Monday, September 30, 2013

Thanksgiving at The End Of September

Thank you GOD for all blessings from YOU, so we can get through this september with smiles and laugh. Although many pains and tears at first too. But we remain thankful for tomorrow...

:) I love this jacket, gift from my big brother

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Yostri's Birthday

Today is my little brother birthday, few days ago was my sister's birthday.  
They are both 17 years old now :)
A surprise and little celebration by our family ..
Unfortunately, daddy's not here with us anymore :')

I love you guys, don't get sick anymore, hopefully three of you can pass the junior and the high school with satisfying grade of course, and acceptable in school or college that you guys want! :)

Yostri and his surprise cake from us

Friday, September 27, 2013

Hijab-Mess-Large T.T


Tidy up contents of our closet and room is the most lazy thing, but it must be done. And when unpacking the contents of my hijab closet, it turns out I realized many veils are spilled, so I decided to tidy up again according to its kind.

The two tone headband

Neon colors of hijab

Pastel colors of hijab

Other colors you should have

Motif hijab
Brocade hijab


One tone headband

Inner ninja or inner syiria or inner maroko

Mess-hijab T.T

Brocade headband

Hijab gradation that I love

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What's In Your Bag?

You love to carry your bags while you go? Both women and men, must always carry a bag when they go away. Many kinds of bag for women, like tote bag, hobo bag, clutch, satchel bag, pouch, duffel bag, travel bag, etc. There are also several kinds of bags for men, such as backpack, messenger bag, briefcase, travel bag, etc. Whatever type of bag, choose bag which is convenient when you are traveling, and adjust your bag with your agenda.

And the most importantly, what's in your bag? :)

For each person, contents of the bag is reflection of personal. Certainly, contents of the bag is different from one person to another. As an example, the contents of my tote bag ... are the things that soooo close to me every day, anywhere, anytime, this is the "mandatory" stuff that should be in my bag! :)

The stuff. Mandatory stuff :p

1. Wallet
2. Pouch for handphone and identity card
3. Coin's purse
4. Flashdisk
5. Pen
6. Charger
7. Lipstick
8. Face powder
9. Gel Eyeliner
10. Parfum
11. Spray cologne
12. Headset
13. Pins or Brooch
14. Hand sanitizer
15 Glasses
So, what's in your bag? :) 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Dawn Attack: Part 3

Hi all!
Our regional elections held earlier today, I have chosen the right candidate according his credibility, according to my conscience. Without coercion, without pressure. Although, I could say, this day has been marred by person who tried to do "money politics" immediately before the election. If you don't believe me, please, come to my area, location where I live, and ask to the other witnesses. I could have reported this to the Supervisory Committee in our area, but.. well, anyway, finally been officially announced that the candidates who doing "money politics" is lost. Early in the morning, messengers of the candidate's campaign team, come to my house.. she gave me money 20 thousand rupiah (cm 3 pieces), and I was pressed to choose candidate "P", she even showed me the list of family who were given that "hot" money. I was not slander, I talk facts, it was "an open secret" in neighborhood where I live. It's just that, people prefer to be silent. Almost all people who live in my neighborhood got the money. The amount varies, there are 20 thousands rupiah, there are 50 thousand rupiah, there is also a 100 thousand rupiah per each.
Fortunately, at that time I was at home with my sister, Rahma, so you can ask her as a witness too.

Here's the "money"... It's all "WEIRD"

Friday, September 20, 2013

Gals Day Out

Shopping, outing, eating, gossip, joking...

Your day will feel more comfortable and cheerful, depend on with who you missed it :)
And the simplest might be the memorable one.

Ncut, Zhie, Ria and me

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hospital Again, Probo Again!

