Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Indrayanti Beach: The Cryptic Angel

Hi travelista!
Have you ever heard of Pantai Indrayanti or Indrayanti Beach? It's a new tourist resort on south coast of Yogyakarta. The beach has white sand, crsytal distict ocean water, and complete with cottages and restaurants that surrounds it. Because the place is uncalculated than Parangtritis, so the place is still very lush. 

How to get there?

Here's the map *just click to large it*

It's located at east of Sundak beach, precisely at Desa Tepus (Tepus Village) on district Wonosari, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta (it may taken approximately 2 hours from Yogyakarta). Though here's no Indrayanti Beach written on the map, but you can see clearly, Indrayanti Beach located between Sundak Beach and Siung Beach. You can travel through Tepus Village fork to the south. Then if you are in doubt, you can ask local people for the right direction to Indrayanti Beach.

Actually there are many other beaches on Wonosari coast which are still pure from travelers. This is list of beautiful beaches in Gunung Kidul

The white sand beaches at Gunung kidul

I may say Indrayanti Beach is similiar with Kuta Beach at Bali. Don't believe me? Okay, check this pictures then...

Indrayanti beach's gate 
Indrayanti view from the hill
The gazebo and stilt houses
View from gazebo
The bench to sit and enjoy the wind blow

What facilities at there?

Here you can enjoy a romantic dinner in cafe around the beach, with the wind and sound of wave. It will certainly become unforgettable romantic expertise too. You can choose seafood menu here. You can take rest at bench or gazebo, there are also stilt houses and honai houses (typical house of Papuan tribes, made ​​of straw/fringe/grass). You should pay only 5000 rupiahs for admission. 

Here's the price list of resort at Indrayanti Beach

You can enjoy the sunbathe here...
Beautiful, isn't it?
Fresh fish with coconut ice...
Dont forget to try "SAMBAL" (fresh chillies grounded with bit salt and onion)
Dried sea plants
Dont forget to buy souvenirs too :)

What do you think? Are you interested to travel to Yogyakarta? :)