happy reading y all!

Don't you think, someone who always looks cheerful, never have sorrow in his/her life. Don't you think, someone who always looks laughing in public, never feel the pain he/her keep.
Just like me. 

I'm just an ordinary woman, who always try to think positively. Always try to smile to everyone who comes to my life, always try to look cheerful in public. Indeed, that's what life should be like. Right? 

When people ask you, "Hi, how are you?" or "Hi you! So whaddya do?" And you answer it by "I feel so great". (Although, you keep lot of sorrow in your life). It's not a lie. It's part of positive mind.

I had lot of sorrow in recent years, but I should stuck with thankfulness. That, my life was soooooo beautiful. That, God was soooooo good to me. That, there was always positive thing in every wound or tears. Yep, I was soooooo good.

FYI, since 2008, I got verdict from the doctor specialist heart and lung that I suffered cardiovascular disease. (To know more about cardiovascular disease or heart disease click here). That made me should took heart medicine almost every day. More details, such as how I felt every time my illness relapsed (in our dictionary, it called angina), let me kept it alone.
Lost one by one person who I love in my life: my lovely grandma, my lovely grandpa, my biological-father, my lovely aunt, and last, 13 days ago, my "real father"... also made wounds for me.

After my father died, (I mean, now), I got sick. I was attacked by typhus, and then also known, there was little sediment in my left kidney. *sakit kok banyak amit -____- alhamdulillah yaa Allah :')* I think it's also due to chemical's accumulation from heart medicine that I used.

Until now, I'm still take the medicine. But first I had many years of taking medicine from doctor (generic), now, since my kidney in trouble, I turn to herbal medicine. No matter of "believe or not believe" in medicine, but more sense of secure (especially for the kidneys).

Well, that was my story. So, always be thankful for your life today, and your health, of course :')

Best Regards,

-as clear as you called my name-

Friday, June 21, 2013

TimNas INA for Seaba 2013

Buat kalian yang belum tahu apa itu Seaba? Jadi, Seaba itu kependekan dari Southeast Asia Basketball Association. Clear? Nah, kejuaraan Seaba ini ada yang for Men and for Women, yang diikuti timnas masing-masing negara, ada juga yang diikuti timnas under 18 dan timnas under 16.

Seaba Championship for Men 2013 ini kebetulan Indonesia diwakili tim ditambah tiga pemain Timnas yang dipilih untuk Seaba. Pemilihan Dell Aspac ini bukan secara kebetulan sih sebenernya, tapi Aspac adalah kampiun NBL Indonesia Season 2012-2013, so mereka lah yang mewakili Indonesia di ajang Seaba Championship tahun 2013 ini. Sedangkan pemilihan pemain tambahan itu mutlak keputusan dari head coach Dell-Aspac, yang dipegang oleh papa Rastafari Horongbala.

Oke, you wanna know more about The Roster Indonesia for Seaba Championship? check this list out:
1. Kelly Purwanto = pemain tambahan, the main point guard from Pelita Jaya
2. Mario Gerungan
3. Khalif Akbar
4. Handri Satrya Santosa, the great youngster :) *dia yang gw bilang mirip DK di Tokyo Drift
5. Xaverius Prawiro, he is the man!! *I love koh iyuuuusss!!!
6. Rizky Effendi
7. Fandi Andika Ramadhani, MVP Final NBL kemarin.
8. Bima Riski Ardiansyah, Mr. Top Score NBL this season = pemain tambahan, power forward BSM
9. Oki Wira Sanjaya
10. Wahyu Widayat Jati
11. M. Isman Thoyib, the big man.
12. Ferdinand Damanik = pemain tambahan, forward PJE juga

And this is the game list:

Peringkat 1 dan 2 selanjutnya akan lolos ke Fiba Asia di Manila.

Semalem game pertama, Timnas kita kalah tifiiiis dari Malay, tak ape laah..
kurang penyesuaian aja..
Next game, harus makin fokus!

Prastawa sih emang gak diturunkan, kurang tahu dengan alasan apa, tapi sepertinya dia masih disiapkan untuk SeaGames. Sedangkan Pringgo Regowo, sebenernya masuk list roster... tapi karena cidera-nya belum sembuh (dan dia totally main saat final NBL kemarin), sehingga masih harus take rest.
Pemain Timnas kita yang lain, Tony Agus (CLS), Arki Wisnu (SMB) juga masih harus istirahat. Ya wait for the guys, semoga segera pulih dan cepat bergabung! :)

Salam B'ball lovers!

