Monday, June 24, 2013

Forbidden Spots on Campus: Raifa and SKK (Part 3)

Once again, as I promised before, I'd tell you one story from my besties, Raifa. Still remember? In a previous post, I have mentioned her name. Still in the same location, but in different areas. That time, after we had class of evening english course and dinner, we did the same activities: surfing internet (and the place we choose is Balairung again. Balairung, still remember?). That time, because the table in front Hall was full, we preffered to sit "lesehan" (again) in east Hall. We sat on the end of east Hall, near the stairs (to the 2nd floor). It was 10 p.m., on the 2nd floor, there are still some employees who work overtime, but then, they walked across to us, they went home. Some asked us, "Why didn't you guys go home? It was 10 p.m. already" And our classic answer was: "We were still working on assignments, Sir/Ma'am".

Thus, the atmosphere of that night was not quiet actually, nothing else, but I thought the wind just bit strong to me. At that time we only brought one netbook, so we had to use it alternately. Raifa was the first, while I just sat enjoying the cool wind which blew that night. Suddenly, there was a cat that crossed us, and all its feathers looked up. Didn't know why, the cat looked at us quite a while. I just hummed, "What happened to the cat?" Ah, whatever....then the cat ran leaving us. A few minutes later, came a SKK toward us. I was already feel, for sure, we would be warn. And it was true.  

The SKK asked, "Goodnight, Miss? What did you do here guys?"
As usually, we took a classic answer, "We were still working the task, Sir..".
"Did you ride motorcycles?" | "Yes. Sir.." | "Where you guys parked the motorcycle?" | "In sidewalk of Jakal (Jalan Kaliurang), Sir." | "Oh.. so that, be careful ya .. it was too late, when your assignments was over, you better should go home" | "Oh, ok Sir...we would more quickly" | "If you guys accessed internet here, your motorcycle should be entrusted on SKK post near from here. For more secure. Because here was quite dangerous, you know.." | "Oh, awrait Sir....thank you."

Then the SKK leave us, he was on duty around the Hall areas. 

Later on, it was my turn took the netbook, while Raifa just sat beside me. It was 11.40 p.m. A while, Raifa hummed softly (but I still could hear clearly). "Over there...were still people stayed? On the third floor?"

Then, she said.. "Why the SKK looked toward us Ning?" | Me: "Hah? Because we're still here, maybe ... didn't home yet....Hehe.." |

For a moment did not happen any conversation. I was still busy with my netbook. I still heard she hummed again: "What was over there....?" | Me: "Eh? What?"... (but I still focused on the monitor).

Subsequently, Raifa asked me: "What did the color of SKK's uniform, uh?" (at this time she looked at me seriously, and I looked her back....) | Me: ", didn't it?" | (She looked at third floor again).....Approximately 2 minutes later, she asked me again (in this time without looked at me) "Did SKK Rectorate wore the different colors uh? White uniform?" | Me: "All SKK UGM in blue uniforms....which I knew...." (I didn't look she back).

Suddenly, she beat my hand, her face slightly turned pale.... She said with a high tone slightly....
"Ning, let's get home!! Hurry!!" | "Ah?.....but, I still......." | "Hurry up!!!" | "Why, Fa?" | "Ask for later! We shutdown the laptop as we get along here. C'on!!"

I went along, we went from there immediately. In front Hall there are still some people. When we were on the road, she did not answer. When we got to the flat, she told me.......................what did she saw there....

"Ning, seriously, this made me creeps. You should believe me. I really seen a shadow on 3rd floor." | (I still dunno understand what she said actually)... "What do you mean?" | "I mean, I saw a shadow there, on 3rd floor, and... she dressed in white, who knows, what it was. But, she saw sharply toward us, ah, I mean, tome. And, I thought it was SKK ... and..." (Raifa said rush) | "And.... what??" | "Ning! She was not SKK. I was quite sure, very sure. And she was not human!" | "Wait...wait...did you mean...?" | "Yes! The bottom did not seems clear to me. And her face did not clear, I mean a bit pale."

Okaaay Raifa... 
Now we're impasse. First you doubt my vision, now it's your turn to see what I've ever seen ... God is fair.