Thursday, August 28, 2014

"The Fuel" Today

This morning, I went around to 4 gas station to refueling my matic motorcycle. Premium, solar, even Pertamax sold out everywhere. Ghost! I thought it was only bad news which I heard on television, but I found it by myself. Fortunately, I found 1 gas station opened and I did not care if I had to paid more to buy Pertamax. Premium or Pertamax really doesn't matter at all in this situation. Until, I said to gas station attendant, "Omg, you know Sir, I've reached four different gas stations, and this is the fifth. If I get here closed too, I think my motor will run out of gas on the road. Look, it's empty". He just said, "Yes, Miss. Actually, the supply was normal yesterday, but it seems there are many suppliers who piled up the fuel. So, this is it...". Okay, it turns out what's government promised on television that they guarantee the fuel supply will normally run, is a big lie. Try me. They have to look up what's trend going on twitter today "SPBU" became trending topic and many people complained the same thing. If there are gas station opened but the queue was throughout a dragon. Toooooo long to wait, and it did not provide a guarantee when you had a long queue, then you would get it. No! :/

Here's the pictures I got from many sources today:

So, people....Let's use the fuel efficiently!