Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Red Antz

Each of us is supposed to be good at something. I don't know yet whether it's true or not. Maybe that's one of big lies that we got at school. Like teacher telling us that Colombus discovered America (I mean who knows someone was settle there before). Or like lecturer telling us that men and women are equal (hellooo...ever they heard about biology??).

Benny, Bas, Afu and Dita had been my besties since the third grade of high school. We passed over years together with our own ways. I don't know how to count one by one what we left behind, but one thing that I measured of it--whatever people said about them, or whatever they thought about what our friendship was like--I always been their part of life since young. So did them. They would always been my besties, and noone could denying that truth. 

I know that we separated each other now. Dita was married with someone, she had methamorphose to be a good wife as what her husband want. And it means we have to keep what we have to keep--you know, the rules when someone have been married. I may sound like I am complaining, but I really love her and I wish for her best marriage happily ever after. I could remember how we passed our day since high school. How much she loved to go to salon. How much he did stupid things with me. How much she loved to go to mall. And maybe how was her effort when she wanted to join goverment service intrance selection. Without she knows, I am always missing her. Far away from here, I am proud about her. I am wishing for her and her husband, Lukman, so that they will get their baby soon. (Remember Dit, the baby must as cute as us, haha :p). Dita always been my super-strong supporter when I had my black-bastard-dot-of-life at college. She is an innocent girl, with her stupid acts sometimes too. I promise I will take our picture and stick it on a postcard someday. It will definitely be cool! I am missing to go shopping with her, filled the shopping cart with extra shoes, jackets, cloths, as always. I feel like I want to jump back to that years and face our best moment.

Now, it's perfectly good to write this stories down. I had promise to Benny to wrote about us, about our friendship--what he called THE RED ANTZ. Unique name I guess, sounds sweet enough. While I am sitting here, typing these story on my blog, a client says hello morning to me. Good morning to you too everybody. I think I want to have fruits with a cup of mocca for my breakfast--but then I prefer eat pastries with a cup of milk. The pastries were perfectly good to start my day, it's bit dry. I probably need the pastries more than the spoilde gulls need them. The dry thing that inspiring me like a life theory. A piece of dry soil will become fertile soil if we water it periodicly. But too much water is not good also. Do you believe that signs? Happenstance, maybe. Or maybe something bad happen in your life is well aware of your existence and trying to tell you something. It lead us to take a cautious step out and learn to get a better look. The problem was I often forgot to keep that signs. Stuck out with all things that blocked my way.

I would have loved another hour in bed to resting my stiff backbone. But as usual, I am working at early shift--alone. I have my mp4 playlist on full blast with earphones--an early birds for me. I do what I always do, when I don't know what to do--yeah, writing, reading and listening music.
"Ning, please help me to finish this novel project. I stuck with my work and haven't get free time yet to finish it."
I replay that sentence cross my mind. Maybe I shall help him. That isn't such a good thing because I am not good writer like him (in Indonesian language anyway).
"But I am not good on writing as good as you, we have different styles anyway."
I tried to explain. But then Benny said,
"If you are worry about your style on writing, then for God's sake why that guy--your foreign secret admirer--could fall in love with you?"
Damn! I tuck my fingers on keyboard--just like what I do now.

Maybe I have to face with them--that three most handsome guys--and share this stories all. Oh, about that handsome thing, I am lying anyway. I am sure, if we meet each other for a few minutes, they would forget their single-minded-goal.

Afu with his single-minded-goal-to earn money for his wedding dream (which will be held soon, Bas told me). Whether it's true or not, but Afu definitely a hard worker man. Beside he has lazy-on-thing too sometimes.

Bas with his single-minded-goal-to get his new job and wish to get back with his first ex (and.... oh my-to-the-GOD, that was the thing for him??? I admit it he couldn't forget of things  that started but not finished yet, haha... something like desired but not achieved).

And Benny also, with his single-minded-goal-to earn money, to get a girlfriend, to build his own art installation, to finish his novel project, and to bla-bla-bla. Seriously, I can't recognize which one become his single-minded-goal. (Anyway, he is the most complicated guy among them all). I even didn't understand when he discussed about his ideology with me.

And me, I'd forget my I didn't have one! What was my thing??

Maybe the horrible truth is that some of us are not mean to be good at anything. But I want to be able to say, this is what I am good at. It's what I was born to do. This is my thing. Even if I've discovered some God given talent like that guys. I would not have much time to pursue it. So, working here was a matter of survival. I am not complaining and yes, I love this place.

But don't worry, this is not one of those 'I-am-in-love-with-my-best-friend' stories. That three guys had been my best friends since long time ago. Even people told that men and women could not be best friends because it went against nature. Okay, they didn't know what they were talking about. This wasn't the old world. We are best friends all the time. We became best friends. Just like it. No matter what happen, I think it was all that. Like THE RED ANTZ. We started this stories and stepped into the ways. Delightful stories bestowed. We are like a glee.