Nyinyir: NBA champions

Ada convo beberapa temen gw di TL pagi ini yang bikin gw ngakak. Bahasannya sih gak jauh-jauh dari NBA Champions season ini.

Gw sih nyimak aje nih ceritanya. Abis udah panas dari awal game 1 final Spurs vs Heat. Salah nimbrung takut ditumpukin.. Secara mereka tahu gw fans berat Kobe n Gasol ;p

#Awal-awal game 1-4 kicauannye kayak begini nih saingan di TL:

M : Let's GO Heat
G : Gapernah seneng ama spurs seumur2 dr jersey cara main ampe pemain too bored to see.
E : Let's go Spurs! Beat the Heat!
O : Gak ada ampun! Spurs win it in overtime!

Pas udah game 6 kemaren, dah udah jelas siapa juaranya.. :

G : Kasihlah dikit buat spurs... :D
M : Mampus aja luuu
E : Dikit lagi! Apa-apaan nih!
O : Spurs emang lg edan perimeternya.

Pas game 7... baru deh jadi satu convo perdebatan mereka *gak lagi pake nyinyir-nyinyiran di TL bro...

G : "Ok. Fixed, Heat the W! Where are all the Lebron hater?? :))))" || and muncullah fans Spurs sejati si E : "GW JELAS GAK TERIMA!" || disamber noh ama M : "okay haters, now go fu*k urself" || disamber lagi sama O : "tunggu TAON DEPAN grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!" || M : "Sorry, taon depan Duncan pake tongkat" || E: "anjisssss...!!!" ||

Yang bikin gw ngakak adalah bagian endingnya ini.... muncul temen gw yang juga penggemar Om Kobe...
Tanpa berdosa, dia nimbrung di convo itu dengan kalimat: "Dari dulu.. bilangnya taon depan muluk...kapan juaranya sih bro...?"


Dan dengan bodohnya si O jawab: "asli, kalimat lo ini kejam! :'( "
Rusaaak rusaaak!! Orang desparate berat noh omongannya aseli nukik abis!

Salam, for Heat and Spurs fanatics, congratulations you both! :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Everything Would be Switch On....And Switch Off....

Everything would be switched on....
and switched off....
like alive.... 
when the things come up... 

there would be time to go away...

 This post is brought to you by "My Father in Memoriam"

Eight days ago, precisely on 10 June 2013, my father has passed away.  

Father... very hard for me to interpret the meaning of that 'word'. For most people, would be easy to interpret that 'word', was not so for me.  

Since my childhood, I lived without a father figure. My biological father and mother divorced, even before I was born. My father left us. I didn't know for what reason, lately, when I was growing up, I could understand the reason. My mother never mocking my biological father, for sure. She always said that my father left us, to earn money for usMom always took me and my brother to my father, every year, in order to connect relationship between child-their father. Although, we have never met him, every time we visited there. I didn't know why he never wanted to see us, even contacted us or tried to find us. All I knew, after I was teenager, my father did not recognize me as her daughter. That's it. But, somehow, mom still took us over there, looking for him, every year. Only disappointment that we found. We never seen his face, his picture, Moreover his address obviously.

Since that, I get a father figure from my grandfather. My grandpa has completed most of my soul that lost because nothing father figure. That's why I love him so much, like love from daughter to her father. And when he passed away, I devastated to lose him. It could not tell how did my feelings. Read my childhood story part 1-6 to know me better.

When I was young, mom married a man, who later became my stepfather. I called him, "pakde". I found a new family as well of course. I have 3 brothers-sister (in step) and 3 brothers-sister (siblings). I also knew 'a new mother' from my step-brother. Since then, my mom lived with my new family, while me and my brother lived with our lovely grandparents and aunt. I rarely met mom, just once per week, even, it was occasionally. Sometimes every saturday-sunday, me and brother visited 'mom's house' -- we tought that our 'home' was Ndalem Martanan (my grandpa's house). Our step sister-brothers were very good, they often took us away. But, I was going through 'far' from my mom. And, slowly, a mom figure 'replaced' with grandmother and aunt figure.

