Saturday, October 18, 2014

How To Care Turtle as A Pet?

Hi guys!

Now, I wanna share to you about one of lovely pet that I have,'s turtles! Before I told you that I had pets, they were two baby turtles and one baby ornamental fish. I gave names for the two baby turtles, Tora and Sasha. And the baby ornamental fish named Milo. Unfortunately, Sasha and Milo died when they were about 1 years after I bought them. Now, I just have Tora which is about 6 years old. And I wanna share to you about how to take care a turtle.

1. First at all, identify the type of turtles you have. You can identify its type from the physical characteristic. If you have no information yet, you can search on Google or by some book as reference.

2. Identify the habitat. For example, Brazilian turtle is aquatic turtle. So you have to make sure that they are live in a well water. Not too much but not too less.

3. Identify the gender, if you don't know how to identify it's male or female. You can ask someone who have lot knowledge about turtle, or you can read some book for reference.

4. Please take them in a stable water temperature (between 20-28 Celsius Degree).

5. You need to give your aquarium some area where the turtles can actually be dry basking in the sun or a special lamp for reptile. I prefer to sunning Tora within 6 to 7 am.

6. Give them good nutrition. If the turtle are still a baby, give it special food nutrition like pellets. But if they are mature enough, you can try to give them vegetables and fruits. But you have to selectable for their food, as long as it contain of good nutrition. 

7. Clean their habitat at least once per 2 days. But I always keep Tora's habitat clean for one day. So I always take him for bathing and brushing its shell slowly. But for baby turtles, don't too often clean them, because they are still susceptible to the temperature difference and habitats.

8. Give some decoration on their habitat, such like small decorative stones, or small water plants. 

9. Identify their breeding period. Believe me, it's important to know. 

10. Identify the kinds of turtle diseases. You should have knowledge about physical change or other symptoms that affect bad changes in your pet. 

That's 10 ways to care your turtles. So, are you interest to have a turtle as your pet? :)