Friday, July 11, 2014

Convo: Ga*a Tonight

"Just to be clear, I am not standing for any side.
But I can telling you, that I am standing for women and children."

Mr. X: It's amazing that so few have been killed in Ga*a after so many sorties. I applaud the I*F's professionalism & humanity.

Me: Excuse me? So few? Humanity? Do you see how many children always become victims there, Sir? And you called it humanity by killed people?

Mr. X: You don't attack 500+ targets in 36 hours with 400+ tons of explosives and only kill 38 people by accident. Ha*as's use of human shields contributed to that number. Immoral and a war crime.

Me: First to be clear, I am not standing for Ha*as or I*F. Is humanity just hanging on weapon, Sir?  Is there any humanity by the word of "war"?

Mr. X: Absolutely. In war one can choose to behave humanely as we've discussed, or not, I*IS for example...Read and tell me who is more humane...? Victims of Ha*as who have brainwash the children to commit suicide for Allah. Mu*lims killing each other.

Me: In spite of influence new generation by science & technology, it's all just about "how to be & treat other as HUMAN". That's all. Humanitarian issue is sensitive conversation. Leave all the attributes and issues of religion, ethnicity and region if we want to achieve it. Human is blood. Blood is blood. Blood has no name. Blood has no religion. Blood has no region. Blood has no language and ethnic. Not because I wear this scraf then I stand for Ga*a. NO. It's all just about human.

I don't care people called me ass*ole or what. I don't care if even I bullied by you or what. At least, I can say that I stand for women and children. I can help by the way I can, by writing, by discussion with powered-people. To stop the war, anywhere. PLEASE.......


Bening Rahardjo