After my grandma died, my new family moved into my 'home' (grandpa's house), Ndalem Martanan. I felt 'busy' families, that made me happy. All were summarized one-by-one, I was strand day-per-day. I felt things I had never felt, child's jealousy, resentment, anger, sense of belonging, sense of happiness, sense of complete...everything. Lot of new thing, lot of adjustment, and of course lot of new problem. 

I did not hate my new family, or my step brother-sister, actually.  
Even, my big-step-brother was the one who taught me first to ride motorcycle and drive car. When I was in high school, he often drove me everywhere I wanna go. He taught me tennis and volley-ball. He was very good at sports and business. He also taught me to cook a delicious Java noodle soup.
Another one of my step brother, he was very funny. He loves clubbing very much. He was the first person who taught me to play guitar. Anyway, he often hangs out with his friends, but he never ashamed to go with me. He always took me to go to his friends (mostly, his friends were 'mafia' or 'something like that'), but he always protected me. Evenmore, if there was one of his friend who 'came up' to me (or declared that he fell in love with me), my brother would refused him out. It was because he did not want me to get stuck in the environment which he said 'too hard to survive'. 
My step sister always taught me how to design clothes, painting, making handmade, etc ... (FYI, she was a designer, she often held a fashion show in Solo-Jogja-Semarang-Jakarta). She was very tenacious in business, like my step father.

In fact, none of them were nasty to me, included my step father.. but I did not know why, I've always felt 'I was in wrong place' with them... See, how bad was I?

I did not understand my new family yet, even I was already 20 years. An immature age. Besides, after I was 20 years I met with my biological father (2 months from grandpa's died). I hugged my biological father for the first and last time. Anyway, after that met, my biological father died. Tragic. I never been hugged, moreover, how to wept him? I felt flat. Toooooooooo flat. Because we never been in touch and met, only once (and be the last one of course). Though, I would never separate from him biologically. How does not? Even in my last-name there was his name (binti Rahardjo). Great. (that was one the Greatness of God??)

But, last monday, when Allah Ta'ala 'called' my father-in step 'back to Him', somehow, I found myself very very badly hit!! Ya was Your plan, uh?
When I realized, I did not have a father figure, now I realized that ... I had a father!

So fast, too fast, exactly, for me who had just noticed him as a "real father" in my life...
A father who during his life, I never been thought 'he was there' for me ...
father who during his life, I thought only 'stoped-over' in my life ... 
In fact,  
When he passed away, I felt so lost and devastated...  
When I couldn't hug him again, I cried too long ...

Really .... I really felt the lost ...

I cried very deep and tried to be strong, for my mom and my little brother-sister ...
I even wanted him come back here, with us ...
I really deeply truly missed him Allah ...

But, Allah did Most Almighty, Allah created story that was soooo wonderful for me, for my family.

God still allowed me to kiss his feet, before he passed away. God still allowed me to whisper the word of apology and thanks, even though he was in unconsciousness. God still allowed me to say that I love him, so much, as my father, as he stayed with me during his lif ...

Thank You God, Thank You Allah Ta'ala The Owner of Arsy...  
You still gave me a chance to prove how much I love him as my dad, though, he was not my biological father, but he had always been there for me. For me, for his daughter....

I love you dad, I love you sooooooooo much...

Aku bangga padamu, karena engkau adalah hambaNYA yang selalu menjaga shalatmu.... engkau adalah umat Nabillah Muhammad SAW yang selalu mencintai sedekah... aku ingat, bagaimana engkau yang paling aktif mengajak kami shalat maghrib-isya berjamaah... aku ingat pada masa kecilku, bagaimana engkau berkultum saat bulan Ramadhan tentang "sirat al mustaqim"...

Dad... Dengan begitu banyaknya orang yang datang-berganti mendoakan dan menshalatkan jenazah untukmu, dengan begitu luar biasa banyaknya orang yang bertakziah hingga mengantarkan ke tempat peristirahatan terakhirmu ...

Insyaallah, you go away with khusnul khatimah... Amiin Yaa Rabbal'alamiin ...

Menghadaplah pada Robb Dzat Pemilik Arsy dengan senyum, dad.... We love you much.... :')

And we were grateful to you,dad... you gone set a precedent for us, your children ... that there was no limit between siblings or step brother-sister, we all were one family, we were your children ...

We love you, dad ... Happy Fathers Day.... 

