Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I Am Chasing My Dream

I'd love to share you all about my life, may it uplift your life too. I know maybe this is going sound same after you reading so many stories of blog-walking :p I have been practicing all of attraction just for looking what so called 'happiness', but then suddenly, I don't know how, I lost the track and even though I could understand everything what life teaches, I could not feel it. I was laughing on the surface but was silent inside. I could not feel the happiness reach my heart. Really. Every time I was having a problem, I would sit down and tell myself "Believe it, happiness will come, you can over this. You know you are magnificent, no matter who you are and what the job you have". It's not about money at all, it's about gratitude. I thought that so. But I still could not find where's the happiness. Until my step daddy passed away, I felt sorry about him. I never noticed him in my life, I didn't really pay much attention on him. It was heart breaking after I couldn't seen him again in my life, or even just to say "thank you". Then one day I just stopped looking for something which I think it's really stupid. I asked my self: "Looking for what? Happiness? Are you a dumb?" And yeah I just focused on MY SELF since that. Only my self.

Now, looking back, I can see that the universe was shoving me the right way even in this sad moment. I felt so much love for my dad, my mom, my brothers, and my sisters also. I thanked them all for everything they had given to me even with all my family complex-problems. At that time I didn't know anything about "happiness" still, but I felt this peaceful feeling within me and kept telling myself that now my dad will be able to be with me wherever I am and whatever I do because he is always in my heart as my daddy. No matter about "step" word. It's just word. He is always be my daddy. I was lucky to have nice space around me, I felt relax. Even then I felt down because I broke up with my ex, and moreover his family made me down. But then I asked to the universe, "Please show me the right man. wherever you save him for me now!". I thought of making a vision board about all the primary goals I want to achieve and most importantly, the kind of life partner I want and the way I want to our relations to be. And finally the universe played its role, I met someone. God, I just can't believe it! He literally told me everything which I wanted to hear. His characteristics completely matched with the ones I had put up in my vision board. And honestly I am cherishing our relationship. He is an awesome person, treating me like with lots of love and care. :)

I am slowly falling in love with myself. I now enjoy every single day of my life. I am truly grateful for setting my self free, for happiness, for amazing people around me, for only good news around me. I am smiling at life. All is well in my world. I have seen some of the most beautiful butterflies so far in this life journey. Dear the readers everywhere you are, every religion you belief in, I just want you to know, you can get anything and absolutely anything if you know, exactly how or what it would make you feel! And just hold on to that love, that joy, before you realize it, you will have it. JUST ASK to the universe. Just ask, ask, and ask. WITHOUT YOUR LOGIC. You know what, because GOD and the universe work without logic too. You just have to ask WHAT BEST FOR YOU. And BELIEVE on it. You just have to believe and know that some way, somehow, the universe will deliver it for you :)

Thank God

Love, love and just love. 

-as clear as u call my name-