Saturday, March 30, 2013

Kelly in Blonde for Bali Series!

OMG!!! That's what my first said after I looked this pict. Ya, Kelly Purwanto player from Pelita Jaya changed his hair style! Now, his hair seem blonde. Omg! I said again! He soooooo sexy in his new hair style. Hahaha. Look at pict.

''White is the new black, man.'' Kelly's said.
He look more awesome!

NBL Bali Series STARTING Today!

Waw! gate for NBL V Seri for NBL lovers in GOR Anyar Bali. I really really wanna go to Bali soon for the BIG match in next 7 aprch (*just in your dream nduk).
Check the last news-flash of NBL Indonesia
And check the schedules too in




NBL Indonesia 2012-2013:

Preseason Tournament
Surabaya, 13-21 Oktober 2012

Regular Season
Seri I: Bandung, 24 November – 2 Desember 2012
Seri II: Jakarta, 12-20 Januari 2013
Seri III: Malang, 16-24 Februari 2013
Seri IV: Solo, 9-17 Maret 2013
Seri V: Denpasar, 30 Maret – 7 April 2013
Seri VI: Surabaya, 20-28 April 2013
Championship Series: Yogyakarta, 18-26 Mei 2013

Championship Series
Jogjakarta, 18-26 Mei 2013 *) DON'T MISS IT!! :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Phil Jackson's First Tweet

So funny! Phil Jackson out-Zens us all. His first tweet was on purpose. This is his first tweet :D

11 champ;ipnsikp[ ringhs

Phil Jackson joined Twitter on Wednesday morning. After accumulating over 12,000 followers in a matter of hours, Phil decided it was time to tweet. Unfortunately for Phil, that first tweet didn’t go very well.
Well. Good effort, Phil.
I guess if you’ve won 11 championships you can spell it however you would like.
Regardless, this is easily the best thing to happen to the internet today.

Common Sense

Just because it is common sense doesn't mean it is common practice. Well it's not forsure yet but common sense is not so common. For clear I am not a clever and I am not the horrible one. But forsure, I work with logic and common sense.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

Have you ever seen the rain?

This is one of my fav song by Rod Stewart...

Here's the lyrics:

Someone told me long ago  
There's a calm before the storm, 
I know; It's been comin' for some time. 
When it's over, so they say, It'll rain a sunny day,  
I know; Shinin' down like water.

I want to know, have you ever seen the rain? 
I want to know, have you ever seen the rain? 

Comin' down on a sunny day. 

Yesterday, and days before, 
 Sun is cold and rain is hard,  
I know; Been that way for all my time. 
'Til forever, on it goes  
Through the circle, fast and slow,  
I know; It can't stop, I wonder. 

Dream High Quote

“Drama ini masih jauh dari akhir. Jadi jangan khawatir jika segala sesuatunya berjalan lambat.

Mereka yang berjalan lambat, dapat melihat lebih banyak dan detail dibandingkan dengan mereka yang berjalan lebih cepat.

Jika kau menemui rintangan hal-hal yang perlu kau lakukan hanyalah melewatinya, maka rintangan itu akan menjadi jembatan bagimu.”

Monday, March 25, 2013

Shawl Simple Tutorial

Hi girls! Assalamu'alaikum. Meet me again. Here I put some tutorial for flowers chiffon shawl hijab. I have lot shawl from chiffon materials. So, this is it! Simple tutorial that I usually to use. I put from many source. Happy try! :)

  1. Use your scarf as usual. One side must be longer than the other. Pull the short side of the scarf to the back of the neck and head it forward.
  2. Grab both end of the scarf to the front of your body. Hold both end.
  3. Tie both end of the scarf as shown in the picture. Make sure the ties are not easily separated. 
  4. Lift the end of the scarf that has been tied up through the top of your head. Direct the ties to the back of your neck.
  5.  Grab the scarf that is near your neck. Pinned to the neck and bring it closer to the other side of the scarf.
  6. Pin flower brooch on the left side of your scarf.    
  1. Use your chiffon scarf. Make sure the right side is shorter than the left.
  2. Pull the right end of your chiffon scarf into the left side of your head. Pin edges using a pin.
  3. Pull the inner end of the long scarf to the front of your chest. Lift up.
  4. Pull the longer end of the scarf up over your head. Tidy it and make sure the tip can reach the left side of your head.
  5. To make the scarf remains in place and does not fall, pinned the side of the scarf with a brooch.
  6. Now you look beautiful scarf. Tidy the end of the pashmina and make sure it covers your intimate parts (Awrat).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  1.  Use an inner ninja before wearing shawl. Choose brightly colored chiffon shawl.
  2.  Take the tip of which is the width of the shawl. Tie the two ends to the back of your neck.
  3. Pull and put the long side of the shawl over your head so it covers your head.
    4. Lift the end of the shawl with your right hand after the other side cover your head.
    5. Place the tip of the shawl over your head and pin it.
    6. Add accessories under your chin.  

