Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wound? Tears? Just Thankful to God :)

Hello world!  
I wanna share lil story, from my own. Hope it can be wisdom for readers. Happy reading y all!

Don't you think, someone who always looks cheerful, never have sorrow in his/her life. Don't you think, someone who always looks laughing in public, never feel the pain he/her keep.
Just like me. 

I'm just an ordinary woman, who always try to think positively. Always try to smile to everyone who comes to my life, always try to look cheerful in public. Indeed, that's what life should be like. Right? 

When people ask you, "Hi, how are you?" or "Hi you! So whaddya do?" And you answer it by "I feel so great". (Although, you keep lot of sorrow in your life). It's not a lie. It's part of positive mind.

I had lot of sorrow in recent years, but I should stuck with thankfulness. That, my life was soooooo beautiful. That, God was soooooo good to me. That, there was always positive thing in every wound or tears. Yep, I was soooooo good.

FYI, since 2008, I got verdict from the doctor specialist heart and lung that I suffered cardiovascular disease. (To know more about cardiovascular disease or heart disease click here). That made me should took heart medicine almost every day. More details, such as how I felt every time my illness relapsed (in our dictionary, it called angina), let me kept it alone.
Lost one by one person who I love in my life: my lovely grandma, my lovely grandpa, my biological-father, my lovely aunt, and last, 13 days ago, my "real father"... also made wounds for me.

After my father died, (I mean, now), I got sick. I was attacked by typhus, and then also known, there was little sediment in my left kidney. *sakit kok banyak amit -____- alhamdulillah yaa Allah :')* I think it's also due to chemical's accumulation from heart medicine that I used.

Until now, I'm still take the medicine. But first I had many years of taking medicine from doctor (generic), now, since my kidney in trouble, I turn to herbal medicine. No matter of "believe or not believe" in medicine, but more sense of secure (especially for the kidneys).

Well, that was my story. So, always be thankful for your life today, and your health, of course :')

Best Regards,

-as clear as you called my name-