Monday, February 1, 2016

Younger Brother, Gundam, Business and Integrity

Hi everybody, how's your monday?
Hope it will be the money day for all of us, true?

Here I wanna tell you about my younger brother named Yostri. First, he is student of Gadjah Mada University, the same as my university was. By appearance, my younger brother is not look like hanging out young boy. I mean he just a innocent young boy who has interest to Gundam. Gundam defined as real robot genre of anime by featuring giant robots in a militaristic war setting. If you want to know more about Gundam, click Wikipidia here. Unlike his brothers and sisters, Yostri has unique hobby since he was 7 years old, such as collecting robots and car toys. Early, we thought it was reasonable that done boys, you know... have interest in robot and car toys. But then, his business soul has been high since he was 5th grade of elementary school or when he was 11 years old . That time, he's been trying to do business like buying and selling the birds by his own. To be note, he did it without any funding or our intervention. You might ask like this: "It's impossible, how could 11 years old boy did his own business without any funding from the parents?". Yes, he did. He went hunting bird near the teak forest or paddy fields close to our house, then took care of it until it sold. For hunting, he did not use a weapon. Of course! He was child, who had the heart to give him a gun to shoot the birds? NO. He used Javanese traditional way of hunting, sufficiently armed with tree sap, hay and feed. It's called "mlitrang" in Javanese words. He also made the bird cages by his own.

Back to story, when he was in Junior High School, he was able to buy sophisticated mobile phone at the year, with the proceeds of his own business. Before, we as elder sibling annoyed sometimes because almost everyday Yostri always went for hunting. How did not? He was so thin, rarely eat, and his skin was sunburned. But apparently we knew that it was his journey of life. It started move when he was in Senior High School, he also began to change interest in Manga and Japanese Anime. He began to love Japanese anime games. From game, he started to learn business by selling games. I didn't know how its process but what I knew is he would have a lot of friends by gaming business. It was not just friends in virtual world, but they often hold joint gathering. In fact, his business partners much older than him, there were same by my age and even upon me. He began to buy modern electronic goods and sophisticated mobile phone from the money that generated by own results.

There are pride sense in us as he managed to run his own business and even more he went to the pride university in Indonesia. The same university which became my almamater too. Thankful too, he went to university with a scholarship student achievement. OMG! I REALLY PROUD OF HIM! Indeed, I also graduated from the same university, but my struggle to reached the university was really not easy and no scholarship I could get. But Yostri proved that he was able to get in scholarship student achievement even though he was busy with his business

Like what I told before, he is doing his Gundam hobby and develop it into Gundam business. Why we don't forbid him? Absolutely NO. We support his hobbies and interests. While it is not burden others and it can stimulate his creativity, why not? Provided you know, to assemble Gundam is not an easy thing. I guarantee that. Why? It is not just children's toys? Well to know, to assemble Gundam, it requires precision and high focus. Even smaller parts of the robot, it is increasingly difficult to craft it. Though, there are instructions on how to assemble, but I assure you that not everyone can do it. Yostri often won 1th place in assembling robot competitions, of course the jury is master Gundam. For competitions, its 'not only in terms of equipment but also all fineness of the sand and also how to pose the robot itself. Today he has a lot purchase personal items from his own business. We only give advice and give signs that do not lead to negative things. Just it its.
Nendo cyber
Now, it's not only doing his own business, he begin to show his skill in running organization's leadership. Coincidentally, he joined non-profit organization Kaskagama which has also been raising my name as long as 6 years I joined the organization. I was helped up the golden years building a name Kaskagama for almost 5 years. Perhaps, my name is already widely known by alumni and also the fellow. Sometimes, I still often get invitations as elders to come in their events. But I've chosen to fully devolved to my successor, I'm pretty proud just to see their development from outside the circle. Now, is the years in which my own brother who were involved in it. Why I don't want to appear though I've suffered the heyday of organization? No, because currently, my brother is there. He is now chosen to be the leader of organization. I want my brother to develop and show his capability not because of my name. I never mentioned him as my younger brother and so did he rarely mention my name as his elder sister. We were same. 

Chose as Ganteng UGM LOL :P
This year, he is believed to hold three big events which become the benchmark of his work and leadership management. During preparation of the events, he was a lot confide to me. Such like how its validity; the matters which become obstacles, criticism that given to him by elders, etc. He just told me all sense of interest in leadership, as his new learning. I often give him advice, views, case examples, and even we often arguing our opinion in high tense too. But overall, I actually worried on my younger brother. He never had any experience in organization leadership before, he never had experience to handle big events too. But yesterday, he proved me that what all I worried about him was nothing. He just did his leadership style in organization and it worked good. He just showed me his capability, integrity and creativity to handle more than 1000 people in a event. He just made his own name not because of me, not because he is my elder brother, not because the name "Bening". Good work for you boy! I'm really proud of you! Though finally, many alumni and elders knew that he is my elder brother but he just raised his name within successful. And for the bonuses from his work hard, he got many fans and chose as "Ganteng UGM" hahaha. Nailed that boy! :p

With all proud, Xoxo

Bening Rahardjo