Friday, July 26, 2013

The Decision To Wear Hijab


Here I share story about hijab. I take in general point of view, not just for Muslim / Muslimah, it's to be understood by all people.
Hijab. Jilbab. Kerudung. Tudung. Whatsoever it called. These the meaning of Hijab that I put from Wikipedia source: 
Hijab (Arabic: حجاب hijab) is the Arabic word meaning barrier. In some Arabic-speaking countries and Western countries, the word "hijab" is more often used to refer to the veil by Muslim women. But in Islam, hijab refers to appropriate procedures of dress-up in religious beliefs. Dress-up, it means not only by the look but also the things that hide by look. I mean, about religious.

I was a little hurt by one of my friend who told me like that: "It signifies the character your hijab. today more and more women Muslim wear hijab, but their behavior is same as those people who do not wear hijab. Seen, the artists, they rushed to wear hijab, for them, the meaning of hijab was no more than a FASHION".

HEY, her opinion very very very conservative. The matter of wearing hijab is the duty of Muslimah. The matter "behavior" of those who wear hijab, it is NOT a part of the hijab CHARACTER. NOTE it!

Because I didn't want to extend our debate, I only wrote these in my twitter:

"Sorry. My hijab was not like a character. My hijab was religious beliefs."

and these too: 

"Covering is simple. But believing is the main thing. Selamat berbuka."