Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Forbidden Spots on Campus: Myth or Fact? (1)

Hi there! See ya again! It was sooooooo long I didn't type on the keyboard to update my blog. I really missed this blog! Really!!! 

Well...This post will definitely be an exciting theme, because the theme I talk about is..............mystery ! Get ready for goosebumps ya! Hahahaha :D *annoying face

The theme started from my delightful feeling (mystery=delightful??? sounds CRAZY -_-) when I read tweets by a cyber friend, just call her Dwita. @dwitasaridwita 

Some time ago, she was raving about the mystery in her ex-campus. Universitas Indonesia (UI). Yes, maybe Dwita was alumnus of UI. Perhaps, some of you (the visitors from Indonesia) will be really familiar with the mystery story on campus, and, about her tweets......here we go....... :)

Told, there are two women, you name it Ani and Cici. Until eight p.m. they were still in campus to complete assignments. They sat and chatting until was 10 p.m. When both were in conversations, came a woman, also sat on their bench. Ani and Cici just catch a glimpse, and the woman looked down, but she smile on her face behind. After a while, there was conversations:
The Woman : "Why do you guys haven't go home yet?"
Ani : "We are completing the assignments. This, my friend is still downloading"
The Woman : "You guys not afraid?"
Ani : "Hahaha, of course not. Why we must afraid?" 
And once again, the woman just smile on her face behind....looks mysterious.

A moment later, Ani want to unplug the laptop charger those under table. She looked down at the table, and..........................instantly, her face became pale. She was silent and just said to Cici: 

Ani : "Let's go home!" (she cleared his stuff quickly).
Cici : "Why? I have not finished downloading yet."
Ani : "Come on, hurry up!!!! It was finished!!!"
Cici : "But................WHY? Why did you look afraid like that?"
Ani did not answer. She just pulled Cici's hand to leave immediately. As they get to leave, the woman (once again!) just smile on her mysterious face behind, and said:
The Woman : "Why you guys did rush?........... You guys've finished?.............. or............ you guys already know........ about me....................?" 
And, Ani didn't care, she pulled Cici run from the spot. And turns out .... when Ani looked down to pull out the laptop charger, she noticed that the woman legs .................... s h e - h a s - n ol e g s !!!!

O.M.G. !


W.A.I.T. !

Up from here, it seems, I've heard kind of stories, in my ex-campus too... yea, this story was very similar to stories that circulating in my ex-campus, Gadjah Mada University (UGM).  

Though UI quite far from UGM... I mean, UI in jakarta while Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta. Turns out, this campus both has a mystery story that nearly similar. The ghost without legs. The difference, at my ex-campus UGM, he was form like campus security (in UGM it called SKK campus, they have blue uniform). 

But the story was almost same. At UGM there had been an--unwritten--restrictions, they had forbidden spots. One of the spots, located in Balairung Sayap Utara (Balairung--The North Hall) *if you didn't know where it is, you better ask people in UGM* The rumors, there was often seen SKK without his legs. 

KEEP IN MIND: It only appears if we broke the--unwritten--restrictions on forbbiden spot.

For example: If in that place circulated rumors or unwritten--restrictions that you should not be in that location until more than 4 p.m. or 9 p.m. So, keep obey

Perhaps, the rumors could be you've heard from your friends, from other people in UGM, from the employees around the Hall, or even a warning from SKK. If there are rules or warning like that in any area or spot, so remember, keep it by your self!
There are some areas or spots that I know, there was an--unwritten--restrictions (I have known this by myself and people close to me, we had strage-experienced because we broke the--unwritten--restrictions in that spots.) You wanna know? Ah, I should not say here. Look, if you really want to know for things like that, find by yourself.

But in next post, I will tell you about my experience and one of my besties too, related to the forbidden spots. See ya soon!  :)