Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Is Love Never Hates?

The wisdom words says “You can't truly hate someone until you've cared about them. Until you've loved them.” 

Talk about love, again and again. Omg. Why I became so-super-duper-maximum-melodramatic-mode-activated in these few days? Who's in charge for all what happen to me, please?! Damn. I just like being in a circle which spins but stand still like a rock. Fake. You know about being fragile? Fragility is when you find yourself get into a sense what you called "love". Even if you are cry and hurt by love, you can't hate. I suggest, if you want to hate someone, don't ever fall in love with him/her. That's really bad choice if you are love to hate someone. 

Is love never hates? 

Sometimes, you might feel upset by people you loved. Unreasonably. Even you cry whole night because the one you loved, or even you get stuck with your heart and mind only on that circle. But it's not hate. You only feel upset. Hate is only hate. I don't know it was possible to simultaneously hate and ache for someone. Jealous, upset, sad, lonely, blame, that's not hate. No matter how powerful the hate, there is always a little love left, underneath. Yes. Horrible, isn't it? That's why, I suggest you, don't love for hate. Lol.

Monday, December 30, 2013

A Symptom of Fear.

"Life is good. No it’s not. Life is good. No it’s not…"  *repeat*

Nobody can know what they don't know about. Everyone sees the world from their own limited level of consciousness and perspective, including me (oh bummer ...). We are all to an extend "in over our heads", especially our love experts with its unique learning and growth potentials, as well as the accompanying problems that lead to the devastating breakups and divorces (or stagnant flatland relationships like what I have, lol). Does it matter we dating someone from a different race, different age, different religion, different land, different country? The reality is we don't choose who we're attracted to or fall in love with. That's why it's called "falling", no rational human being with common sense "falls" knowing he or she might be hurt by the fall. We believe that feelings of love are generated by hormones through sexual and intellectual chemistry. But everyone knows that ego cannot love, it always wants something. Like I want a hug, I want a kiss, etc. 

From "me" -- to "we" -- to "us" -- to "all of us"..... actually look like were somewhat speculative, but what else could I be?  I am not there yet.. 

 And this words fade out of my mind...

Well, it looks like five thousand miles broke the camel's back
But it's not as though i had a plan to win you back
Because i don't know what i want
But at least i know that much
Now I'm afraid love came right up
And it slapped me in the face, but i did not know

'Cause love is different than you'd think

It's never in a song or on a TV screen
And love is harder than a word
Said at the right time and everything's alright
Love is different than you think 

Omg! orange-mango and grape.
I think, I am getting crazy now....


Leven Four Cheerleading

Hi readers! Now, i want to share to you about my little sister Lintang with her activities. I think Lintang is an active girl-type of person. She got on many hobbies. Sometimes she just looks like other girls at her age,but  sometimes she also doing what boys often does. Can you imagine how if a girl have to jump from pole to another pole? Can you imagine how if a girl flying and split at the same time in the air? Ya, that's all what my little sister did. She is an athlete of gymnastic and also a cheerleader. She also take care much for her grade education. Sometimes I can feel tired just by seeing what Lintang does in a day. Haha. Lol. As her old sister of course what can I do is only support and pray for whatever she get into. People says: "To be the best, the greater sacrifice required also". Ya, that's true. She practice hard everyday, I say hard, in the true meaning. She ever fell down from the top when she did flying motion. Her head hit the ground then she fainted. Her team brought her to the hospital for checked up. That was terrible thing. Really. She had to take rest for 2 days. Lintang is an athlete of gymnastic, so she has good basic motion to be a cheers. That's why she trusted to be on top of pyramid formation by her team. The team named "Leven Four Cheerleading" as known as LFC. They also got into camp for national cheerleading for many times. I am proud for what she does. And here, I want to share some picts and videos that I took when LFC were in action, cekidot!