Allah ... place him on Your-Side, on Your-Heaven, with Rosulullah SAW...

Amiin Yaa Rabbal'alamiin...

Our last family photo with our dad in last April 2013. He's in right side. (Too dark and little blur because I was taking picture from photo album)

You'll never feel the lost if you have never feel belong... 

*I hope this story might be an inspiration to you, just treat the people were near to you, before you lose it.


Mboh Lah..

Ketika kita merasa tidak ada satu pun orang yang mengerti dan memahami perasaan kita, setidaknya, (dan seharusnya) kita tahu, bahwa masih ada orang-orang yang peduli pada kita. (Meskipun) mereka TIDAK akan pernah bisa mengerti dan memahami kita. Karena jalan setiap orang TIDAK AKAN sama. Tidak ada satu orang pun yang bisa mengerti dirimu, selain dirimu sendiri. Karena pada dasarnya setiap orang hanya bisa BERSIMPATI dan BEREMPATI, menyelaraskan diri untuk harmoni. Semakin besar rasa empati dan simpatinya, semakin dekat pula perasaannya atas dirimu.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Forbidden Spots on Campus: Me and 'Mysterious' Cleaning Service (Part 2)

This second post,as I promised in a related post (before), would discuss the strange-experience of me and my besties, when we were still became student at Gadjah Mada University (UGM), ago. 

Still remember about mystery stories in campus? a.k.a Forbidden Spots? Well, this time I'll tell you, purely fact, from our personal experiences. It happened without we were realize what or why, could be, it related to the--unwritten--restrictions, that we broke (who knows???) -__- 

A few years ago, precisely in 2010-early 2011, me and my besties name Raifa (@raifaraifa) followed English Course held in one of study center on campus. Me and Raifa always took on the same class. So we were leave and go home together. Accidentally, we stayed at the same flat. At the moment we were in stressful times. So we looked for the bustle outside, one of them by took an evening course classes, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. After class hours, we were usually hangout until mid night time, we had dinner and some time we had cyber surfing in hotspot area.

We were often use hotspot facilities in Balairung area (The Rectorate)--Sayap Selatan (South Hall). There are some people who subsequently became a cyber-net community in south hall, including me and Raifa. Roughly when it rains, there are only 3-5 people there (including me and Raifa). If the weather is nice, 11-13 people of community members who keep stay there (including me and Raifa, of course). But of the whole amount, me and raifa just-one-two women in the community. Could you imagine that? We were the goddamn-night-lady among the insomnia people! *cheers

On average, the community just keep in front their laptop from 8 p.m. until 12 p.m. More than that time, it was rarely, because they would be warned by campus security or SKK.

That night, after had dinner, we were get Balairung at 10 p.m. As usual. It was not strange for us. The only strange thing was atmosphere that night, quite silent. Maybe, it because the rain fell since maghrib. We were see, at the round table under the umbrella (where we were used to sit and surfing internet), so quiet. The weather was cold, and the table still wet from the drizzle. There were only five people (include me and Raifa). I've familiar their face, of course.  

Because the table wet, we were decided to sit "lesehan/nglesot" (I really dunno what it means on English :D) in the inside building of Balairung (Rectorate). We were think, inside building, the air is warmer than outside. We were start searching internet with a little jokes to relieve the loneliness by the night. Up on my curiosity, when I saw the floor. Then there was the silly question of me:

Me : "Fa, ni lantai dipel ga sih tiap hari? Kok ga pernah ada kotoran perasaan?" (Fa, this floor-mop every day isn't it? How come there is never dirty?)

Raifa : "Jelas lah Ning, gila aja lu. Masa UGM ga cukup uang buat bayar cleaning service sih. Lagian ini rektorat kali..." (Obviously Ning, you just crazy. How can UGM does not have enough money to pay the cleaning service eh? This is Rectorate anyway.. )

Me : "Iya sih...tapi kok gw ga pernah liat yang ngebersihin rektorat sih kalau ke sini?" (Well, yeah ... but how come I never see people who clean the Hall if I came here?)

Raifa : "Lu pikir...kalo lu kuliah, dia ngebersihin, emang lu bisa liat? Yang jelas, dia ngebersihinnya ya di jam kerja lah. Jam kerja kampus kan sampai jam 4 sore." (You think ... if you're in college, he was clean the Hall, weve you can see? Clearly, he was clean the Hall in working hours. The hours of Campus until 4 p.m. right?)

