Monday, May 5, 2014

A Support For Sexual Harassment Victims At JIS

Hi readers from Indonesia, do you still remember with sexual harassment case that happen to one kindergarten student in one elite international school at Jakarta? Any of you following that case? I wont go into detail about that case, but maybe you can read it here or here also for english version. Another case was the shocking sexual crimes that occurred in West Java by Emon, he did immoral actions against dozens children. Last note, there are 73 children became his victims. Sexual crimes can happen to everyone, everytime, everywhere. At home or living environment, at school, at work, even on public transportation. What would I write here is purely my opinion as form of my concerns for sexual harassment case that may occur to everyone, as well as my support for the victims (and their families). However, support from family is the most important thing. May The Lord Alloh SWT bestow protection and strength to all victims of sexual harassment--everywhere you are--going forward. Amiin.

Somehow, I was too disgusted and angry with "sexual harassment" words. However, it is the most contemptible of human beings (which is supposed to be more moral than the animals). Funny thing, the motive of one actor was because he had also been a victim of sexual harassment in his past. IT'S NOT MOTIVE and IT'S NOT JUSTIFIED AT ALL. An educational institution, which should give sense of security and comfort for students to learn, it becomes hell for students. Then, where the responsibility of school and the Ministry of Education in this case? Related with psychological development that will most likely suffered by victim through all his life (tragically, victim age was 5 years old at this time). Indeed, The Ministry of Education has done their investigation to this international school due that case, and there are four key findings from investigation, you can read here. Of course, Indonesia has become international spotlight due this case.

The weakness of Indonesian law against actors of sexual harassment are also very poor. Can you imagine, if people closest to you becomes sexual harassment victim at her/his young age, while the abuser punished only with 3 or 4 years? Is that PROPORTIONAL with all trauma that will maybe faced by the victim during all her/his life later?? The government SHOULD be ABLE to build rehabilitation center for sexual harassment victims so they can get psychological therapy. And people should be educated about "SOCIAL JUSTIFICATION" against the victims too, so that they will not make the victim feels inferior to seize  opportunity and achievement, because the victims also has the same rights as everyone. Don't judge them, don't judge their family, they need our help and support. 

May the government and public becomes more educated, learn together from these cases, so there will be no more cases which can hurts Indonesian education. Amiin.

With full love and respect for sexual harassment victims--everywhere...
God with us...

-Bening Rahardjo-