Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Indrayanti Beach: The Cryptic Angel

Hi travelista!
Have you ever heard of Pantai Indrayanti or Indrayanti Beach? It's a new tourist resort on south coast of Yogyakarta. The beach has white sand, crsytal distict ocean water, and complete with cottages and restaurants that surrounds it. Because the place is uncalculated than Parangtritis, so the place is still very lush. 

How to get there?

Here's the map *just click to large it*

It's located at east of Sundak beach, precisely at Desa Tepus (Tepus Village) on district Wonosari, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta (it may taken approximately 2 hours from Yogyakarta). Though here's no Indrayanti Beach written on the map, but you can see clearly, Indrayanti Beach located between Sundak Beach and Siung Beach. You can travel through Tepus Village fork to the south. Then if you are in doubt, you can ask local people for the right direction to Indrayanti Beach.

Actually there are many other beaches on Wonosari coast which are still pure from travelers. This is list of beautiful beaches in Gunung Kidul

The white sand beaches at Gunung kidul

I may say Indrayanti Beach is similiar with Kuta Beach at Bali. Don't believe me? Okay, check this pictures then...

Indrayanti beach's gate 
Indrayanti view from the hill
The gazebo and stilt houses
View from gazebo
The bench to sit and enjoy the wind blow

What facilities at there?

Here you can enjoy a romantic dinner in cafe around the beach, with the wind and sound of wave. It will certainly become unforgettable romantic expertise too. You can choose seafood menu here. You can take rest at bench or gazebo, there are also stilt houses and honai houses (typical house of Papuan tribes, made ​​of straw/fringe/grass). You should pay only 5000 rupiahs for admission. 

Here's the price list of resort at Indrayanti Beach

You can enjoy the sunbathe here...
Beautiful, isn't it?
Fresh fish with coconut ice...
Dont forget to try "SAMBAL" (fresh chillies grounded with bit salt and onion)
Dried sea plants
Dont forget to buy souvenirs too :)

What do you think? Are you interested to travel to Yogyakarta? :)



Monday, April 28, 2014

Hijab Tutorial: Paris Drapery / Square Hijab

 Actually there are lots of hijab tutorial for paris drapery or square hijab (Indonesian call it "jilbab segiempat" or "jilbab segitiga" or "jilbab paris"), though some of them are same basicly. I have been post hijab-style tutorial that I daily wore. But here I choose some pictures tutorial that easy to apply and cute to wear. You can practice it by yourself.... have a try ladies! :)



A Hidden Plan

Yesterday was sunday. I woke up early for Subuh praying time. I spoke to God and thank to God for the joy and health. Then I helped mom in the kitchen and prepared our breakfast, though my brothers and sister would not eat their breakfast too early on sunday, yeah they prefered to be on bed for two or three hours after Subuh than wake up just to eat. And maybe just me who would eat my breakfast first due to stomach-acid problem. I heard Mom's mobile is ringing and she spoke to someone after minutes then. I heard mom talked with less volume when I sat near her, she walked away four or five meters away from me. Thence I doubted with whom she had talk and what are they talked about. Hence, I prefered to put something near her (actually to listen what she talked carefully).

"Oh.. I don't surely know about it, sorry..."
"Yea, because she never tell anything to me"
"Oh she is twenty-five right now, or will be twenty-six..."
"Oh Tyas is twenty-five too, but my daughter is three months elder than her."
"Oh No, I never asking serious thing to her, but yes, sometimes she asked permit to go out with her friend, but no specific person. I mean she always went out with different person, so I can't make sure about it."

Wa wa wait! Mom looked like talk about me! Oh.. I smelled something bad here. It might a......

"Where's he from?"
"Oh yes, that's good for him so"
"He-he.. yea, insyaallah we never know about future"
"Sorry but you should phone me on home because my mobile was error sometimes"
"Okay.. okay, yeah welcome.. thanks, okay see you"

Then "click".
Mom put her mobile off on the table. I stared at her and asked
"Who's phone you?"
"Oh, that's from Aunt Yulie"
"Aunt Yulie? Why suddenly she phones you at early morning like this?"
"Mom, come on..."
"She just asking me something"
"About me?"
"Umm, yes"
"And Tyas?"
"Yes, too"
"Oh No! Why elders always want to do an arranged marriage for young people? Don't they know in what era they live now?" 
"Just let's impossible for me to refuse her too, right?"
"Okay...due to honor because she is our family, that's right, but mom...We have right to choose our own decision too, with whom we will marry and bla bla bla"
"Yes, mom knows it"
"Please, you should not do the same thing like Aunt Yulie or Aunt Yanti or Aunt Ut or Uncle Tono or whoever who want to interfere other people life"
"No! I wont!"
"Good, please's enough for me with Grandpa Harso idea that want me to marry his grandchild. Enough!"
"Mom don't have mind to find you a husband too, you can do it by yourself. You and Tyas are modern women, and this is modern era"