Me : "Iya juga sih ya...mana ada cleaning service jam segini, ini dah hampir jam 12 anyway Fa.." (Yeah you're right anyway ... how could there any cleaning service at this hour, it was almost 12 p.m. anyway Fa ..)

Raifa : "Hahaha, betul. Gila aja, kalo ada cleaning service jam segini mah bukan manusia kali ya? Hahaha. Bercanda lu!" (Hahaha, yeahJust crazy, if there was a cleaning service at this hour, he was definitely not a human, right? Hahaha. Foolish!)

Me : "Sinting lo Fa! Hahaha" (Of course. Hahahaha... )


A.N.D. Y.O.U. K.N.O.W. W.H.A.T ?????????????

After I stopped laughing, I turned to the end of the Hall which was far for me. The visibility from where I was sitting to the end of the Hall (to the 2nd floor) approximately 100 meters.....I saw a cleaning service through, he pushing wheelie bin contain 3 trash bins in yellow, green, and blue colors.

WHAT THEEEE...............DAAAAAMMMMM....................................................

W.A.I.T. !!!! W.A.I.T. !!!!! W.A.I.T. !!!!!

A split second, I turned on Raifa (who still busy with her surfing internet), and said with enthusiasm.  

"Fa! Ituuu!! Gw liat!! Barusan ada cleaning service lewat situ!!" (Fa, there!! I saw it!! There are cleaning service, he has just through the Hall there!!.)

*Think: did she also saw it?* "Lo liat juga kan?" (You also saw it? Right?)

 Raifa: *melongo* "Hah? Apaan sih, Ning?! Gada siapa-siapa tuh.." (*staring* Hah? What the heck, Ning?! No one there...)

Me : "Tapi.............." (But...........) *when I looked again, there are no one at the end of the hall....

I really obvious it was CLEARLY, I saw a cleaning service pushing wheelie bin through the Hall. But............where is he???
I had argued briefly with Raifa. She said it was impossible. I believe that my vision was very CLEAR. Even, I CLEARLY see, he LOOKED AT ME SOOO SHARPLY, and pushed his wheelie bin through the Hall. (The only problem is.... I didn't see the bottom .......... did he walked by his REAL foot or ............OMG! Protect me, Yaa Robb!)

A few seconds subsequently, We decided to re-check the mysterious guy, while carrying our laptop. Get end of the Hall, we were not find anyone! (*please note that the inside building connect with the outside building, so, if he moves to bring the trash to outside, it would through the front Hall) We chase him .... but .. we did not find anything........................even in the front Hall (where the community gathered was already quite) THERE ARE NO ONE.............


I began feel the creeps in back of my neck. Raifa and I looked at each other, and she told me:

"Ning, udahan yuk...kayaknya udah mulai ga beres nih hawanya...." (Ning, Let's go ahead.....seems like the weather goes so wrong here.............)

OH SO YESSSSS...............without she asked too, I've thought SO.!

Having reached the flat, we were think rationally, if the cleaning service pushed the wheelie bin, it might not be able through the Hall of inside building .... why? ............ because the building has a Yard in the center, however, for connecting the Yard with the Hall inside, there is only one way, by the stairs. So, if he brought a wheelie bin? It was highly impossible. By which way? The stairs?  

C'mon, surely we would be heard the noise "dag-dag-dug-dug" at least, when the wheelie up the stairs. Right??

If you wanna know about Balairung UGM, click here, I connected with a trusty-link... or click here if you wanna know, UGM at the past.... :)


OK... this might be due to our last conversations, we were "fishing" the mysterious cleaning service to came .............

The restriction number ONE : Do not stay at Balairung (Rectorate) more than 9 p.m. 
Flashback-----> almost every day, we stay there till 1 a.m. (GOOD!)

The restriction number TWO :  Do not be in a quiet place, when the atmosphere was cold and the drizzle fall small.
Flashback---------> we were choose a quiet place to sit instead. (OH, NICE!)

 The restriction number THREE : Do not provoke conversation that seem "challenging" or "fishing" something to come.
flashback------->  actually we like "fishing" something to come ........ (REALLY GREAT!)

The restrictions was not my own writing, but the news has spread by our almamater. Our friends. Our lecturer. The SKK. The employees.............