  1. Wear your chiffon shawl with one side longer than the other. Use inner ninja (inner neck) so that the neck is covered.
  2. Pull the short end of the shawl to the opposite side of the head. Pin edges using a pin.
  3. Lift the end of the long shawl to the left. Make sure the longer side of the shawl passes through the back side of the shorter shawl.
  4. Pull and put the long side of the shawl on top of the head. Pin the shawl to the top of your head with a pin. Pull the other side to the right side of your head.
  5. Beautify your veil with a flower-shaped brooch on the shawl that you pull to the side of the head. Pin it with the shorter side of the shawl.
  6. Your flower shawl is now neatly arranged. Good luck.   

Kkpi Ganks

I truly deeply missed people in these pics .. Age, ethnic, language, culture, religion, education level is not matter for us. We're laugh along, we're sad along, we're discuss along .. We hardly meet each other, but we keep contact through the phone, twitter and facebook of course..

Our next plan is reunion at Bali or Jogja :)

We consist from many islands, many provinces, many ethnic, with difference of ages, difference of jobs and marital status. But We are ONE. :)

Ina (public sector), Ka Rika (lecturer), and me (private sector)


I never understood why people like to judge others. Right, wrong. Good, bad. Fail, success. What parameters are used to justify and blame something? Do you ever feel you wanna talk but your mouth unlocked? Have you ever feel when unfairness coming to your life? Do you ever feel that your life controlled by people around you? Have you ever tried to stand up while your legs seem too fragile? That's what I feel right now.

Perhaps it is a mistake be a poor person. Perhaps it is a mistake to be person with average intelligence. Perhaps it is a mistake to be person who haven't master's level education. Perhaps it is a mistake be a weak person. I never thought that all these wrong, maybe others thought that way. I dont care.. at least I try not to care. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I should care lot about what people think. Maybe I should care lot about what people want. ISN'T IT?. But, at least, please to bit understand me. Im not live to pleasing others. Im sorry...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I'm NBL Fanatics || Knights Society || Prastawa-Lovers

I was one of Indonesia basketball fanatics. I was also Knights Society (CLS Knights Surabaya club lovers). And I was also Prastawa-lovers (one of best player Dell-Aspac Jakarta). Of course, I support CLS Knights in every game. For sure, I enjoy all the game of basketball Indonesia. I love the jump. I love the dunk. I love the rebound. I love the assist. I love the steal. I love the court. I love the backsound. I love the yell. I love the noise.

Edward Vergeire (as known as coach Dong) coaching his team.

Eat lot in Dian wedding.

Freddy Dunk!

Febri dribble the ball

Guess which one Dimaz Muharri? He's very very similar to my boyfriend. :p

Old sponsor. Old pict. And..Omg! Dimaz again! I should take pict with my boy. They both so cool with their long hair :D

Old pict. Old formation, but the cute ones!!

My assassin hero, ayah Febri, dunk!

National Youth Congress

Happy to share with you. In this time, I will share stories about my lil experience that I passed a few months ago. Good fortune favor me. I was selected as one of the delegations for National Youth Congress organized by Indonesia's Ministries of Education and Culture in 2012. More fortunate, I was one of two delegates sent by BPNST Yogyakarta (the conservation centers of historical values ​​and traditions). The Congress was held in Hotel Borobudur Indonesia, Jakarta. A classy hotel. It was first time I step my foot there. Hehe. By the way, I dont know how the selection process, actually. Certainly, youths who attended the congress were incredible youths who are dedicated to Indonesia. Honestly, at first I was a bit pessimistic and insecure with them. How could I not? I wasn't the youngest delegation indeed, but from those who are younger than me had--brought up the name of Indonesia abroad-at least. While I am?. I am a nobody. Not a girl who's smart enough. Moreover, mostly of delegates has well educated--at least--master level (from abroad anyway). Lah, me? -__-

Honestly, I was very enthusiastic and high excited about the Congress. In fact, I didn't find any difficult situation to adapt with others. I was able to offset their conversation and thoughts. Also the ideas that they convey to the forum. I enjoy being part of the Congress, very, very happy!

Indonesia NEEDS Me!!

I'm proud being Indonesia youth

The symbols. Spirit of Congress.

A Welcoming Banner placed in front of Hotel Borobudur Indonesia 


A lot of people have asked me how I am. My updates. Im so thankful to have people who are concerned about my wellbeing. Alhamdulillah, I'm progressing well. Praises to Alloh for all the blessings and miracles. That is how I feel. That is an honest answer but only a little part of it. It doesn't reflect anything. Honestly, what is very simple and well-meaning question does not an easy answer, at least for me. And I still figured how to answer that question ever since I was 'being-lost-out-of-my-surroundings' until today..

