Sunday, February 9, 2014

Obituary: H.M. Lukminto


Solo City citizens must have been familiar with that name. Yes, H.M. Lukminto (or born with name Ie Djie Shin), is the founder and owner of PT Sri Isman Rejeki Textile (PT Sritex). Last wednesday, on 5th February 2014, he had passed away in Mount Elizabeth Hospital Singapore. The gait of Lukminto in textiles world was no need to doubt indeed. Through PT Sritex, he have been successfully penetrate the textile world market. Among other, as a supplier of military uniforms for some countries. In 1992, PT Sritex began to seriously focus on military textiles. At the same time, PT Sritex prompted be military logistics provider for soldier uniforms. After successfully worked on domestic market, in the same year also, PT Sritex trying to penetrate European market. German  Army which became the primarily  market, even up to made NATO uniforms (North Atlantic  Treaty Organization). Now there are 26 states that  have ordered army uniforms from PT Sritex.

I personally, as Indonesian basketball league lovers, get to know Mr.Luk for his gait on basketball world especially in Solo City. Beside as founder of the largest textile factory in Southeast Asia, he also was part of Sritex Arena founder. Without his dedication, Solo City might not have basketball venue with its international standard which we very proud of, it's named Sritex Arena (times ago also as known as Gor Bhineka). Because of his touch, Sritex Arena became one of grandest basketball buildings in Indonesia. Indeed, Mr.Luk's dedication to basketball in Solo was very immense. Including of Bhineka Sritex and Dragons Sritex Enduro's formation. Mr.Luk also known as basketball lovers. He gave full support to Bhineka Solo professional club that debuted in the 1990's to 2000's. Until now, Sritex Arena still serves as basketball venue. For these four seasons, the court with its 3500 capacity of spectators never missed becoming one of venues where organizing the highest Indonesia basketball leagues: NBL Indonesia and WNBL Indonesia. The biggest basketball league for student: Developmental Basketball League (DBL) and Junior Basketbal League (JRBL) also held in Sritex Arena. 

Mr.Luk: top-right with Bhineka Club
First day of Speedy NBL Indonesia 2013-2014 Solo Series III opened with emotionally. Towards the big-match of Aspac Jakarta vs CLS Knights Surabaya, spectators in Sritex Arena give tribute to Mr.Luk. NBL Indonesia Commissioner Azrul Ananda lead all audience, invitations, and sponsors who attended, plus all CLS and Aspac players for a moment of silence. It was done before the procession of national anthem Indonesia Raya.

Azrul with Iwan Lukminto and wife

Goodbye Mr.Luk, Rest In Peace, insyaallah Allah SWT give you the best place. Amiin..