Wednesday, November 26, 2014

End Violence Against Women NOW! #orangeurhood

120 million girls around the world have experienced sexual violence. 1 in 3 women and girls experience violence in their lifetime. Whether at home, streets, or during the war, Violence Against Women is a global pandemic that takes place in PUBLIC and PRIVATE spaces. We don't look person as a man or a woman, we look as what they behave. Please raise awareness as this issue. We need to teach our children that every woman and every girl is deserving of our protection. 

Voices of Survivors’ tells the stories of survivors of violence against women in their own words. They speak of the impact violence had upon them, and how they have found the resources to move forward in their lives. Their stories remind us why taking a stand to prevent violence against women and girls is critical.

Please, raise your awareness as this issue. It's not about women's right, it's all about HUMAN rights.

My name is Bening and I stand for all survivors around the world. My heart goes out to those survivors, be strong and peaceful person! 


Bening Rahardjo