Friday, December 27, 2013

Top Highlight Reel NBL Indonesia 2013

These is the top highlight reel of NBL Indonesia 2013. 

First one's from the rookie of CLS Knights Surabaya, Arif Hidayat, jersey number #11. He joined CLS Knights this season, and he started his debut as rookie on proffesional basketball player this year at Malang. Welcome Arif! Cekidot!

Second, from the most manly player that I love :p Fandi Andika Ramadhani, a.k.a Rama, jersey number #12 from ASPAC Jakarta. Just adore him so much! Speechless haha.

The third, from CLS Knights again, Andrie Ekayana a.k.a Ko Yayan, jersey number #31

Last, from Pelita Jaya, Andy Poedjakesuma a.k.a Batam, jersey number #5. Sadly, he might be absent for this season because he got injury at Malang Seri. Get well soon Batam!

That's all!