Oh my Lord Alloh, what are they thought about? Find husband for me and Tyas by arranged marriage? I didn't want to know whether the guys approved it or not. I didn't know whether the custom was still valid or no as in other regions or countries, but oh-my-to-the-Lord, in our Javanese tradition, there are still ancient ways like that to arranged marriage for man or woman (and it could do by not only their parents but also the elders like uncle and aunt in whole family). Even I never approved this so-old-way but I still gave high respect to the matchmaker (which is as an elders in our family like uncle/aunt/grandparents), not because we "want" or "wish" to do that thing. Well, for honest, I always failed to understand why people like to interfere other's business, especially their own life. Are they did not realize, that every young person has their right to determine their own feelings matter? Luckily, my mother was not a typical elders like them were interfere other's children. Fiuuuh~


Forgiveness And Love

Within each religion we definitely often find these two words: forgiveness and love. What would happens when there was no forgiveness and love in these life? That's why God created everything with its pairs and opposites. There is day and night, there is east and west, there is fire and water, there is good and bad, there is hate and love. Life teaches us about all these things one by one with its process. 

My grandfather always taught about goodness. Opinion such as,"We should not see things only from result, but the process inside". Subsequently, at the moment we do honest thing in a process of achieving goals, then we see lot of people do fraud/cheat (and it was considered normal ways by them as normal as they did good things), it may be such thought like,"Why we should do honest thing? If fraud is considered as something normal in the wrong way?"

Sometimes we might think: "Every time I do good to those who do bad to me--yet there are no good feedback to me--and what for we should repay malicious with goodness?". This sentence may uttered often by people, as they are often hurt by others. But we have to remember, that goodness will always bring peaceful in our mind and heart. Without sense of revenge, jealousy, fear, and bad thoughts. Just forgive and love those who have been hurt us, it is not easy anyway. But, if you want to make peaceful with yourself, then do it. Occasionally, we are too hard to give forgiveness for someone and chose to keep revenge in their heart, most will answer like,"Let time answer it". The matter is who has power over 'time'? God has power over time and we would never be able to reach mystery of time.

That's why, religion teaches us to forgive and to love others. When we have been doing a favor according to religious teachings and values ​​of life, but still there are people who treated us badly, in fact it is like practice for ourselves. Such a body, which, it used to practice every day, it will become stronger and ready to form antibodies to the body itself. Such of biological warning. As well as human soul, if it trained with contradictions in themselves however they still can take wisdom from it, surely, it will be easy for them through life to the future.

I ever wrote in a status, like this: "Pray for those who have done bad things to you, because they are people who actually deserve to be prayed over". Therefore, one of my cousin commented like this, "My mother said, if someone hit you, then you should give them a kick. In order to make him know what it feels like". Okay, I do not blame at this comment. This cousin is my aunt's son (who are taught by different family culture too), so there is nothing wrong. It's just matter of perspective and family education, just that's. It might the sentence I wrote in my status looked like some kind of 'weakness' or 'powerlessness', whatever.

But it must keep in mind too, forgiveness and love is not given to the things that out of limits, such as: insult your religion or insult your family honor. Forgiveness is not given to the things like that, if we give forgiveness for such an insult, it means we justify something wrong. That's what taught by my grandparents. There are so many of us who use term or phrase--popular sentence--without consideration of logical analysis. The phrase that actually makes us have wrong interpret, then influence way of thinking and even change way of act. One of them is "Patience has no limits". Well, umm, will you be patient when someone insults your Lord/God and your parents? Listen this, patience is not matter of has limits or no limits. Because patience is not etape-series as in Formula-1 race. But patience is the media. Patience is container, such as glass or bowl. Just how we measure ourselves then.

So, even though we embed forgiveness and love in ourselves, there remain some limitations, which we should have being assertive, so that people will know when we are upset (by right reason and to right person). That's the values of Javanese puppet. Each person has their way of looking problem. God has given us mind, sense and ability to see the sides life both good and bad impact, of course it depends on how people interpret them.