When they were in action at gymnasium launching, but the end of formation, one of Lintang partner couldn't lift her up, so it was bad ending anyway :p


And this also, when they were in action at our Major District's house :


And these are the pictures, if you want to see Lintang, she was on the top formation:

These also when they were at Champ of National Cheerleading:

Lintang got her medal at Cheerleading Champ :)

Split up

And here they were at Major District's house:

And still many pictures here, but I cant upload one by one :p
One thing for sure, after daddy died, Lintang more independent now, and I am proud of her. 
I love you dear! :*

Say "I Love You" Nah!

Many men do not trust himself to say "I Love You" to the woman he loved, and they expects the women to see from their behavior and understand by themselves. 

But woman wants to hear her man say "I Love You", because the door into the woman's heart is her ears. 

If you're a man and truly loved her, say "I Love You" to her nah! ....

If it was not hard, you can definitely do it. If you really care and want to make her happy, you will do it. If you aren't usual to say that, then make it a habit.

Dont let any man who more sincere to declare "I Love You" to your woman.

It's maybe you have more love for her, but women are more trusting to those who dare to prove it, even if it's just the word "I Love You".

Say "I Love You" before you regret for it.

Mario Teguh - Loving you all as always

M88 Aspac Jakarta Seri 1 Malang 2013-2014

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sophie Paris Body Butter and Koshize Lipstick Colors

Below, I tried Koshize Lipstick and Body Butter that I got from Sophie Paris Beauty Class:

My Koshize Lipstick by Sophie Paris

Apply on my hand

Body butter apply in my hand

I love this Sophieholic paper bag :)

Sophie bag




Garnier BB Cream Review

After take long time, I decided to buy Garnier Blemish Balm (BB) Cream Miracle Skin Perfector SPF 21 PA++, exactly I'm not type of person who likes to switch beauty products just by advice from others. I select and use products that really fit and comfortable with my skin. Though expensive, but good for its benefits, then it's no problem. But somehow, I'm curious with BB Cream from Garnier, because I am a user of Garnier Facial Foam too. Okay, let's start review this product! :)

The advantages that offered by the product:
1. Brighten your skin tone
2. Coverage of imperfections and smooth face lines
3. Protect from sun rays (as it has an SPF 21)
4. 24 hours hydration
5. Vitamin C + mineral pigments
6. Dermatologist tested for safety

Then, I applied to my skin. FYI, my skin color is skin color of Indonesian people generally, brown, tanned brown. My skin is normal, not too much oil, not dry also.

after apply on my skin

I think the cream looks thick. The tube has a flip top lid. It doesnt feel like you are wearing anything at all on your skin. For a person like me who likes minimum foundation or base specially in summers this product is heavenly for me. Instantly, my skin looks naturally more even, radiant and smooth. The price is also very cheap compared to other BB Cream :D

But, then I think, it has many shortages also, like:
* It can not cover all the flaws in the face, just for an hours then if you go out under the brightly sun, it will    quickly fade :D
* Its cream dries quickly, and can not be perfect evenly.
* For those with dark skin and excess oil, I don't recommend to use this product. 

And after I tried this product one, I think, I am still in love with Maybelline BB Cream :) 


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Baby Hafidz and Baby Rifa :D

Baby Hafidz

Baby Rifa

Friday, December 27, 2013

Top Highlight Reel NBL Indonesia 2013

These is the top highlight reel of NBL Indonesia 2013. 

First one's from the rookie of CLS Knights Surabaya, Arif Hidayat, jersey number #11. He joined CLS Knights this season, and he started his debut as rookie on proffesional basketball player this year at Malang. Welcome Arif! Cekidot!

Second, from the most manly player that I love :p Fandi Andika Ramadhani, a.k.a Rama, jersey number #12 from ASPAC Jakarta. Just adore him so much! Speechless haha.

The third, from CLS Knights again, Andrie Ekayana a.k.a Ko Yayan, jersey number #31

Last, from Pelita Jaya, Andy Poedjakesuma a.k.a Batam, jersey number #5. Sadly, he might be absent for this season because he got injury at Malang Seri. Get well soon Batam!