Hijab Tutorial: More Style

Hi girls, now, I want to share some pics for you. Its about hijab tutorials. I put it from many source. Check this out ya!
Note: Just be self, be you! Dont be a fashion's victim. :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Me Time Aah! :)

Dear gals, kepala mumet? Gerah kepanasan atau gerah ngeliat syahrini? :p Gw tau obat yang pas! Melipir lah ke supermarket atau salon. It's me time yang sebenar-benarnya :D
Kemaren sore, gw juga ngerasa puyeng, suntuk, ditambah hairstyle yang dah geje. Entah kenapa muncul ide nyalon. Sebenernya dah lama sih pengen masas and potong rambut. Tapi belum ada waktu pas dan belom punya duit :p *siapa suruuuh nonton NBL Solo Series sampe kenyang! Modyaaar! :))

Back to story, gw sama adik gw Ayu pergi juga ke tempat cicik langganan. Sore itu sebenernya udah parah aja cuacanya. Angin kencang plus petir. Wateva laah for ME TIME! Sampe naik motor kedinginan gitu, bela-belain dah.

Di tempat cicik.. pendek kata, aroma salon aja dah colling me down. Ada percakapan seru yang gw ikutin dari si cicik sama salah satu temen dia. 

Temen si Cicik : "Jeung, kalo ibu hamil tuh ga boleh rebounding yah?"

Cicik : "Bukan cuman rebounding. Pokoknya bumil itu ga boleh rebounding, smoothing, toning, facial. Soalnya itu obat keras semua."

Temen si Cicik : "Itu efeknya apa sih Jeung?"

Cicik : "Ya kurang tahu sih ya, tapi kan namanya obat keras, pasti pengaruh ke janin. Bisa mungkin nanti anaknya mengalami kecacatan. Fatal loh itu bisa. Aku aja kalau tahu orangnya hamil, gakan mau nerima kok."

Temen si Cicik : "Tapi ada yang nekat gitu?"

Cicik : "Ada. Taapi aku tetep gamau. Gila po. Sekarang gini aja, aku ni kan wanita tulen ya Jeung ya. Ya ndak mungkin hati nuraniku sebagai wanita tega. Berdosa sekali nanti, itu kan nyawa ya yang jadi taruhan. Kalau aku banc* ya beda lagi... Mungkin mau-mau aja, ga gagas begituan Jeung!"

Temen si Cicik : "Ada ya salon yang mau nerima pelanggan hamil gitu?"

Cicik : "Oh banyak! Sekarang gini ya, kita nih sesama salon punya kode etik loh. Pemilik salon dan hairstylist itu ada kode etik yang gaboleh dilanggar. Contohnya ya kayak kasus begituan. Tapi banyak juga yang melanggar. Kalo aku sih tekanan batin Jeung....secara aku kan juga Ibu ya, jadi takut. Dampaknya apalagi kalau masih hamil muda pertama, bahaya ke berikut-berikutnya juga..."

And, I have a cute sneeze................ :|

FYI nih gals...mungkin sebagian besar dari kita belom pada tau bahaya-nya nyalon saat hamil. Gw juga baru ngerti saat gw denger percakapan cicik kemaren. Buat cowo-cowo yang isterinya lagi hamil, juga harus diingetin yah bahayanya salon buat ibu hamil. Masih berlanjut kata si cicik, aroma obat yang ada di salon itu pun sama berbahayanya kalo lama-lama dihirup ibu hamil. Ibu hamil hanya boleh potong rambut and creambath. Udah. Creambath pun sebenernya juga sedikiiit berisiko.

Well, acara ME TIME gw kemaren sih nambah knowledge juga. And kemaren yang bikin gw geli adalah saat si cicik ngeliat foto muke gw di hengpon. And this is the conversation:

"Maaf.. ini kamu ya?" || "Iya Cik, ini saya.." || "Dulu rambutnya ini di curly ya?" || "Hah? Engga cik.. Ini rambut saya asli kok." || "Waw.. baguus ya? Rambutnya asli? Kayak di curly loh ini... Bisa bagus begitu?" ||

Me (dalam hati): jelass dong! Rambut gw kan 11:12 sama Kate Middleton cik *haha toyor

Oke. Bai.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Quote of The Day

"Selalu ada kegilaan dalam cinta. Tapi juga selalu ada alasan dalam kegilaan." -- 
Friedrich Nietzche

Pagi dan Basket

Sitting here in the morning. In this cold silent office of mine. listening to some playlist on my earphone that has been stuck inside my hear for the last 15 years of my life.. I lost of one my teenage hobbies. Its named Basketball. Yea..

Since that time, shortly has passed.. I got injured on my knee.. That's what caused me difficult to play basketball until now. Once, I forced to play. But then I felt my injury getting worse. So, I decided to stop.

Now... I missing B-ball so much :'(