Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Delightful Dinner with Amateur Chef Bening :d

Horaaay, finally last night I successfully cooked fried rice aka nasi goreng with great plating haha.. though still an amateur, at least the flavor of my fried rice was no salinity (this was first time I cooked and it tasted fit, lol :D). I used half-ripe apples to enrich the taste and I gave it a little touch with sauce that I made by ​​myself, as complement, that sauce was blend of sesame sauce, salted sauce and tomato sauce (maybe it felt bit strange, but tasty). Probably it due to 'one-serving-enough' so it tasted better than usual, or maybe because there was more effort for beautiful plating therefore affected to flavor, whatever. But one thing for sure, I was happy succeeded in cook this beautiful fried rice :s