Hospital? Yes, there must be our family member were stay at dr.Oen Hospital Solo again. My little brother, had to be cared for 8 days there. The word of "hospital" is not really a "thing" that makes me not "comfortable". Because, I think it is one hospital that very very comfortable in their service and atmosphere. But, just my feeling was the one which made ​​me into uncomfortable. Starting from my grandma, then my grandpa, my aunt, and the last one was my father .. all died in dr.Oen. My father had just died a few months ago, so could you imagine that, how my feelings and trauma were still there ...

The worse, my lil brother occupied the VIP room that used by my father, when he first entered the hospital. And the more worse, after my lil brother moved to another VIP room, he actually occupied the room that next to the room where my aunt died. Omg :'(
Sense of injury, grief, and trauma in that room was still here till this day.

I am grateful, my little brother has recovered from his illness now. Hopefully there are no more family who should stay in the hospital :')

Sad, to seeing him so weak and  get high fever :'(

So sad when I had to see my little brother had many times blood taken.

We turn came to the hospital, to encouraged him.

including, his girlfriend who faithfully came to visit at any time. (the girls who wore gray hijab)

When his condition has improved, the thing he wanted to do was: playing online games -__-

He is the most stubborn patient, I think -__-


Monday, September 16, 2013

Open Letter for My Beloved Sista

Happy birthday adikku sayang,

semakin engkau pandai bersolek, semakin dewasa usia, semakin bijak menapak kehidupan, semakin cerdas dalam pendidikan, semakin luas dalam wawasan, semakin tangguh dalam cobaan, semakin pandai nyuci baju, semakin pandai masak ramen, semakin pandai bikin teh walau kemanisan, semakin tegak shalatnya, semakin rajin ngajinya, semakin disayang keluarga dan teman, semakin luas pergaulan, semakin lihai berargumen...

Namun dari semua itu, ada satu hal yang harus selalu kau ingat dimanapun, kapanpun.. engkau harus semakin merunduk, sayang.
Menunduklah, merendahlah..
Bukan untuk merendahkan harga dirimu, bukan untuk memperkecil nyalimu, bukan untuk mengekang ide-idemu,
tapi agar engkau tahu..
di situlah letak kualitas kepribadian seseorang,

Kau tahu, sudah banyak orang cerdas, sudah banyak yang bergelar Sarjana, sudah banyak gelar Master, sudah banyak gelar Doctor, sudah banyak orang kaya, sudah banyak orang pandai beragama, dan karena itu.. sudah banyak orang pintar bereorika,
tapi hanya satu dibanding sekian dari mereka yang dapat menahan diri, mengatur emosi..

Merunduklah, merendahlah... agar engkau lebih "matang" dalam bertutur, bersikap, dan bertindak.
Dan terlebih karena engkau sebagai wanita adalah sebuah permata :)

Oya, gimana kalau kita bandingan foto kita?

Gimana? Mirip gak? :)

With tons of Love for you, sista.. Xoxo 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Dawn Attack: Part 2

Hallo. Here again I would like to share story with you. Still related with politics and my previous post The Dawn Attack
In my previous post, I told about dawn attack related with media. This time, it's still about dawn attack, but in the form of "money politics" or so-called "flying-envelope". The incident happened last night, I encountered alone with my eyes. You still remember, isn't it? in my neighborhood, there are some actors who became successful team for one Mayor City candidate? And the incident is still related to the actors. The story, this actors asked our secretary to make invitation letter addressed to around 15 people, consists of some public figures in my neighborhood. And incidentally, my brother is one of the figures who were invited. To our secretary, this actor said that the purpose of that event (which took place at his house anyway) just for gathering. Gathering? Who believe it?! Give me a break... we all know that this actor had cheated us through covert campaign, then, could we believe the mean of that event? C'mon, even a child could laugh for no logical reason of this actor

And sure enough, this actor mentions some main reasons why he invited people to come in his house, certainly without no purpose. And he said clearly what his purpose. He distributed envelopes filled with cash money to all those present. He claimed the money was coming from his personal money. He claimed because of his love for one candidates, he willingly gave away his money, in orderto make  people give their vote for the candidate. He even claimed that amount of money that he spent are less than his love for the candidate. What a tricky!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Indonesia: The Simply Happy Things

