Friday, December 27, 2013

Which is My 15 Years Style Bla Bla Bla...

I really dont have any idea when I see some artist on "Insert" infotainment today. There's discuss about make up and fashion style by some girls. They are younger then me, I mean, their age are like my sister, between 14-18 but omg, they really looks like 30 years old or maybe more -______- (and then I am feeling lol-oh-so-lost, haha).  

I really can't understand when one of that girls says like these: 
"Look. Which is my 15 years style will different with my 17 years style. When I was 15 years, I curly my hair and use the pinky-girly-dress. Now, which is I am 17 years, and I make my hair straight, I wont wear blinky-winky-brightly-dress again. Which is my 17 years style it also will different with my next 18 years sytle, you know. Just see this, my new look. Isn't look different from ago? Yeah surely, I will look different at 19 years too."

Say which is which is which is WHAT?! OMG! HAHAHAHAHAHA.... really, I laugh loud at her! I dunno whether it is me that looks same as always I was 17 or what else thing. But, really, people who dunno my age will guess I am younger than my age now. And maybe people will says I look younger then that girl. Lol.
I think that way:


Yah, as you guys know, 14, 17 years old girls nowadays been looking like 24, 30 years old woman, with all that make up.. Oh hell no! Make up your own mind first. Seriously, you will look like an ugly aunty without your smart brain *upss* Make-up can only make you look pretty on the outside but it doesn’t help if your ugly on the inside, baby. 

And the sadness thing also, nowadays, hijab fashion become a trend-style. But remember, hijab ISN'T SUCH a dress-code to be a fashionista too! Think-well. Dress-up well. Inner better than outer. Be wise. Be elegant. You're pretty enough with your manner, gals! know these: