Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Dream Catcher

Everyone has their dreams. Everyone has their own dignity. Everyone has their pupose. God created them with a purpose. Noone useless. Noone weak. Noone stronger than other. Human is always human. And I know that. If many people abuse me, I know there are still people who loves me, and their love make me stronger. 

dream catcher

Everyone has their ways. Everyone has their hopes also. And maybe I am the one who has big hopes in my simply way. I do believe upon billions star before God scroll His skies... Noone can knock me down, because I know, tho I live simply, but I have a BIG heart. If I fall, I just need to rise and walk away. If I am in sad, I just need to cry a while and give loud smile to the world later.

I am lucky to have someone beside me now, tho we were far away each other. We give support each other. We love each other. And we have simply think to "see" the world life. Just thank you, thank you, and thank you honey :')