That's all!

Which is My 15 Years Style Bla Bla Bla...

I really dont have any idea when I see some artist on "Insert" infotainment today. There's discuss about make up and fashion style by some girls. They are younger then me, I mean, their age are like my sister, between 14-18 but omg, they really looks like 30 years old or maybe more -______- (and then I am feeling lol-oh-so-lost, haha).  

I really can't understand when one of that girls says like these: 
"Look. Which is my 15 years style will different with my 17 years style. When I was 15 years, I curly my hair and use the pinky-girly-dress. Now, which is I am 17 years, and I make my hair straight, I wont wear blinky-winky-brightly-dress again. Which is my 17 years style it also will different with my next 18 years sytle, you know. Just see this, my new look. Isn't look different from ago? Yeah surely, I will look different at 19 years too."

Say which is which is which is WHAT?! OMG! HAHAHAHAHAHA.... really, I laugh loud at her! I dunno whether it is me that looks same as always I was 17 or what else thing. But, really, people who dunno my age will guess I am younger than my age now. And maybe people will says I look younger then that girl. Lol.
I think that way:


Yah, as you guys know, 14, 17 years old girls nowadays been looking like 24, 30 years old woman, with all that make up.. Oh hell no! Make up your own mind first. Seriously, you will look like an ugly aunty without your smart brain *upss* Make-up can only make you look pretty on the outside but it doesn’t help if your ugly on the inside, baby. 

And the sadness thing also, nowadays, hijab fashion become a trend-style. But remember, hijab ISN'T SUCH a dress-code to be a fashionista too! Think-well. Dress-up well. Inner better than outer. Be wise. Be elegant. You're pretty enough with your manner, gals!

 Because...you know these:

Visited Daddy "At His New Home"

I didn't know why I miss him yesterday, much. I couldn't tell you how was it feels like. But I really want to met him for a while. I really want to hug him, tho it was impossible thing. Yesterday, when I talked to Bhev, my old sister texted me. She said that she miss dad so much, she was crying whole night, til her eyes swollen. She just noticed that dad was not with us again, she just noticed that she couldn't hug him again. Never. I didn't know, at that same time I was also missing my daddy so so so much. At that same time, I knew that my mom and my lil sister were also missing dad. And suddenly, it gave me encouragement to meet him tho for a while, I mean, I needed to meet his grave stone... 

Without take long mind, I persuaded my sister, Rahma, to visit there with me. I knew, she was also missing dad too. At 5 pm, we went from home. Dad's grave just about 2,5 kilometres from home. Arrived there, we prayed to God for him. I prayed for me also. And suddenly, I cried too loud. I reminded all about my false, about all worse that I did times ago. God... I was not good women, I was not good people at all. Really. I want to be good person, start from now. Tho, I already knew, it just started after dad died. I started to be the good one. I promised to God, to myself too. I told Rahma, I was not good as old-sister, ago. But I want to change. And I promised. I never told anyone about "myself" in details. Never. I just kept it by myself. But I realized that was not good at all. And I want to start my new life with my family, my partner, all good people around me. I let go those who are not good for me or those who just criticized me like enemy. They really didn't know about me. So, why I just stuck on what people think about me? It's my new life, and I am happy for that. I found what so called "happiness". Simpy happiness.

I cried loud there, while Rahma just listened to me. I didn't know why I felt so so so sad. New year eve will come soon, and it reminds us about daddy. He always took us to see the firework and the city. Now, noone will take us. And, there was still many things that made me sad. But, it was going ok then. Sometimes, I just going melancholic, if my heart feeling sad. I just need to cry loud like noone hear me. Then, I can survive for mom and my siblings. I love them all.

And, after stayed there for a while, we went to home..
I saw the cleary skies at evening...
The flowers blossom nice...
The fresh air...
The birds sang...
All the wondeful creature by God...
And I am just thankful, because God let me to be the "new" of me....