These are simple faces. They are far from hedonism, but they believe that they are happy. They are far from government's embraces, but they survive.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

NBL Indonesia Game Schedules Season 2013-2014

Surabaya, 21-29 September 2013
16-24 November 2013
8-16 Maret 2014
11-19 Januari 2014
19-27 April 2014
8-16 Februari 2014
10-18 Mei 2014
7-15 Juni 2014
"Good afternoon everyone! 
Arreeee you ready for NBL INDONESIA season 2013-2014???"
Check the schedules above,
aaaannnddd DON'T MISS IT!!! 

The Graduation

Graduation, the end of the new struggle..

Toga, samir, certificate, greeting, bouquet of flowers, smiles, tears of emotion, happiness, photos ...

The beginning of something new, the beginning of the next major expedition ..

My older brother, lovely mother, my expectant sister-in-law, and my partner ...


Pose like the graduates ;p

Behind: Sebelas Maret University's Rectorate

Mom and our "expectant" sister in law ;p

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Dawn Attack

Hallo! Actually it's been quite long time I want to write this post, but I have too much forget than what I remember :p So, tonight, as long as I remember, I'll write little. I encountered this incident by myself. This is related with politics

At this time, the election environment gets hotter. Many legislative candidates popping up their campaign by large billboards that displayed in some protocol streets. Not only that. In fact, individuals who declared himself as candidate president in upcoming elections, also start popping up by many media. The main media that able to reach the masses, of course,are televisi and newspaper. Blessed, for those candidates who have ubstantial capital stock in the media industry, especially in broadcasting media and print media. Surely, they have space campaign that much larger than other candidates. Although the Broadcasting Commission and the Press Council had set and stated explicitly, that media should remain professional and neutral from any political. But nonetheless, there are some media that implicitly give the pro to one candidate (ie, they are the capital owner of that media). Besides, one of dirty tricks that they used (for those who have substantial capital) is ... dawn attack using media. If you ask, how about the example? I will answer through this story below.

Our family has long subscribed to local newspaper. Every morning around 7am, paperboy will deliver to our house. I know, that the company was not only rise one newspaper brand (like what we subscribe), but there are also some brand rised by the company. If there is promo for other newspapers to promote their new brand, they will inform to customer (either by an official announcement in newspaper, or from the paperboy). The funny thing is, sometimes, I found that our newspaper subscriptions replaced with another newspaper brand (which is clearly NOT a part of brand that raised by the company). Initially, I thought there must be mistake of paperboy. But, it did not only take once, twice times. But after I met discrepancy, I suspect a "bad thing" happen here. My feeling as a communication graduate sticking, especially since I'm studying political science too, specifically the science of political communication. I feel that it related with "someone" a.k.a capital owners. I tried to do investigation by myself, if the "newspaper-exchanged" incident is repeated again, so my guess could be said getting closer to the truth.

Aaaannndddd, my guess was right! The incident happened again few days ago! Even though I asked paperboy, he would not understand, because he just took from the agent. Interestingly, it turns out the paper show profiles one candidates clearly in some pages. So? What game this is?!

Oldie Goodie: Black Peep-Toe Orlando Boots

Yesterday, I re-open my existing pile old shoes in closet, I want to match with outfit that I wear that day. And I found this my oldie goodie Orlando Boots :)

Friends Gathering

Ani, Nina, and Me

Deva, Yos, and Adi. They are trio some-trouble-guy -____-"

Etien and Devi


Didot and Joki

Joki and Dhea, omg their pose! ;O

The calm boy, Adit



The Drummer, Angga. People call him a charmy young boy :D

Ncut and Didot.

Omg! Leseee... -____-

Ayu, Ani, Nina and Me

Me among the boy

Happy cheese :)