Friday, September 6, 2013

The Dawn Attack

Hallo! Actually it's been quite long time I want to write this post, but I have too much forget than what I remember :p So, tonight, as long as I remember, I'll write little. I encountered this incident by myself. This is related with politics

At this time, the election environment gets hotter. Many legislative candidates popping up their campaign by large billboards that displayed in some protocol streets. Not only that. In fact, individuals who declared himself as candidate president in upcoming elections, also start popping up by many media. The main media that able to reach the masses, of course,are televisi and newspaper. Blessed, for those candidates who have ubstantial capital stock in the media industry, especially in broadcasting media and print media. Surely, they have space campaign that much larger than other candidates. Although the Broadcasting Commission and the Press Council had set and stated explicitly, that media should remain professional and neutral from any political. But nonetheless, there are some media that implicitly give the pro to one candidate (ie, they are the capital owner of that media). Besides, one of dirty tricks that they used (for those who have substantial capital) is ... dawn attack using media. If you ask, how about the example? I will answer through this story below.

Our family has long subscribed to local newspaper. Every morning around 7am, paperboy will deliver to our house. I know, that the company was not only rise one newspaper brand (like what we subscribe), but there are also some brand rised by the company. If there is promo for other newspapers to promote their new brand, they will inform to customer (either by an official announcement in newspaper, or from the paperboy). The funny thing is, sometimes, I found that our newspaper subscriptions replaced with another newspaper brand (which is clearly NOT a part of brand that raised by the company). Initially, I thought there must be mistake of paperboy. But, it did not only take once, twice times. But after I met discrepancy, I suspect a "bad thing" happen here. My feeling as a communication graduate sticking, especially since I'm studying political science too, specifically the science of political communication. I feel that it related with "someone" a.k.a capital owners. I tried to do investigation by myself, if the "newspaper-exchanged" incident is repeated again, so my guess could be said getting closer to the truth.

Aaaannndddd, my guess was right! The incident happened again few days ago! Even though I asked paperboy, he would not understand, because he just took from the agent. Interestingly, it turns out the paper show profiles one candidates clearly in some pages. So? What game this is?!