Bening Rahardjo

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Apple Dreams

You're still worth to stop in my night dreams. Perhaps it's because I don't want to let you go, even if only mirage visualization. Though, you never say one word, just smiles enough. Maybe I am being afraid to interpret, or just a fear that my guess would miss from what I actually want. But you're still worthy to remain in my golden throne at night. Whatever it means. Sometimes God is too good to indulge me with your presence, though only a shadow. Yet, it's not the way of god if it is not filled with all secrets. Like keep your figure--who was never able for me to touch in any real. You never even left the clues to lead me reach you. Do you know, sometimes I admired white shirt, because your shadow. Sometimes I admire the blue shirt, that  because of your shadow too. So did I admire red roses, it was also because of you. 

If only I never had promise, if only you've never had promise. Perhaps I would not get stuck in this shadow. It might you never spoke with the night, but I've always. It might you never be friends with a lonely, but I've always. If we talk about promise, let's say you might have forgotten. But I do not, or maybe not yet. I know God's statutes has lots of mystery, but one day it will be kept. Such similarly with the promise..



Friday, April 25, 2014

Mahabarata Series at ANTV

You may know about Mahabarata Story, it's epic story from India. For hindu people, they may familiar with this story. But I wont discuss about India here. Don't you think that I would carry around Bollywood-bloody-stuff here (with its flowery garden, and the dance, and the music everywhere--oh-my-to-the-what--NO!). I am totally not into it! I just want to share about Javanese moral which usually taken from Wayang due to Mahabarata Story. 

First of all, this story focuses on struggle for Hastinapura throne by Pandawa clan versus Kurawa clan. Mahabharata is often shown in Java puppet. If I am interested to watch this series, it is not based on "belief / religion", but rather about moral values ​​and goodness therein. This reminds me of Java puppet story that always taught by my grandpa and grandma

This story is told that Pandawa were five brothers who grew out by goodness and moral education. They are children of Pandu. Pandu has two wife, Kunthi and Madrim. Pandawa there are Yudhistira/Puntadewa, Bima/Werkudara, Arjuna/Janaka, Nakula and Sadewa. They are very wise in passing all bitterness and goodness of life. They backed up by the wisdom of Bhisma, their grandpa.

Pandawa cartoon. Left-right: Yudhistira, Arjuna, Bima, Nakula and Sadewa
While Kurawa, children from Drestarastha and Gandari, consist of 100 brothers, who lived from luxuries and had bad character such as greedy, petty, cruel, sneaky and malicious. Kurawa always got sedition by their sneaky uncle, Sengkuni.

Left-right: Duryudhana, Setyowati, Khrisna, Gandari and Arjuna
Left-right: Setyowati, Sengkuni, Drupadi, Arjuna
 But in the Mahabharata story I've ever read, there were figures of women who felt the doubt, even sadness because social norms whereas it makes them not have many options for their own way of life. Just look at the story of Drupadi. Drupadi is Yudhistira's wife, who used as a bet in dice game/gambling among Pandawa versus Kurawa. When Pandawa lost, Drupadi was stripped by Dushasana front many people. Drupadi was one of many reason that caused Bharatayuda war happen.

This series is really worth to watch than Indonesia soap opera (a.k.a sinetron) which does not provide good education (both moral and insight) for children and family. Indonesia sinetron full with its stale topics about love, boyfriend seizure, ghost, social inequality, or humor that not qualified, etc. People bored with all that stuff (I mean, me and my family especially). People need something new that give them education. I mean, really good education both moral and insight. In terms of education, Mahabarata epic is very good to be used as an example of people in real life. Moreover, for Javanese people that has lost its identity nowadays. My grandpa said like this, "Don't claim to be Javanese, if you can not uphold both morals and values ​​of life which always kept by Javanese since long ago". Do you interest to know more about Mahabarata story? :)


Bening Rahardjo

Amazingly-Mozzie-Tastic of Karimunjawa Island

Have you ever heard about Karimunjawa Islands? Perhaps people been very familiar with Bali Island. Even traveler was told that it's not enough just 100 days to venture around all islands in Indonesia (with its whole cultural and exotic tourist resort). Yes, maybe Indonesia is identical with Bali Island. But in fact, there are so so soooooooo many tourist destinations in Indonesia which are interesting to visit beside Bali Island. One of them is Karimunjawa Islands. 

From thousand beaches in Indonesia, Karimunjawa is one of the best beaches. It's really beautiful and unforgettable. For me, Karimunjawa is one of island that you are required to visit. Besides quiet, this island offers you peaceful place unparalleled. You can find peaceful at the edge of beach. The clean white sand, friendly people, clear blue water, fresh air and wealth marine. Exciting isn't it?

