Wednesday, March 15, 2017

'Bug Transition' at Work (Do What You Love / Love What You Do)

Hi, apa kabar? Hope you guys in a good and happy situation. Bless for all of us :)

Hmm... have you ever faced 'bug transition' at work? No, this is not about the 'bug' as in software system, kinda like that analogy. I mean, each people may react differently to different type of changes; or event the same type of change occurring at different times in life. For example I had a weird problem when I was suddenly confronted with the work related to tender or auction; as some of you already knew, that my basic previous work before are related to computer and fashion; and right when I'm faced with the procurement tender process, of course I experienced a kind of 'bug transition', like some kind of 'jetlag' at work. I just realize that I am facing a very much different job from what I've lived, in spite of the fact that all still related to administration stuff, but this is obviously much different. When I lived my role at fashion work, I so enjoyed it. Take care of mailing, filing documents, scheduling a meeting with client, set the work plan, do the contract agreement, choose material fabrics, body fitting, make sure the tailors working hard to support production system, do packing, shipping, and others. I know, a job that is associated with passion will feel more alive and energized. True.

Afterwards, when I was faced with tender projects which its debt ceiling could be far above the usual contract I ever signed, honestly I felt scared and nervous. Is this the work I really want? Still, the document selection were super strict and meticulous, no doubt, it was electronically and transparently project organized by the government. All bidders could monitor via internet. Still, bureaucratic system are very complicated. It does not matter when it comes to permission and other terms, because it should to be legal. But my point here is, the appointment documents that are exhausting; you have to get there, you have to go here, you have to do this, you have to be so (anyway I don't know what's the function of electronic transparency here). When the government are ready for electronic procurement, it should not need to be complicated as it was for physical document screening process. Well, maybe it was just me who don't understand about auction. Just skip.
Adjusting to a new culture and environment is a normal process and can generate a wide variety of reactions and feelings. People move through life they continually experience change and transition. These changes often result to new networks, new relationships, new behaviors, and new self-perceptions; juts like what I faced. Many people go through a period of personal frustration or disenchantment with their new environment. Such a 'culture shock' and it's normal part. Whereas, this could be a serious problem if the stress factors aren't handled properly. Still, to keep in mind is happiness. Are you happy living your job? Or is it just to make something negative to you? It's all up to you. We have different type of person at work. There are people who are challenged to do work which 'THIS ISN'T ME AT ALL'. Beside, there are people who prefer to pursue job what became their PASSION. It depends which personally are you? Me? I am clearly for the second anyway. I don't want to be stuck in the wrong place :)

 So for those of you who also experienced a 'bug transition' as I am, let us prepare ourselves to adapt with any situation. Be bouncy and flexible, because life is just a matter of how we are prepared to accept any impacts. Be bold for the change, and more importantly: Be bold for who you are!


Bening Rahardjo