Monday, March 27, 2017

Practicing And Learning New Thing at Work

It was super busy week, I've been kinda busy with my tenders schedule. Like what I've told you before, this is a new field of work for me. I did not expect that to lead the auction process would be as complicated as this (specially when dealing with government bureaucracy) .Hahaha. 
Anyway, when I worked as a fashion designer assistant, the sense of fatigue was also greater than this. I worked almost a full week. I've worked in 'numb' feeling as if there were no Sunday in your week dictionary of life. Really. Whether that's good or bad? Good if it is worth with the compensation you receive. Bad if you are only enslaved by work and don't have time to relieve pressure of work (at least a day in week). From the beginning, I didn't understand how to measure and then I learned. I didn't understand about design, then I finally charged with creativity. In fashion work, it required me to understand and memorize the materials fabric, zipper, thread, buttons, sequins, embroidery, printing, etc. I was also have to understand the quality of stitching. I had to learn a new fashion trend that always turns. I also observed characteristic of famous designers from abroad and within the country. However,  I did it all with passion because I love fashion world! So whatever felt tired, it was still fun.

Whereas now, this is really a new field that I learned. I am facing what so called the 'economy' field which do require me to understand and familiar with economic terms, I have much to learn. Bad news, I am stressful to follow all steps of my work. Good news, I don't have to work a full week. The things I learned was not in vain, the company that I represent won fairly large tender project this year. I won my very first tender! Omg! Cheers, though starting next Wednesday will be a busy day-to-day for me *sigh* But the numbers I will accept is certainly comparable to the work that I do.
God bless us!