Monday, May 12, 2014

If We Don't Stop This, Who Will???

It's sad to read latest news both print and electronic about Indonesia emergency status over child protection from sexual harassment which established by KPAI (Indonesia Commission on Child Protection). It seems like this country isn't safe place for children to play and learn freely. Sexual predators threatening children and it could happen anywhere, anytime. Even Aisyiah chairman said that government (in this case was Indonesia President) should doing some concrete action to wipe out sexual harassment to children, which getting more and more acute in Indonesia nowadays. 

Of course I think so! It is very embarrassing to hear morning news today, another case occured in Pagaralam, South Sumatera, where Religious ministry official named sodomy suspect to 5 students at a boarding school (pesantren). Just these words from me: It's disgustingly!
"Separately, in a violent case involving children, which claimed the life of a 10-year-old girl named Jihan Salsabila, the director of the HM Rabain Regional Hospital in South Sumatra’s Muara Enim regency, Suwandi Safitra, said Jihan had been diagnosed as suffering from an infection to her brain membrane when she was admitted to the hospital. Jihan was suffering from a high fever and spasms when her family brought her to the hospital. Based on analysis, the spasms were caused by an infection to the brain membrane" (
"From the research conducted, each year, 400 children in Indonesia became sexual abuse victims by an adult" - Erlinda, Secretary of KPAI

Political and legal aspects are very necessary to reduce this number. If there is no authoritative national political step from government, another cases might be occur future. In otherwise, prevention also needs to be cultivated in our society, whether it's parental involvement (parents should be more 'care' of their children social environment, as well as 'care' to both psychological and physical changes of their children) or public awarness about anomalies issueThere are compelling reason that recently trevealed by investigators, due to motive that underlying motive of sexual violence perpetrators. They said that the perpetators have been victims of sexual violence (too) in their childhood whereupon the main reason why that criminal act happen. Such a motive, but that's not excuse at all!

You know, I believe that correlation doesn't (always) imply causation for some act. If all correlation does imply causation for what people do in this world, there are  possibilities, later (either in what years to come), our law would be too weak to enforce another cases like what happen now. Why? Because there would be excuse to lighten punishment for all perpetrators who had same motive. If they had been victim of sexual abuse in their past, of course they COULD choose to NOT do the same thing to others, because what? Because SENSE OF TRAUMA. Quite all pain in their past that were supposed to be AN OPTION to prevent the same actions to others. If the reason was because they have been victims of sexual abuse in their past, (which could be considered into an excuse to lighten the punishment for them) I REALLY REALLY DISAGREE. It's not an excuse.

I hope punishment sexual violenceperpetrators can be maximized, as well as psychological pressure that suffered by all victims of his/her life towards.

All Regards,

-Bening Rahardjo-