Friday, November 20, 2015

The Monotony of Being Good

On my writing today, I will discuss about general topic that might be experienced by all of us. Yep, the monotony of being good, sounds like worst enemy of our virtue, no? Haha, true that. However, this is a very humane when you feel tired of being a good person. Do you ever feel that? Then a moment, thing comes into your mind and tell you to try to be the bad one, even though your conscience will wonder "How come I could think this way?". You feel your life has been too straight, you feel you are too obedient to the rules, you feel you are too loyal for your faith, you feel you are too nice to everyone, and so on.

We might think that way, but don't you know, if something is boring you, it's probably you. Yes, yourself. Such boredom could be an interstice for us to insult ourselves. We are tired of being good because we always treated unfairly, we are tired of being good because we always underestimated by envy people, we are tired of being good because we often exploited by people around us, we are tired of being good because we always lose to those sneaky people, we are tired of being good because we always lose to them who act hypocritically. For stack reasons, the we think like: I want to be bad!

Not so bad, when we were younger we have an ambition want to be good and beneficial person for many people. As adults, we see a wide range of emotionally draining experience and meet wide range of characters people which sometimes contrast with our character. We meet unfair reality story that is incompatible to the fairy story. Tell you, the world clearly would not be fair, man! Then the question is, why should we be bored? Or, what should we do? Now, make sure those 5 steps bellow you have done well, if you haven't done so, I suggest you should try it, at least one of the steps. Here they are:

Interesting. My grandpa ever told me like this: "Anything someone else has given to us, whether the goodness or badness, please, respond with goodness. Because every good thing we do will come back to ourselves. If we plant an orange tree, it would not probably bear an apple, as well as life". Sounds a bit naive, but I am sure that it would be better than you undergo something contrary to your own conscience. If you think so far you been a good person, whether all will be better after you become a bad person? It's very easy to change from bad to good, but to always be good, it's a tough. 

Whoever we are, we must keep learning. Anywhere, anytime, and from whatever we have encountered throughout life. And remember always keep being learners.

-Bening Rahardjo-