Friday, March 7, 2014

Profile Highlight: Ary Chandra

Hi NBL lovers!

If Pelita Jaya name of club is referred to, who's player name that appears in your mind? Kelly Purwanto? Andi Batam? Robert Santoso? Komink? Or maybe the rising star, Yogi Da Silva? Of course.. many people are forgetting this one name. Who is he? Ary Chandra a.k.a Archa. The player with jersey number #25. Archa, player who holds record for the highest points in a single game on NBL Indonesia, which is 42 points, (while PJ beat Bimasakti in series five of Jakarta V Series in 2011) and the record has not been broke until now). Archa joined the club since 2009. On that time PJ get a very talented player with a fairly cheap price. Believe it or not, the total spent to bring Archa to PJ when it was only around 50 million rupiahs. And look how the result now...

The price is quite small for a classy player who became on top scoring (1484 points) for PJ since NBL competition was first held in 2010 until now. And even official PJ club admitted it. Like a fortune for them to have Ary Chandra.

By his calm and friendly style, both on and off the court, it's not surprising if Archa away from media spotlight or public basketball lovers. His unique playing style but effective, sometimes boring to watch anyway. Archa don't have flamboyant style to dribble, pass, or shoot. That's why he looks underrate, but actually, Archa is the most productive player for PJ. Almost in every game of Libamanas ago, Archa scored more than 30 points. As the leading scorer on PJ club, Archa's consistency in doing scoring in every game is no need to doubt. Archa who are very humble and friendly player, he even suddenly following me on twitter without I am asking first. 

Success for your career, Ko Archa! ^_^

Ko Archa, Daniel Wenas, Kelly and Samid

He is very friendly to his fans