This island is located in district of Karimunjawa, Jepara, Central Java Provinces. Since 200, Karimunjawa was defined as National Park with an area of ​​111.625 hectares. Karimunjawa Islands is included in 27 island clusters in Java. This island is lowland with its tropical forest. There are 5 islands inhabited by local people, including Parang Island, Nyamuk Island, Kemujan Island, and Genting Island.

How to get there?

Here's the map:
Central java map in capture
From the map above, we can see there are two ways to get Karimunjawa Islands. Remember, if you leave whether from Semarang or Jepara, it will affect to the ship cost, and also it depends on what class you choose. Here I write for you guys the update schedule and cost from Central Java Provincial Culture and Tourism Office (2014), but price can be change every time. 

1. First, you can leave from Tanjung Mas Harbour (from Semarang) to Karimunjawa Harbour 


Here the schedule:
A. Semarang - Karimunjawa :     Saturday       09.00-13.00 (Indonesia West Side Timing) /WIB
                                                            Monday        08.00-12.00
B. Karimunjawa - Semarang :     Sunday         14.00-18.00
                                                            Wednesday   13.00-17.00
Ticket Price:
Executive         Rp 150.000,-
Business           Rp 130.000,-

2. Second, you can leave from Kartini Harbour (from Jepara) to Karimunjawa Harbour

Here the schedule:
A. Jepara - Karimunjawa :        Tuesday              09.00-11.30 (Indonesia West Side Timing) / WIB
B. Karimunjawa - Jepara :        Wednesday         08.00-10.30

Ticket Price:
Executive         Rp 90.000,-
Business           Rp 80.000,-

Here the schedule:
A. Jepara - Karimunjawa :        Monday              09.00-15.00 (Indonesia West Side Timing) / WIB
                                                           Wednesday         09.00-15.00
                                                           Saturday              09.00-15.00
B. Karimunjawa - Jepara :         Tuesday              08.00-14.00 (Indonesia West Side Timing) / WIB
                                                           Thursday             08.00-14.00
                                                           Sunday                08.00-14.00
Ticket Price:
Economy         Rp 30.000,-
VIP                    Rp 80.000,-

Here the schedule:
A. Jepara - Karimunjawa :          Monday             10.30-12.00 (Indonesia West Side Timing) / WIB
                                                             Tuesday             10.00-11.30
                                                             Friday                14.00-15.30
                                                             Saturday            10.30-12.00
B. Karimunjawa - Jepara :           Monday            13.00-14.30 (Indonesia West Side Timing) / WIB
                                                            Wednesday       10.00-11.30
                                                            Saturday            08.00-09.30
                                                            Sunday              14.00-15.30
Ticket Price:
Executive          Rp 85.000,-
Business            Rp 110.000,-

But keep in mind, travel to Karimunjawa is not easy as you go somewhere else, due to air waves which is sometimes can not be crossedso you need to know first if the date and month that you specify can be traversed or notIf you don't take info details, you can stuck on the island for a weekIf you have lots money to trip, you can take chartered plane from Ahmad Yani Airport in Semarang to fly to Dewandaru Airport in Kemujan Island. Look at map below.

Karimunjawa Islands map *click to large it

At Karimunjawa Islands you can see many variety of marine biota and fauna that refresh your eyes. Among them are deers, long-tailed-monkeys and hundreds of aquatic fauna. If you move closer to Geleang Island and Burung Island, there is kind of rare fauna such as white-chest-sea-eagles, hawksbill and green turtles. In Menjangan Besar Island you can enjoy the beauty of ornamental fishes, sharks, and other fishes. You also can go to the breeding of white and grey sharks, then swim together with them (just if you're brave for the dare).
Welcome sign will welcomes you at the harbour
The view is perfectly PARADISE!
Cottages near the beaches
All facilities are complete, such as hotels, house inn, restaurants, mosque, and souvenir stalls. There are Amore Cafe and Restaurant if you want some entertaining place at night. You also can buy local handycraft such as salted fish, dried fish, or things made from local famous wood carving. There are 3 local wooden such as Dewandaru, Setigi and Kalimasada. Local people believe that each wood has different symbol and meaning. 

New Ocean hotels
Karimunjawa Inn hotels
Besides our stomach and sleep needs, there are also complete facilities for swimming, snorkeling and diving. Even more, there is glass bottom boat that we can rent if you can not swim.

