Wednesday, May 7, 2014

List Cast of Mahabharat TV Series

Hello Mahabharata series lovers (from Indonesia especially).. how? Are you  still  faithful to follow this series? Haha, ya, though it is really annoying-somewhat, moreover the television station only provides 20 minutes for one episode (and even then it still not reduced with  advertisement slots). But, this movie series is worth to watch. In my last post, I've discussed about message of this movie series, and now I want to share some info about the cast who frequently appears in that movie. You curious too, isn't it? Please read information below, and click on its links for further details. Salam! :)

Mohammed Iqbal Khan as (young) Yudhistira

Look his face omatodegawd! *melted*
Rohit Bharadwaj as (old) Yudhisthira
okay, no comment :d
 Miraj Joshi as young Bhima
He is funny here
Saurav Gurjav as old Bhima


Soumya Singh as (young) Arjun 
Try to be Shri Krisna?

  Shaheer Sheikh as (old) Arjun
Ohhh...gaawwwd *melted*
Devesh Ahuja as (young) Nakula
Nakula with Duryodhana
Vin Rana as (old) Nakula

:s :s *no comment again*
Rudraksh Jaiswal as young Sahadeva

With Shakuni
Lavanya Bhardwaj as (old) Sahadeva

Alam Khan as (young) Duryodhana

Arpit Ranka as (old) Duryodhana

Raj Shah as (young) Dushashana 

Nirbhay Wadhwa as (old) Dushasana

Vidyut Xavier as (young) Karna 

Aham Sharma as (old) Karna

No comment...:F

Aayush Shah as (young) Ashwathama

Ankit Mohan as Ashwatthama

Okay, skip, no comment :s

Arav Chowdharry as Bhisma

I was very impressed with his charisma

Sayantani Ghosh as Satyavati

Nissar Khan as Dronacharya

Match his cast

Arun Rana as Pandu
No comeeeeent.. :s
Praneet Bhatt as Shakuni

Praneet looks sooooo hot here :s
Saurabh Raj Jain as Shri Krishna

No comment......aaakkkk

Anoop Singh Thakur as King Dhritarashtra
Duo father-son

Pooja Sharma as Draupadi
Nah, drupadi described as very pretty princess in Javanese pupet, but why drupadi face in Indian version here is a bit more ... umm "pugnacious" and "fierce" I think :/

So, that's all cast of Mahabharat 2013 TV series Indian version, there are many ambiguous story among Java puppet version with India version. Those who are not too familiar with Javanese puppet story, it's not problem, but perhaps for viewers who are familiar with story of Mahabharata puppet version, would be slightly confused with Mahabharata movie series version. What are its differences? Wait 'til my next post, I will discuss with my limited knowledge later, see ya! :)