Sunday, September 1, 2013

Black Campaign in Independence Day Celebrations

Sorry if this time I wrote bit thing that smells political. However, I learned lot about politics in college. Ok, start from one activities in my hometown. The event was organized by citizens to celebrate Indonesia Independence Day. So last month.  

Incidentally, I was one activists in my neighborhood. So, I have contributed as committee in some events. Before, we worked hard to raise funds from some events too. We also raise some funds from citizens, without limiting the amount. Until we collected sum money that we need for organizing event. Finally, came the day when event was held. But from some meetings which held before, there are some peculiarity person. When we were getting set up decorations for event which held in the evening, what we found were very miserable. How did not? The decorations which supposed to be filled with "knick-knacks" of Indonesia Independence Day (such as red-white flags, symbols of independence celebrations, etc) become an arena for displaying attributes of one political party. GREAT!  

There are one person who had power, which tried to occupy the event, and setting up into a black campaign for one Major Candidates. We've been trying to get rid some attributes (one of the most striking are the PICTURE of candidates). Whatever the power we had, it turns out "he" was set up the event such-that, and-so-did the event was aimed (did not else and did not instead of) to CAMPAIGN The Candidates! In fact, since beginning, "this people" volunteered himself became MC event. It turns out, the event led to "the mass hypnosis process". Well..... I thought this guy bit SICK! And the fact was true. 
I personally condemned party which hijacking public funds for benefit of the party!!