Swim around grey sharks :d
Are you challenge for this? :d
You can also taste the typical-Indonesia-food with fresh seafood and rice (and don't forget to taste the sambal--fresh chilli sauce that grilled). It's only 50 thousands rupiahs for big fish--it's enough for three). Or you can go to Alun-Alun at night to taste Nasi Goreng and Satay, with yummy dessert Pisang Owol (grilled bananas with cheese and chocolate) and also Martabak Telor/Martabak Manis (fried egg and spring onion pancakes). It's cheap but really tasty!

You can do beach-sitting here and enjoy the air
Beautiful marine biota

So, have you put Karimunjawa Islands in your vacation destination list? :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014 Kepo Apa yaa Hari Ini?

How often do you use your brain?
Haha, crap! Of course EVERYTIME...I am not Patrick anyway :d 
What do you like to do on the weekends?
Hangout with friends or sleeping at home 
What is your favorite pet’s name?
Viva La Tora! :D
How do you define “smart”?
Well educated, have large knowledges and great attitude too :) 
Kalo menurut kamu cantik itu kayak apa sih?
Cantik itu yg bisa merawat diri, merawat hati dan otak. Gak harus berkulit putih kayak iklan di tivi kalau mau jadi cantik. Yg penting smart, attitude dan bersih :) 
If you could only see three people for the rest of your life who would it be?
Mommy, mbah kakung, bapak. 
What do you usually forget? 
All things! 
What is the most important thing that you should do today?
Keep my stand at bazaar :|
Do you miss anyone right now?
Yes, actually, I miss my college friends.
What shoes did you wear today?
I wore sandals, not shoes. Trims. 
What is the best thing about being your age?
How old were you when you learned how to ride a bike?
Umm...when I was at 1 degree of elementary school. 
What magazines do you read? 
In Style :)) 
What's something you do well?
What gift would you like to receive on the upcoming holidays?
A little surprise thing from someone who closest to me and my family. 
Apa yang ada di bawah tempat tidurmu?
Bersih doooong! 
Apakah kamu mencintai negaramu?
Saya selalu bersyukur sebagai Indonesian. Hanya lemahnya hukum dan masalah korupsi saja yang bikin gerah amit-amit. 
Apa yang akan Anda lakukan dengan ketenaran "15 menit"?
Apaan yah, umm...muncul di semua saluran media cetak elektronik dan lain-lain yang ada di seluruh dunias ecara serempak dan give them speech.. 
Do you think people are basically bad or basically good?
People basically born with good heart but then education and environment had shape them to be the good or bad one. 
Do you treat your body like a Temple or more like an Amusement Park?
Amusement park.

Nano - Karakuri Pierrot

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our Health Care

Dad, this is 3 days from your birthday... 
But still I haven't visit your 'house' yet :(

I am really really your bad-lil-girl, uh? I am sorry, but we had so many things left. Mom went out of town for some work. Brother always went home at night from his office, until fell sick. Then Lintang had exam and tution too. Rahma went back to Bogor during her school holiday. And Yostri helped me maintaining the office. I felt really tired so far, but it doesn't matter as long as I was happy through my busy days--picked and dropped Mom, Lintang, Rahma-then kept the office-then prepared house daily needs-then bla bla bla until night--and finished by sleeping beauty at my comfy room.

Two days ago, my heart was recur again. I was really afraid if I got angina or whatever again. But yes, it definetely breathless. Then I drove my motorcyle to drugstore at downtown and bought an oxygen inhaler. It helped me so much at night. I thought I should buy the smaller one to be carried everywhere when I went out. But I haven't found yet what it's like. Sometimes I saw people with asthma brought that small tube (but whether it's particulary for astma or not... I don't know yet).

Umm and, oh.. I want to share this important thing with you all readers. Please do not underestimate back-pain or heart-pain and breathless that you usually got. If your body showed unusual symptoms, go see to check your body to a specialist. Do not wait until you feel the tremendous pain. Anyway make sure you have quality sleep time too. It's not a matter of how long you sleep, but quality sleep is whenever your mind is really in the most relaxed position. For chronic insomniac people, do not underestimate your sleeping problems, if you are having problem such as feel 'hard' to sleep, you should identify factors cause and find solutions for it. Depression, people with heart disease, high-blood-pressure, or astma may interfere your sleep too. Do not use over medication--like antidepressant drugs or sleeping pills--for insomnia (from doctor/that you get easily at drugstore), because it may have undersided side effect for your body too, believe me, I've ever tried it. 

If you do have special health disorders, provide a specific tools for first act in an emergency situation. For example like me--with heart problems--provide an oxygen inhaler for emergency. Like this:

Oxygen inhaler

And provide special medication from your specialist. Don't forget to control your health routine too. 
Health is important, so be grateful!